I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 49.2

Please don’t remind her!

Even the show’s director couldn’t stop laughing at this scenario. Dong Tiantian did not watch the first season of Leisure Time. So she had no idea what happened, and could not comprehend it.

The hostess who had provided melons and fruits overheard it and honestly asked You Qiuqiu, “Do you want to eat oranges? There are several in my family.” She misunderstood and assumed that this lovely young lady really wanted to eat oranges.

Fang Shubai continued to laugh, “Hahaha!”

You Qiuqiu smiled bitterly, “…I really don’t need it, thank you.”

Are the fruits and vegetables brought over by the hostess from the countryside?

Cherry tomatoes, also known as small tomatoes by locals, and cucumbers are generally used as vegetables. However, it had just been chosen from the field, was extremely tender, and was still filthy when selected, but smelt fresh after cleaning.

You Qiuqiu cleaned her hands with a large piece of laundry soap before picking a few cherry tomatoes to eat and sitting in the yard on the small stool.

The setting sun shed a soft orange light on her cheeks as she felt the breeze, and her eyelashes were long and trembling.

Dong Tiantian’s gaze was drawn instinctively to You Qiuqiu. She didn’t intend to watch You Qiuqiu, but she couldn’t stop herself.

Dong Tiantian noticed You Qiuqiu clutching a dog’s tail grass wrapped around her fingers, and it swiftly transformed into a puppy.

Dong Tiantian is a little itchy. How did she do it?

The hostess has children, and the youngest is most likely in elementary school. The family explained to him that they were filming here to disturb the residents, but the youngster was intrigued. At first, he noticed this group of lovely sisters and brothers. When his parents made salted fish, he couldn’t stand it.

He couldn’t stop himself after witnessing You Qiuqiu weave a puppy.

“Can you play with me?”

The little boy approached You Qiuqiu and stated bravely.

“Yes,” You Qiuqiu replied as she delivered the “puppy” to the little boy.

The little boy studied it for a while, couldn’t stop himself, and begged You Qiuqiu, “Can you teach me?”

“In return, I will show you how to fold a thousand paper cranes.”

You Qiuqiu wanted to laugh a little, thinking that the little boy was funny and he knew how to replace it at an equivalent price.


So the little boy moved a small stool as well, and the two of them began to study handicrafts.

Dong Tiantian, “…”

She actually doesn’t understand. How can You Qiuqiu isn’t bored, and she can communicate with the child patiently?

Dong Tiantian has never liked children and believes that they are too noisy. The important point is that this youngster is not like her relatives, like a delicate doll, but rather like a mud monkey.

The contact not only continued, but the two of them communicated pleasantly.

Originally, the hostess was taken aback when she discovered that her son was actually with the celebrity. She raised her eyebrows and motioned for her son to leave swiftly, but the director stopped her.

The program group’s director smiled gently and said, “Let them play.” They were all a bunch of children.

In his eyes, You Qiuqiu and Fang Shubai were children according to their age.

The director of the program group thought this part was very interesting.

You Qiuqiu showed the little boy how to weave pups out of dog’s tail grass and didn’t forget to tell him, “It’s your turn. You teach me how to fold a thousand paper cranes.”

The little boy ran back to the house to get the paper, which was the waste paper for homework. Fang Shubai also came over, and the three of them studied the stacking thousand paper cranes together.

Dong Tiantian, “…” is really naïve.

She softly whispered

Ma Juan said to Dong Tiantian, “Want to go and play?”

Dong Tiantian took the cherry tomatoes, “… I’m tired and don’t want to play.”

Ma Juan could tell the little girl wanted to play, but she wasn’t going to let it go.

While stacking hundreds of paper cranes, You Qiuqiu chatted with the little boy.

“Do you have any dreams?”

As soon as these words came out, Fang Shubai started making unbelievable expressions, “This… Senior Sister, you have only been a mentor for one period and want to ask this kind of question? “

You, Qiuqiu, “…” Can she ask him to turn off the microphone?

The little boy: “I want to be a scientist!”

His smile was still shy, but his eyes were bright, and his tone was firm.

Become a scientist.

Fang Shubai wanted to keep laughing but couldn’t.

Even the cameraman who accompanied the program team was moved. Eight out of every ten children aspired to be scientists in those days.

Fang Shubai scratched his head: “Actually… I want to be a doctor.”

Yes, there is another doctor.

Dong Tiantian did not remain silent this time, as though she had finally found a topic in which she could participate. “I want to be a pianist,” she responded modestly, raising her face.

And she has achieved it now.

“How about you, Senior Sister?” Fang Shubai questioned You Qiuqiu.

Many people on the scene were also waiting for You Qiuqiu’s response.

Yes, they waited.

You Qiuqiu, “…”

She now regrets it. Why did she bring this up? It was as if she had shot herself in the foot with a brick.

You Qiuqiu elementary school teacher also arranged a composition such as “My Dream” for her. You Qiuqiu discovered that there is no specific answer to this question, and she simply writes down the life situation that she prefers when she grows up.

So You Qiuqiu made a serious wish: When she grows up, she will have a lot of money, a big house, and beautiful clothes, and then she will sleep till she naturally wakes up every day.

This type of essay is unique among students with lofty ideals. The teacher successfully brought You Qiuqiu to the office for tea.

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