Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 61


Chapter 61

As soon as Fu Shiqin entered the living room, he noticed two people in the kitchen. He stood there, astonished, with a ghostly expression.

He noticed that his brother, who had been in the company for two hours, was still as cold as hell and that his dear brother, who had abused him and the company’s executives to the point of tears, is now… cooking the dishes.

From head to toe, the entire figure is rippling with the tenderness of a March spring breeze, nearly like two brothers.

Worst of all, the two of them are still wearing lovers’ aprons.

His brother wears a grey apron with a lovely pink rabbit on his chest.

Mu Weiwei was dressed in a pink apron with a grey rabbit embroidered on her chest.

“What exactly is the situation?” Fu Shiqin couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Is your brother pursuing Weiwei?” In hushed tones, Old Lady Fu asked.

Fu Shiqin nodded. Even the blind could tell that he was pursuing Weiwei.

But, if he knew today, why didn’t his brother do it sooner?

He used to despise others, but now he turns around and chases after people.

The cold attitude was cool for a while, but now his brother was chasing after his wife in the crematorium.

He asked him at lunchtime if he was angry because of Mu Weiwei, and he responded no sternly.

As a result, after a phone call, he came back.

Why hadn’t he noticed that his brother still possessed a cold but deep and passionate heart?

Gu Weiwei was cooking in the kitchen, while Fu Hanzheng worked with the plate to serve the vegetables.

His gaze was always drawn to the busy girl, and his normal icy black eyes drowned out the chilly light, filled with a charming grin and a profound yearning for exclusivity.

He was certain that this girl…he was going to make it.

Dinner was quickly brought to the table. Gu Weiwei and Fu Hanzheng made most of the dishes.

Fu Shiqin couldn’t wait to have the coveted seafood rice. The rice drenched in the broth was salty and delicious, so much so that he wept.

He was joyfully eating, and his cold brother happily offered him a shrimp, as well as another for Old Lady Fu.

Fu Shiqin looked up in flattery. He’s been eating at the same table as his brother for more than twenty years, and this is the first time he has received this treatment.

When this brotherhood drew him to tears, he noticed his brother gently peeling the shrimp shells and shelling the clams and scallops.

Then… they were all delivered to Gu Weiwei, and practically all of them were fed directly into her mouth.

 Gu Weiwei received a large plate of seafood and politely returned a few pieces of mussels in return.

“You eat it yourself. There’s no need for you to peel it for me.”

Grandma Fu noticed it in her eyes and was overjoyed.

Her eldest grandchild, who had a chilly demeanor, understood that he was enlightened.

A few people were dining when Fu Hanzheng’s cell phone rang in the living room, so he got up and answered it. When he got the call, he instantly returned to his usual sternness and seriousness.

“The company is under no obligation to help a staff member with their personal matters.”

“Manager Meng is merely a company employee with whom I have no personal contact. Don’t misunderstand me, and don’t do anything to make other people misunderstand.”

Mu Weiwei looked at the sound, and based on what he said, she guessed it was Mrs. Fu’s call, and it should have been to arrange for someone to deal with Meng Ruya and the others, as well as MG.

Meng Ruya had previously told her that Fu Hanzheng had helped her and the Meng family handle many problems and would never reject her.

What’s going on today? Why did he stop helping when Mrs. Fu asked?

Fu Hanzheng caught her stare, took a sidelong glance at her, and said.

“Well, I’ll let you all meet her when the time comes.”

When Fu Shiqin heard this, he couldn’t help but see Gu Weiwei opposite.

This means that the time has come to bring her back and show her to the family.

 He just said that he doesn’t want others to misunderstand. It seems that he doesn’t want her to misunderstand.

Fu Hanzheng hung up the phone, returned, sat down, and nonchalantly asked.

“Did you have a disagreement with the Meng family that day?”

“I got into a fight and broke Mrs. Meng’s handbag. I wanted to pay for it, but MG customer service told me it wasn’t something they sold officially. It was Martin Green’s private design after signing a contract with the Gu family. Therefore, I may have to make a claim to Madam Meng and the others…” Gu Weiwei explained quietly.

“No loss?” Fu Hanzheng asked.

“How is that possible? I’m not someone who enjoys suffering.” Gu Weiwei grinned warmly and confidently replied.

“That’s good,” Fu Hanzheng said softly.

Fu Shiqin looked at his brother with a haha.

Yes, as long as she doesn’t suffer, it doesn’t matter how miserable others are.

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