The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 45.2

This is the time difference. When fighting in ancient times, people had to fight face-to-face against death. The generals were naturally bloodthirsty and deserved more feats to subdue the soldiers. Except when he was young, Chen Tanliang followed his father out of the army and was raised in the house according to the rank of a young master.

And because Chen Tanliang’s growth pattern is not as complex as Jing Yuan’s, the man raised so properly appears shockingly human and harmless after removing his military uniform.

“I’m also curious how someone like you became Emperor.”

Chu Jing Yuan couldn’t comprehend Chen Tanliang, and Chen Tanliang couldn’t understand Chu Jing Yuan. He did not believe he possessed the qualities of an emperor. It is necessary to be compassionate and persistent. To assist the entire world, a leader must have both ability and political integrity. They must persuade others with morality.

How can Chu Jingyuan have the shadow of virtue, kindness, and pleased? But, unfortunately, he doesn’t appear to be a gentleman.

——Excellent. Neither of them looks down on the other.

However, the main issue on their minds is how this guy could have had the same mother like him.

Really can not believe it. Simply unfortunate.

Chu Jingyuan was too tired to argue with him, so he just said, “Your sister stays, you can go.”

Chen Tanliang gave him a chilly look.

“Are you going to fight again?” he posed as a threat.

As a result, the two fought once more near the harbor.

They looked at the time after the fight, and it was already three o’clock in the afternoon.

They both secretly took out their phones to check the time, and Jiang Shining was about to leave.

Chu Jing Yuan and Chen Tanliang exchanged stares as they hung up the phone.

A burst of chilly wind passed through, and their backs became cold once more.

Chu Jingyuan: “…”

Chen Tanliang: “…”

Chu Jingyuan: “Do you want to go back?”

Chen Tanliang: “…Yeah.”

Chu Jingyuan went to start the Harley, and the two rode together.

“Don’t hug Loazi’s waist 1!” Jing Yuan barked.

Chen Tanliang’s mind was filled with black lines, and he just placed his hand on Chu Jing Yuan’s waist, making it so exaggerated.

In retaliation, he just reached his arms out and clasped Chu Jing Yuan’s waist.

Chu Jing Yuan: “…Do you want to die?”

“Didn’t you already want to disturb me? This is retribution,” Chen Tanliang stated.

Chu Jing Yuan: …

Damn, the anger has returned.

They battled again on the spot, and when they realized it was too late, they drove back in the exact vehicle in a desolate and bizarre atmosphere.

Along the way, there was some bickering.

Chu Jing Yuan: “I can put a rope over your neck, you can run with a motorcycle, you can stay fit, and you can solve major life events.”

… If you fall while exercising and inadvertently hang yourself, you can perform and hang yourself in public.

Chen Tanliang: “I have a hundred ways to put you in the ground for peace of mind.”

Chu Jing Yuan: “You can’t do anything else, the most tolerant half-brother. I think you’ll die abruptly this time next year.”

Chen Tanliang: “I can let you experience the emperor being overthrown and slaughtered. It will also be written into booklets to educate the public about the taste.”

Chu Jing Yuan: “Do you believe that I will let you see the sun tomorrow?”

Chen Tanliang: “I now have a way to directly kill both of us at the same time.”

Why did you stop playing cards according to the routine?

Chu Jing Yuan: “…What can I do?”  

“It’s half-past four o’clock. Did you say mother is going home?” Chen Tanliang asked calmly.

…my day.

Chu Jing Yuan confirmed that he and this person were incompatible and couldn’t stand up to one other!

Really annoying!

The Harley roared all the way and stopped in front of the villa with a wagging tail at the fastest speed.

It was nearly five o’clock. Jing Yuan didn’t see Jiang Shining’s car as he passed by the garage, and it appeared that she had not returned. He sighed with relief as the two entered the room, one after the other.

He met Jiang Shining’s gaze as soon as he pulled the door open.

The scene was very embarrassing.

Jiang Shining looked from Jing Yuan’s face to Chen Tanliang’s face, successfully stopping the two boys from going on a rampage.

At first sight, the two of them appear to be in full color. The underside of Jing Yuan’s temple was slightly scratched and reddened, and Chen Tanliang’s thin lips had a small hole.

“You…What did you do?” Jiang Shining asked the two of them.

 “Going to the boxing gym.”

“We were going fishing.”

They both stated it at the same time. Surprisingly, they didn’t close at all and stared at one another in surprise.

What the hell is fishing?

What boxing gym do you want to join?

Finally, Guoguo in Jiang Shining’s arms, raised her head joyfully. “Mommy! They had an amazing fight! As one would expect from Guoguo’s brother!”


Jiang Shining touched the girl’s smooth hair softly while smiling dangerously and lovingly.

“You two have a great relationship,” she added. “Of course, you didn’t lie to me.”

“No way, no how.” The two began to perspire profusely. “We have a lot of energy,” Chu Jing Yuan explained, “and we have a little talk.”

“It’s only learning from each other,” Chen Tanliang replied earnestly, nodding sharply.

“Oh.” Jiang Shining abruptly nodded, and the two of them were ready to exhale a sigh of relief when she said, “Since you are so energetic, starting tomorrow morning, the two of you will run around the villa ten laps every morning?”

The two were taken aback.

Jiang Shining smiled lightly. “Is there a problem?”


The two eldest sons suddenly closed their eyes.

The author has something to say about it: Sexy? Eldest? Son? Stop? Talking? On? The? Spot?

 Guoguo: My brothers fought so fiercely! >u<

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