The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 49.2

The critical point is that they are pretty inexpensive to purchase at Diamond Star, and they are still at wholesale prices, which are at least more cost-effective than using gold coins in the system mall.

Xu Qiu got her dream when she used her favorite mint-flavored toothpaste, which had a strong mint flavor. She exhaled after brushing her teeth, and her mouth was filled with an icy flavor.

 By the way, if possible, she would let Donald and the others get some mouthwash.

The cubs brush their teeth with children’s toothpaste, which helps to prevent dental caries. The toothpaste paste is white and highly aromatic.

Strawberry, peach, and grape flavors are available.

Xu Qiu was afraid to use children’s toothpaste since it smelled and tasted so good that she couldn’t stop herself from eating it.

She kept watching the cubs brushing their teeth even after getting new toothpaste and toothbrushes. She was no longer concerned that they would not brush properly but instead eat the toothpaste.

An excellent student like You Yu and Zhu Niang is good, but Yuan Jiu’s mischievous attitude is a headache.

After breakfast, Xu Qiu instructed the cubs to go slowly, first performing anaerobic warm-up exercises and stretching their muscles and bones.

She almost forgot that she had to do exercises as a child.

So simply add morning exercises because the cubs are up early enough and move the morning class back an hour.

Following the winter break, it is necessary to complete the morning exercises to adjust to the new semester.

Xu Qiu placed the new lottery box.

“This time, we’ll separate into groups as well, but Teacher Jin and I will lead the team. There are 12 people in total, divided into two teams of six.”

The robot assistants are in charge of refereeing and holding big baskets.

“To determine the teams, everyone draws lots. Those who receive the red ones join the red team, while those who receive the blue ones join the blue team.”

The blue team was led by Xu Qiu, while the red team was led by Jin Xingxing.

Each cub’s emotions are different, and it is hard to please everyone. The drawing of lots is regarded as the most appropriate solution.

There is no way the distribution could be uneven, but luck is also a strength.

Xu Qiu, Bai Sa, Lily, Qing Sha, Dong Dong, and Yuan Jiu were all grouped together.

Jin Xingxing stands opposite with two aquatic cubs, the small bat Ding Ding, Hua Lan, and Mu Zhi.

Before the game, the two teams exchanged venomous barbs.

“I won’t lose to your Ding Ding,” Dong Dong stated, although the twin brothers were not battling together.

If he had crawled out of his mother’s belly earlier, he would have been his brother, and this time he would definitely win Ding Ding.

The little fox also said: “I will win with my mother, and we will definitely be the champion.”

Xu Qiu looked at Jin Xingxing: “Everyone must do their utmost and never let the water leak. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose as long as you give it your all, and it’s not shameful either.”

Well, of course, you have to fight to be the winner.

“Friendship comes first, competition comes second,” Ding Ding and Dong Dong said. “Winning or losing is important, but everyone must rely on their own power and avoid playing tricks that hurt others.”

“Do you know the rules?” she inquired of the cubs.

“Got it!”

There are three rounds of the competition. The time limit for the first round is five minutes, and the winner is the team that digs the largest amount of sweet potatoes in the same amount of time. It is agreed to dig the biggest sweet potatoes in the second round. There is no time limit in the third round until all of the sweet potatoes are dug up, and whoever has the most sweet potatoes dug up wins.

The first round is a group competition, and the second and third rounds are all individual competitions.

The fields are in the back, but Xu Qiu erected them outside the kindergarten with the help of the system. The area of ​​the eight fields is really not small, and at least a few hundred kilograms of plants could be harvested.

 Xu Qiu has never harvested them, so she doesn’t know the specific yield of these seeds.

Even though the leaves of sweet potatoes are linked piece by piece, no one knows what these sweet potatoes look like in the field.

The robot assistant placed a large basket beside Xu Qiu and the cubs.

The bamboo-strip basket is around the height of Xu Qiu’s waist and can handle several hundred pounds.

“The first round of the game officially begins,” said the robot referee.

In terms of the lottery setup, Xu Qiu’s blue team has a significant advantage against Jin Xingxing’s red team. After all, the cubs are more energetic and powerful than the adults.

As soon as the whistle blew, a Hua Lan player entered the earth with countless little vines and collected the sweet potatoes of a field in seconds.

The huge sweet potatoes flew out with all the dirt, scattering dust all over the sky!

Everyone only has two hands, and Mu Zhi has six hands, but she is extremely small. Six hands are equivalent to two like others, and Hua Lan used innumerable vines this time.

“Stop, Principal!”

The cubs were stunned and requested that Hua Lan step down!

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