Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 345

Chapter 345

Fang Jingchen thought it was his responsibility to help the mechanical girl.

He didn’t want to be the type of person who just exploited mechanical girls to express himself.

After breakfast, Fang Jingchen will leave for work.

Xi Ying carried his briefcase and stood at the door to say goodbye.

“I’ll go to the store to get enough ingredients, and you can’t dine out tonight.” She gave Fang Jingchen the briefcase with a gentle smile.

“Well, I’ll be back for dinner, and I’m excited to see what kind of food you’ll prepare.” Fang Jingchen couldn’t stop laughing and couldn’t close his mouth.

This sense of someone waiting to make dinner at home after getting home from work is quite incredible.

“By the way, Jingchen, during the day, I can do whatever I want, right?”

“Of course, you are free to go wherever you wish.” Fang Jingchen noted that Xi Ying was still dressed in her pure white cotton dress from the day before.

“Bing Ning, go to the mall today and buy clothes for yourself. As long as you like the items you may buy, I have money.” Fang Jingchen finally understood how many men felt.

Isn’t the point of making money to be able to say to your wife one day, “Buy anything you want, I have money”?

“Jingchen, you’re so sweet. I’m not going to hold back today!” With a brilliant smile in her eyes, Xi Ying’s brows and eyelids curled up.

Charming to the extreme.

Fang Jingchen couldn’t stop staring at her.

“Bing Ning.” He called out hoarsely.

“En?” The charming nasal voice exudes youthful vigour and passion.

“You are beautiful.” Fang Jingchen was so embarrassed after saying this that he fled away!

He did turn around and fled.

When Xi Ying walked outside to look, all she saw was his back running wild.

[This young man is truly innocent and pure.] Xiao Yiyi appears sophisticated.

Xi Ying is noncommittal.

She turned around and shut the door behind her.

Xi Ying summoned Xiao Yiyi when she saw the remaining breakfast on the table and the untidy home.

“How many points are required to redeem things for house cleaning?” Xi Ying never wastes time on trivial matters.

[A few points, my dear.] Xiao Yiyi impersonated a particularly treasured customer service.

“Is it a one-time or permanent thing?” Xi Ying asked once more.

[If the host asks, it is permanent; otherwise, it is a one-time thing.] Xiao Yiyi was embarrassed.

This is also the response that Xi Ying triggered after asking her.

The Lord God has a strong taste for evil.

There is actually such a setting.

What sort of crap hole is this?

Xi Ying’s face was expressionless.

She knew well that the Lord God was not a good thing.

“Redeem the permanent one.”

[Reporting to the host that one-click house cleaning items have been redeemed, and one point has been successfully deducted. ]

The place was as clean as new in the blink of an eye.

Everything was in its proper place, and it was tidy.

Xi Ying exited the apartment with the key.

After exiting the apartment building and hailing a taxi, Xi Ying asked Xiao Yiyi, “Does the Lord God normally have a lot of spare time?”

[The Lord God is extremely busy.]

“Don’t you think he’s targeting me? Or is he doing that to everyone?”

[emm, based on my excellent knowledge of the Lord God, he does not appear to be like this to everyone.

Furthermore, I learned from the senior brothers and sisters that some of them had only met the Lord God once, while others had never met the Lord God…]

“Oh.” Xi Ying was expressionless when she heard this response.

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