Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 347

Chapter 347

She ordered them to pack all the computer-related books she had purchased the night before and deliver them to the hotel room where Lu Zijin was staying.

Xi Ying never went into a war unprepared.

She wasn’t sure if Lu Zijin would stay in the room with peace of mind, so she’d use the things Lu Zijin cared about to keep him here.

Those were the books Lu Zijin cared about the most based on his tastes.

There are far too many of these books, and there is no way to take them all away with his strength.

As a result, Xi Ying can be certain that Lu Zijin will remain in the room with these books.

Since the security guard said last night that Lu Zijin has been reading books in the bookstore for at least five years, she can figure out that he has been there for that long.

Understanding these C languages is not an issue for Xi Ying, whether she was a mechanical girl in the past or is one now.

So she walked up, grabbed a programming book, and began discussing the code above with Lu Zijin.

If she truly wants to get to know someone, she must begin with what he enjoys or is good at.

Xi Ying’s first phrase had a technical term, drawing Lu Zijin’s attention.

He hadn’t expected Xi Ying to be so knowledgeable about programming.

Most women, in his opinion, are rarely interested in boring code projects.

This is not, of course, Lu Zijin’s discrimination against women, but it is a fact.

“I believe that other algorithms can replace this code and that by switching to that approach, there is no need to create so many lines. It can save a lot of time, and it is easy to detect flaws.”

Xi Ying said, pointing to a paragraph in the programming book code.

The most frustrating thing for a programmer is not that the workload is excessive, and that it is essential to work overtime day and night to stay up all night.

Instead, they frantically wrote an entire program, and when they tested it, a bug appeared.

However, they stayed up for three days and three nights without discovering the source of the problem because of this bug!

This is the most irritating part.

When too much code is written, and it takes a long time to check, it is often a problem.

As a result, a skilled programmer will do his or her best to make the same meaning clear in the fewest words possible.

In this way, even if a bug exists, the error can be located rather easily.

Lu Zijin leaned over after hearing Xi Ying’s comments and reading the code she stated.

The two then got into a heated debate about which algorithm would be the simplest.

When they were studying, time seemed to fly by…

It was half-past eleven in the blink of an eye.

Xi Ying looked at the wall clock, laid down the calculation paper and pencil in her hand, stretched out her body, and said, “I’m hungry, Lu Zijin. Let’s go out to eat.

Oh, by the way, you can go shopping with me at the shopping mall. I want to buy clothes.”

She gave Lu Zijin a very smooth order without treating him as an outsider.

The words of Xi Ying gave Lu Zijin a peculiar feeling in his heart.

In this way, it appears to be déjà vu…

He could always hear his mother saying to his father—

“Come eat with me.”

“Come with me to go shopping.”

“Come watch TV with me.”

Lu Zijin felt a crimson mist was coating his eyesight as soon as he thought about his parents.

His body became weak from the notion that he was about to faint, and his red lips swiftly faded.

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