I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 49.1

Usually, people would see a man and a dog, but with You Qiuqiu, they could see a man and a goose.

The big white goose spoiled her.

The big white geese are also capable of fighting. They push their heads out and flap their large wings. When their iron teeth bite the dog, they twist it tightly and never let go.

The pack of dogs chasing You Qiuqiu were slaughtered by the local bully’s iron teeth. For a while, the dog was subdued, and the scene couldn’t have been more chaotic.

There is a brutal brawl at the village’s entrance, and a peerless, gorgeous You Qiuqiu is at the center. There’s no denying that You Qiuqiu is beautiful, not to mention that it has the feel of a country idol drama.

The other party is not a big white goose if one party is a dog.

The program crew filmed: “Hahaha, it’s over. I can’t hold the camera while laughing. Help!”

The cameraman next to him also followed, hahaha: “Do you think I can hold it?”

They would have given up treatment a long time ago if it hadn’t been for the fact that the cameras in their hands were too expensive, and they didn’t dare let go and break them.


Although You Qiuqiu was terrified of the dog, she was embarrassed, but she has now come to her senses. You Qiuqiu began to persuade the big white geese after seeing them tormenting the dog for a while, with their tails tucked up.

“All right. Stop fighting and love peace.”

To be or not to be.

Then it was enough to make the people on the scene giggle.

Go crazy!

What kind of sand sculpture scene is this?!

The dog chasing You Qiuqiu and the big white goose bringing You Qiuqiu to look for a pond have been documented in the history of the Leisure Time program, and now You Qiuqiu has persuaded the dog and the big white goose to put their animosity aside.

The program group’s director laughed hysterically over there, believing that subtitles may be inserted here.

Big brother, no way.

Very good, very Qiuqiu.

The entire scene was filled with enthusiasm. Lan Xuan and Tao Anjie assisted the villagers with field labor in the distance, and they could hear it from far.

“What exactly happened there?”

Lan Xuan was a very lively person who couldn’t sit still and kept gazing over there.

“It seems to be You Qiuqiu,” Lan Xuan’s cameraman said quietly to them.

“I want to see it!” Lan Xuan exclaimed.

Something hilarious must have happened.

Although Tao Anjie was intrigued, he remembered they were here to help with the work. In Tao Anjie’s words, let’s finish the job at hand first.

But he couldn’t beat Lan Xuan, and Lan Xuan grabbed him and ran over there.

The two ran to meet Fang Shubai and Ma Juan midway, and they both heard about You Qiuqiu’s excitement.

As a result, all the people who had been scattered around the village came together by the pond to watch You Qiuqiu persuade people.

Fang Shubai laughed again like the sound of a hen laying eggs. “Hahaha!”

Dong Tiantian, too, fell into tears as she laughed. She has been sullen and acted like an adult since her appearance on this show, and now she smiles with the innocence of unique temperament to her age.

Dong Tiantian didn’t realize she was laughing until she caught a glimpse of herself in the camera lens.

She was taken aback.

You Qiuqiu returned the big white geese to the villager’s house. When You Qiuqiu was about to go, the big white geese were a little reluctant and continued to call to her.

You Qiuqiu waved to them, “See you tomorrow.”

This task will take a few days to complete.

Dong Tiantian crept away, her gaze fixed on the big white geese.

Tomorrow… She isn’t looking forward to tomorrow and doesn’t want to see the geese again.

Except for the big geese who rushed to the crown and became angry and fought with the dogs, You Qiuqiu’s work of feeding the geese went smoothly.

The director also arranged for You Qiuqiu and Dong Tiantian to help the remaining guests because the task was finished too quickly.

There is no such thing as being lazy and resting!

You Qiuqiu wasn’t feeling well after being chased by the dog, so she and Dong Tiantian agreed to help Fang Shubai’s party dry the dried salted fish.

All salted fish were made from fresh fish. First, they rinse the treated fish after removing the internal organs and then uniformly apply salt. After marinating for a while, they place it on a net, to be exposed to the sun.

Ma Juan puts salt on the fish, while Fang Shubai removes the internal organs. He said that this job is dirty and tiring, so he should do it.

You Qiuqiu sat on the little stool and spread salt on the fish. The smearing of salt was also highly specific, and she had to pay attention to every detail.

Her movements are not fast, but they are fine.

Dong Tiantian wasn’t sure if she was possessed or not, but You Qiuqiu reminded her of the sun-dried salted fish in the backdrop…

Dong Tiantian swears she didn’t use a special filter to see You Qiuqiu, and that she didn’t smear her or anything.

It’s not because they look alike, and it may be because they have the same temperament.

Dong Tiantian pondered it for a long time and eventually discovered something in common –

She was very lazy, easygoing, and not anxious at all.

You Qiuqiu created a salt spa for many fish on their way to becoming dried salted fish. The hostess offered them to eat melons and fruits after nearly completing the task.

“There are no oranges this time.”

Fang Shubai joyfully reported to You Qiuqiu after glancing at the fruit plate.

You Qiuqiu: Could you please stop talking? She had almost forgotten about that experience.

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