The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 49.1

Given that winter vacation is less than a month away, and there will be enough cubs to cause a fuss, Xu Qiu scheduled the activity on a rest day.

“Let’s have a sweet potato digging contest this Saturday.”

Two of the 10 fields were planted at staggered intervals with tiny green plants, and the tender seedlings may be eaten after a long period. One field was planted with peppers, ginger, and garlic, while the other eight were planted with sweet potatoes.

Carrots, Chinese cabbage, corn, and other vegetables were previously collected in the kitchen, and those that could not fit in the kitchen were stored in the system area.

Anyway, every time she cooks, if the bottom of the pot is empty, Xu Qiu will fill it with new ones. The robot simply knows how to assist and is unconcerned about anything else.

This sweet potato crop has been in the ground for some time, and the good seeds Xu Qiu chose are sweet potatoes.

She had previously loosened the soil and felt that it should have grown relatively nicely, but she did not know what it looked like.

Pulling sweet potatoes is hard work, as well as a full-body workout that can deplete the cub’s physical abilities.

“Let’s go to bed early now and wake up early tomorrow.”

Even though the kindergarten has an isolation cover that can block wind and rain like glass, the sun is still scorching, so they must choose to get up early in the morning.


The cubs reacted in unison, tossing and turning that night, attempting to fall asleep as soon as possible, afraid that the next day would be bad and they would lose to other cubs.

Xu Qiu struggled to get out of bed the following day.

She did nothing extravagant in the morning, so she cooked mandarin rolls for the cubs. There was no soup, and they were completely stuffed.

A robotic assistant makes this simple, mechanically produced product.

The assistants work in an assembly line and divide the labor between rolling the dough, kneading the dough, and pinching the shape.

Each one is perfect and identical, right down to the placement of the chopped green onion.

Except for the dishes that must be fried, the robot assistant handles most of the culinary job.

Of course, these little helpers must also be maintained. Xu Qiu started off as a liberal arts student with a lot of theoretical understanding. It is impossible to make a robot from scratch without the help of the system, but it isn’t hard to replace small parts and fix minor flaws.

Before Xu Qiu could sound the whistle, the cubs were already clothed and came down one by one.

Xu Qiu ordered school clothes for the cubs about a month ago because each cub’s height and size differed, and the school uniforms were tailor made and cut by hand.

After all, the cloth used by the big cub is sufficient to make several sets of clothes for the small cub. The fabric is precious to cubs like Mu Zhi and Yuan Jiu.

The kindergarten uniforms are made of the same material as the school uniforms. Xu Qiu referred to the uniform design of the private kindergarten where her little niece was in her memory. Blue and white are the colors of the school uniforms.

The top half is a white short-sleeved shirt, the bottom half is easy-to-move little shorts, and the shorts are a blue and white plaid pleated skirt.

The blue is both dark and light, and it appears to be quite comfy when smudged.

The only two girls wore skirts, or culottes, with group bracing on the outside and a thin layer of white cotton trousers on the inside.

Although he believes he is also a girl, Hua Lan, who has buds on his head, does not have a gender. He wears skirts, only a thin layer, like Lily and Mu Zhi, and there is no such design on the trousers inside. After all, he vines with no legs at all.

Skirts and pants are made of elastic material to ensure that the cubs are moving comfortably.

The fox mother prepared some small handcrafted items for Lily in secret, but the cubs’ school outfits were entirely made by Xu Qiu.

Teacher Jin Xingxing also wanted to do something, so Xu Qiu invited her embroider the cubs’ names. It wasn’t a lovely font, but it was crooked and adorable.

Another pair of clothes is a kindergarten uniform in red and white with the same design.

The top of the school uniform also received a little uniform emblem signifying the kindergarten. The badge’s impression is shaped like a rabbit.

It’s mainly the cub’s race. No matter which one it is, it’s not suitable.

The kindergarten said it belonged to everyone, but Xu Qiu changed it firsthand and decided to use her zodiac sign, the rabbit.

After all, thousands of years ago, she worked as a flower gardener for a rabbit, which might be viewed as a remembrance of her previous life.

The cubs in the garden uniforms with the rabbit badge are pretty pleased with themselves for waking up earlier than Xu Qiu today, and they stood in the first-floor lobby and urged her, “We are ready, principal!”

The lovely cubs dressed in clothes are so cute, especially the kitten. The uniform instilled great coolness, forcing him to stand like a big person, not so unsocial.

“Yuan Jiu, the toothpaste foam on your face has not been cleaned off,” Xu Qiu said calmly as she wiped Yuan Jiu’s face with a towel. ” Come back out when you’ve washed your face. You can’t eat toothpaste, and don’t swallow it.”

With the staff’s blessing, Xu Qiu asked them to wholesale a lot of daily necessities.

Toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shower gel, and shampoo, as well as numerous tissue paper rolls, were delivered in boxes to the kindergarten’s small warehouse.

These products have a long shelf life and take up little space.

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