I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 49.3

Teacher: “Qiuqiu, did you write this composition? You didn’t say your dream career.”

The Elementary School Monk You Qiuqiu pointed to the back of her composition, “Sleep until you wake up naturally.”

Teacher: “… But sleeping until you wake up naturally is not a profession.”

The Elementary School Monk You Qiuqiu said boldly, “Then… can you not have a profession?”                             

It can be seen that eating and waiting for death is something engraved in the bones. Not much has changed.

Of course, when You Qiuqiu grew older, she saw how horrified, and helpless the teacher’s eyes were.

Now it is obviously not suitable to express his ideas in front of a national audience.

Even in front of children.

So You Qiuqiu pointed to the sky under everyone’s attention and said, “The sun has set.”

The orange glow on the horizon receded, revealing a shallow moon in the sky.

Everyone took a look up towards the sky.

Fang Shubai is aware of You Qiuqiu’s thoughts, and he wishes to express his displeasure. Qiu Cub, do you know that your changing topic method is really perfunctory?

The day passed without incident, but there was a noticeable shift at night.

Dong Tiantian dashed upstairs after finishing a light lunch in the evening.

Everyone didn’t care about persuading her because she hadn’t integrated well with the guests the previous two days, but after supper, the resting space on the second floor became boisterous.

“Dong Tiantian has a fever.”

You Qiuqiu hadn’t slept at that time when she heard the staff hurry past her door, explaining to her.

Dong Tiantian had a fever that appeared out of nowhere. Perhaps the small girl was recording a variety performance for the first time today and was surprised by the big goose.

“Are you taking her to the hospital?”

Everyone was busy, and You Qiuqiu couldn’t possibly stay in the room alone. She overheard Ma Juan, who had come out dressed, ask the question.

They have a nicer living environment this time around than in the previous season. It’s not the countryside, everyone has their own bedroom, and Dong Tiantian’s bedroom is suddenly crammed with people both inside and outside.

The program director was also there, and he replied to Ma Juan, “It seems that the problem is not a big problem, and the fever has subsided.”

You Qiuqiu looked around the throng. Dong Tiantian’s nose was red, and her eyes were also red like she was crying.

The stars’ assistants or agents did not live with everyone during the filming time. The program team has a unique lodging arrangement, and Jiang Tao was also put there, so You Qiuqiu would hear Jiang Tao displaying the farmhouse delicacies differently every day. And You Qiuqiu who have to deal with the farmhouse every day…not very happy.

However, because of the unexpected situation of Dong Tiantian’s fever, her agent was also urgently summoned, which is normal.

The agent is currently preoccupied.

“Tiantian, what’s wrong with you? Are you feeling unwell?”

 Dong Tiantian shook her head.

“If you are really uncomfortable, tell us directly, and we will take you to the hospital,” the agent stated.

The program team’s director agreed that no matter how important the program is, it is not as important as the people. If Dong Tiantian’s condition is serious, she should be taken to the hospital right away.

But no matter what the agent asked, Dong Tiantian kept shaking her head and crying even harder.

It wasn’t until later that Dong Tiantian held back half a sentence, “I’m hungry…”

“Tell me what you want to eat, and I’ll ship it to you by air!” the agent exclaimed.

It’s no surprise the agent was embellishing. She considered Dong Tiantian to be her ancestor. After all, she had been recruited by the Dong family to look after the tiny princess.

Dong Tiantian has a princess’s temper. This is because she is a true princess with a good familial history. Her father is a businessman, while her mother is a world-renowned pianist. She was born with a gold spoon in her mouth. She didn’t have to engage in this type of variety show at first. She had fame and money if she wanted it, but who could obstruct Dong Tiantian from coming?

As a result, Dong Father and Dong Mother reached an agreement. Of course, before they left, they told Dong Tiantian’s agent not to let Dong Tiantian suffer a little grievance.

Agent: Her tears of resentment won’t stop now, and she’s got a big deal.

When her agent heard that Dong Tiantian had finally indicated she wanted to eat, she panicked and said she could eat anything.

Dong Tiantian sobbed, “I…want to eat fried skewers, fried sausages.”


The agent who was still waiting for the little princess to reveal the priceless food:?

Dong Tiantian really wanted to eat fried sausages and go crazy, and it was also You Qiuqiu’s fried sausages. After frying, the seasoning was added, and it was a fragrant batch.

You Qiuqiu who has suddenly become the center of attention, “…”

“I’ll do it.”

She was still a child, and she cried because of fried sausages.

Fang Shubai was also angry and amused. After all, didn’t she just talk about not eating junk food righteously two days ago?

But Fang Shubai said nothing negative. After all, Dong Tiantian looked too miserable, and he went downstairs to help You Qiuqiu fry sausages.

Dong Tiantian ate the fried sausage she had in mind. You Qiuqiu made ten of them, and Dong Tiantian ate eight.

She was sobbing while she ate.

Too delicious.

Of course, she has other feelings, and she is still a little embarrassed.

You Qiuqiu must have prepared this. Even though the other party did not appear, it was brought by her agent, but Dong Tiantian was certain that it was You Qiuqiu.

Because she remembered the taste.

She had been dissing and treating You Qiuqiu with hostility before that, and now she was eating the sausage that You Qiuqiu had fried for her at night.

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