The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 45.1

When Jiang Shining arrived at the company, her mind was preoccupied with her restless sons, and she nearly lost focus during the meeting.

Following the conclusion of the filming, the secretary informed her that seven celebrities had been invited to take part in the celebrity program. Because the outstanding actor, Mu Xu, consented to join the celebrity show, with him as a stepping stone, the other stars’ agents readily agreed.

After half a year, the after-fame of Ninglu Media’s self-produced variety program remains, and the fact that even a big-named celebrity has decided to participate, the other stars’ companies instantly and resolutely agreed.

The celebrity show currently in the works will gather eight stars who will live together in an inn and be willingly divided into four teams of two. This celebrity show appears to be a variety show that manages and completes duties, but it primarily sells CP in reality. It’s a celebrity dating show.

This design aims to allow Zou Yu to reach the mission’s objective.

Mu Xu is not the same as Zhang Sujin. Zhang Sujin is a pure actor, whereas Mu Xu is a high-traffic, award-winning slam artist who is also attractive. Those who have a large number of fans must dress in-stadium clothing. He may not perform as well as Zhang Sujin, but his traffic is nonstop.

Ninglu Media had to bleed a little to hire him.

Aside from Mu Xu and Zou Yu, the remaining six include three males and three women, including models, fresh meat, singers, actors, online celebrities, and skateboard king. It’s a type of mingling of diverse individuals.

For one, Jiang Shining had not expected it to be that simple. Because while the show didn’t explicitly state that it was about a celebrity’s love life, they’d undoubtedly be paired up because they have to get along. Not every celebrity wants to be a part of a CP, but she was surprised when the initial round of invitees agreed, including Mu Xu.

Meeting with different brokers, in-depth discussions, contract signing…… Even though Jiang Shining doesn’t have to be there in person, she has to watch how the company does things because she doesn’t want to make a mistake for the first time.

Originally, the transaction had already been completed. However, the secretary called her later that afternoon.

“Boss Jiang, the actors are unable to attend because of conflicting schedules.”

Then, the only option is to give up and send invites to the expected second round of lists for the vacant posts.

As Jiang Shining remained in the group, the light snow outside came to a halt subconsciously.

Near the harbor, two guys sat on a bench with their backs sluggish at the other end.

For several hours, Jing Yuan and Chen Tanliang clashed. Finally, they discovered that they could not identify the winner from the loser unless someone died.

Previously, Jing Yuan was overjoyed since he rarely discovered anyone who could compete with him. But now, he wanted to slap him across the face.

Really a crow’s mouth.

When he had nothing to do, what was he thinking about? Is it because his daily life was uncomfortable, or because his mother’s cooking was terrible? He was urged not to think about fighting all the time and instead to look forward to starting a family.

Even if they both had incredible physical strength, they would exhaust their energies if they fought with such ferocity, no matter how frustrated they were. They can merely sit wiltingly on a nearby seat, look out at the harbor, and wonder about life.

 Silence, like the Cambridge this afternoon. The two of them didn’t say anything. The world was silent, the wind was whistling, and the seashore wind was f*cking strong. They were drenched in sweat after playing. They could now feel the piercing cold. 1

 “…… How can mother have a child like you?” Jing Yuan heard Chen Tanliang murmur in the cold wind.

Jing Yuan felt Chen Tanliang was seeking trouble again, so he looked over but found Chen Tanliang in a daze, as if he couldn’t understand the matter.

“What do you mean, a child like me? In my previous life, I was an emperor. Now, I’m a gangster in M Country to avoid ruling the world myself!” Jing Yuan raised his eyebrows.

Chen Tanliang raised his eyelids and appeared astonished. “In my world, the emperor was overthrown and killed before I was born,” he explained.

Jing Yuan:…

“And what do you do?” Jing Yuan asks.

“Grand Marshal,” he said. “I’m leading the army,” Chen Tanliang stated.

Jing Yuan couldn’t help but sigh. Even in a different era, their mother is still pretty powerful.

He’d calmed down a little when he heard Chen Tanliang mumble, “It’d be excellent if you conquered the world. Then I’d have a valid excuse to send troops to eliminate you.”

Jing Yuan scowled, “You are a very good man. Will you continue to suppress me if you realize we share the same mother?”

Chen Tanliang was taken aback by the philosophical question that threatened to torment his conscience. His eyelids fluttered as he pondered the situation.

Chen Tanliang intervened just as Jing Yuan was about to forget it. “I’ll go check to see whether my mum is still there. Otherwise, I’ll listen to my sister.”

“What are you listening to your sister for?” Jing Yuan was perplexed.

“She is a literary scholar and is more knowledgeable about such philosophical problems.”

Jing Yuan couldn’t help but turn around and stare at him.

“Is it possible for a man like you to be a general?” He shook his head, perplexed.

Chen Tanliang was acting differently today than when he first saw him in M Country and different from any commander he had ever met.

When he wasn’t forming a plan, wasn’t dressed in a military uniform, and wasn’t hostile, he appeared a little too contrasting. How can he lead the army as a general with such a sluggish appearance? How could he keep his subordinates quiet?

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  1. The first sentence is on Xu Zhimo’s poem “Farewell to Cambridge.”

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