Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 62


Chapter 62

Fu Shiqin first sent Old Lady Fu upstairs to the car after dinner.

After returning from a work call, Fu Hanzheng entered the study room and appeared a little lonely when he noticed the unused gift on the table.

He opened the gift and took the ruby necklace inside after hanging off the phone.

Gu Weiwei was washing dishes in the kitchen when a necklace fell from her head, and she realized it had been placed on her neck by the man standing behind her.

The girl’s complexion was as white as jade, and the rubies were especially vivid and striking against it.

“You look beautiful in it, and it’s… a thank you gift for tonight’s dinner.”

Gu Weiwei looked down and reached out to take it off, but was stopped by Fu Hanzheng.

“I’m not interested.”

She had lived in the Gu family and had seen many luxury items, so she could sense the value of this stone at a look.

 “This is a very rare gem in B Country. People there believe that if a man meets a girl he likes and gives her this ruby, the girl will grow old with him…”

At that moment, Fu Hanzheng’s deep black eyes contained a lot of love that could not be concealed, and the low and sexy voice is like a seductive magic voice.

“…” Gu Weiwei blinked.

 This…that’s really a confession.

Fu Hanzheng dropped his head and kissed her on the forehead while she scratched her head, trying to figure out how to return the necklace.

“I’ll go back first, and you rest early.”

“Hey, hold on a second…”

Fu Hanzheng had already called for Fu Shiqin to leave before Gu Weiwei could untie the necklace.

Gu Weiwei removed the necklace. Everyone had already left the room. She stared down at the ruby necklace in her palm with a sad expression on her face.

 The mountainous area of ​​B Country rich in this red envelope stone was once a lord’s domain. The lord fell in love with a woman about to marry into the royal family, and he used this gem to court her.

In the end, the lord went through many trials and tribulations to marry his beloved bride, and they remained together till the end.

As a result, the lords of B Country thought that this ruby was a sign of courtship.

Gu Siting also gifted her a ruby necklace a few years ago.

And the ruby, which represents love, does not push them to love and stay together.

She was reborn after her death and lived on thin ice beside Fu Hanzheng, the Gu family’s nemesis.

He transplanted Ling Yan’s heart, and the two’s controversy went viral on the Internet.

The Li family.

Li Xiner rarely returned home without making an announcement.

Zhou Meiqin’s younger brother, Zhou Hong and daughter-in-law Wang Fen also visited the Li family. The family arranged a feast in anticipation of Zhou Meiqin and Li Jiacheng’s return to celebrate Li Xiner’s future role as the film’s heroine and the important collaboration between Longsheng and Tiansheng Group.

Zhou Meiqin returned home from a “work trip” for a few days, and Wang Fen greeted her warmly and served her the freshly stewed sweet soup.

“Big sister, why were you in such a rush to go on a business trip? Everyone is waiting for you to return so that we may all celebrate together.”

“What’s the point of celebrating?” Zhou Meiqin gave a frigid snort.

“Of course, we have to celebrate using that stinky girl, Mu Weiwei, to swap such big film resources for Xiner and to force the corporation to sign such a big contract.” Wang Fen smiled as she stated this.

Zhou Hong is also a member of the corporation and is in charge of this project. She is, of course, the happiest when this deal becomes a contract.

“Previously, that stinky girl was still in school, and she almost made Linna leave the stage in front of so many people. Even though the teachers and students at her school are aware of what she is doing now, she maintains her decision to remain in school…”

“Enough! None of you are permitted to talk about this topic, or I will cut your tongue off,” Zhou Meiqin said coldly as she tossed the bowl of sweet soup to the ground.

“Tell me what’s going on. Are you still concerned that she would get a bite from Wang Dong’s favor and bite us? Wang Weidong is known for preferring the new over the old, and it won’t be long before he grows tired of playing with her…”

“No one is permitted to mention that, I said. If you don’t listen, you should return to your hometown.” Zhou Meiqin clenched her fists.

It was not Mu Weiwei that Wang Weidong ruined that night, but herself.

She was so badly hurt that she didn’t dare to return and didn’t dare to inform anyone. After hiding outside for so long, they had to throw a party when she returned. Did they rejoice at the fact that she had been ruined by that old pervert, Wang Weidong?

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