I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 49.4

She had been dissing and treating You Qiuqiu with hostility before that, and now she was eating the sausage that You Qiuqiu had fried for her at night.

Dong Tiantian stopped crying after eating the sausage and told the concerned agent that she could return and that everything was fine.

The agent was still worried. “Is it really okay?”

The agent left after confirming again and again after seeing that the little princess was about to become enraged.

When Dong Tiantian was the only one left in the room, she took out the phone set up by the show team and switched to her personal WeChat account.

Not long ago, the sender of the note, [Sister Zhou Yi], sent greetings –

Is Xiao Tian asleep?

Dong Tiantian’s sister Zhou Yi is Zhou Yi who is on the hot search with You Qiuqiu. Her career has been shattered since that happened, but she knows Dong Tiantian.


Zhou Yi had taken piano lessons from Dong Tiantian’s mother by coincidence for a brief period, but Dong Tiantian left an impression on that beautiful and gentle sister. She has been in contact with one after the other throughout the years, though not frequently.

When Zhou Yi approached Dong Tiantian to tell her how pitiful and innocent, she was and was unjustly slandered by a deceitful girl, Dong Tiantian trusted this sister, who was quite fond of her without any doubt.

Later, the agent told her that the Leisure Time program team had found her and wanted to ask her if she would like to be a guest. Dong Tiantian originally planned to refuse, but she followed when she heard that You Qiuqiu was there.

Dong Tiantian wants to participate in this show, to see what kind of character You Qiuqiu is, who made Zhou Yi miserable, and she will accurately grasp the scheming girl, You Qiuqiu’s legs, and let her show her true face on the show, which can be regarded as venting for Zhou Yi.

However, so many days have passed…

Dong Tiantian is getting more and more confused.

Is You Qiuqiu really the scheming girl her sister Zhou Yi said?

Not like ah.

Dong Tiantian has a simple mind and is clear about love and hate, and she hardly doubts the people she trusts.

But now she doubts, questions Zhou Yi.

So Dong Tiantian decided to start by searching for all kinds of news on the Internet. Before that, she also agreed that the Internet is distorted.

But the video and audio, as well as more and more people’s dictation…

Dong Tiantian watched it for most of the night, and the more she looked at it, the colder her hands were, and then the first thing she did was to find Zhou Yi’s WeChat.

[You liar! ! Disgusting!]

After submitting this sentence, Dong Tiantian placed Zhou Yi on the blacklist and erased her friends.

Did she believe in people or ghosts after so long?

Not only that, but Dong Tiantian also made a special call across the ocean and instructed her mother not to contact Zhou Yi in the future.

Such people can be as far away as possible.

Dong Tiantian’s mother regarded Dong Tiantian as her treasure. When she heard that she warned her not to contact Zhou Yi, she didn’t even ask for an explanation but just responded, “Yes.”

In fact, Dong Mother knows much more than Dong Tiantian, but her daughter trusted Zhou Yi too much before. Dong Mother recognized that Zhou Yi would have no meaningful impact on her daughter, so she did not prevent the two from communicating. Now she doesn’t know why her daughter suddenly woke up, but Dong Mother is still delighted to see her walk away from Zhou Yi.

Zhou Yi is a girl with a bad mind, and Dong’s mother discovered it a few years ago.

Early the next morning, Dong Tiantian took a chair and walked towards You Qiuqiu during breakfast.

In Fang Shubai’s thoughts, at that point, he thought that Dong Tiantian was going to use a chair to smash Qiuqiu’s head. He was ready to protect You Qiuqiu, but Dong Tiantian put the chair next to You Qiuqiu and went closer to You Qiuqiu.

Because of her actions, the whole room became silent.

After all, everyone knows that Dong Tiantian has opinions on You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu only raised her eyes and peered at Dong Tiantian and continued to chew food quietly. Her reaction was actually the smallest in contrast.

This made Dong Tiantian heave a sigh of relief, and then she spoke to You Qiuqiu in a loud voice.

You Qiuqiu:? ? ?

“I’m sorry.”

Dong Tiantian repeated it immediately, this time much more clearly and louder. You Qiuqiu was carrying a toast with blueberry jam in her palm. After thinking about it, she handed it to Dong Tiantian.

“Do you want a slice too?”

Dong Tiantian took it and chewed on it.

This is very amazing!

The two young girls soon reconciled, but Dong Tiantian assumed it was done unilaterally since You Qiuqiu didn’t believe there was any quarrel between them.

It was only after Dong Tiantian showed no hatred for You Qiuqiu that the show’s atmosphere changed for the better.

It’s only that Dong Tiantian has evolved into a new generation of You Qiuqiu’s followers, and she will follow You Qiuqiu wherever she goes.

Fang Shubai, a follower of the previous generation: “…” was not very happy..

Fang Shubai even informed You Qiuqiu firmly, “She must be greedy for your sausage,” else, why did her attitude change so drastically?

Dong Tiantian then dashed at You Qiuqiu.

“Can we sleep together tonight, Qiuqiu?” She likes to sleep with her close female friends.

Fang Shubai: ?

She is greedy for the Qiu Cub’s body!

You Qiuqiu realized Fang Shubai had turned into a cat cookie and turned to Dong Tiantian, saying, “Yes.”

Who doesn’t love a sweet little girl?

You Qiuqiu gets up every day to eat, play musical instruments with the master, feed the goose, and dry the salted fish. Her life is simple and full of joy.

Soon after, the show also signaled the end of the season.

The program’s director informed them of two things.

Cui Jiannan will be returned to the show in the last two days.

Another thing that has been disclosed is why people need to study playing these instruments.

In the village, two 80-year-old grandparents have been married for more than 60 years and have always been quite affectionate. They were married in a hurry, making marriage streamlined, and there was no decent ceremony at the time.

And now, as a musical instrument ensemble, all of Leisure Life’s guests have participated in the weddings of grandparents, writing a beautiful chapter for them.

You Qiuqiu was confused.


“Are you sure we’re not going to destroy the ceremony?”

Is this a blessing or a grudge?

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