Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 60


Chapter 60

The doorbell rang half an hour later.

Gu Weiwei was cleaning the seafood and fish in the kitchen when the door slammed, and the knife she was using to scrape the fish scales sliced into her hand.

In an instant, the finger was slashed open, and blood poured forth.

She bit her lower lip and softly grabbed a tissue from the box to cover the wound.

When Fu Hanzheng entered the door, the first thing he saw was the kitchen.

When he noticed her covering her hands, he went directly to the medicine box and carried it over to her, standing in front of her and asking.

“Which hand is it?”

“I can wrap it myself,” Gu Weiwei said after a brief pause.

Fu Hanzheng had already grabbed a Band-Aid and said, “Stretch out.”

Gu Weiwei unwillingly extended her hand and allowed him to apply a Band-Aid to the wound.

In disbelief, Old Lady Fu, who was resting in the living room, gazed in the direction of the kitchen.

When did they start getting along so well?

Also, what happened to her eldest grandson?

He saw Weiwei as a bother the last time he met her, but now that distressed expression… Is that still him?

Gu Weiwei turned around when she saw the wound was closed and went to the sink to resume preparing the ingredients.

Fu Hanzheng approached her from behind and grabbed the knife from her grip.

“Do you want to cut your hand again?”

“I was careless just now,” Gu Weiwei said.

She wouldn’t have shaken her hand if he hadn’t returned unexpectedly.

Fu Hanzheng took off his suit jacket and gave it to her. Then he unbuttoned his shirt cuffs and stood beside her to help with the rest of the seafood and fish.

Gu Weiwei stopped on the side and froze for a moment, allowing these hands, who were capable of running hundreds of millions of enterprises in seconds, to wash vegetables and kill fish here… It is really a sin.

When she noticed that water had been splashed on him, she set down the clothes and brought him a new apron.

“Why don’t you…wear this?”

However, when she noticed the pink rabbit on the apron…

People have always been elitist, and this adorable style is really…

She was going to put it away when Fu Hanzheng turned around and lowered his head at her.

“Have you put it on yet?”

Gu Weiwei hung the apron around his neck on tiptoe, then moved around behind him and fastened the strap.

“All right.”

A man in a grey apron with a cold and serious expression.

The apron includes a pocket on the breast with a beautiful pink rabbit above it.

At first glance, there is an inexplicable sense of contradiction.

Fu Hanzheng was in the kitchen preparing ingredients, but she didn’t want to be lazy.

She can only stand on the sidelines and observe, passing a dish, bowl, or whatever to hold it.

She assumed Fu Hanzheng had never worked in a kitchen before, so he would be uncomfortable doing these tasks, but he proved to be very skilled.

The fish and seafood were quickly cleaned up.

 “What are you going to do?”

“Seafood for paella, fish for soup,” says Gu Weiwei.

“OK, you say, I’ll do it,” Fu Hanzheng nodded.

“I’ll do it. You go and accompany Grandma Fu.” Gu Weiwei said hurriedly.

“Your hand is hurt.”

Fu Hanzheng refused to listen to her and insisted on remaining in the kitchen.

Gu Weiwei: “…”

She just made a cut. It’s not because her hand was cut off. Well, cooking is not a problem.

However, she couldn’t drive him away.

She could only stand by the side, resignedly advising him on what to do step by step.

She always has the impression that the atmosphere in this kitchen is a little… off, but she can’t put her finger on what’s wrong.

Grandma Fu was sitting in the living room, and she didn’t even have time to watch TV. She had an incredible expression on her face as she glanced at the two people in the kitchen.

Inexplicably, her eldest grandson gave her the satisfaction of finding her granddaughter-in-law.

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