The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 46.1

Chen Tanliang opened his eyes at 5:30 a.m.

He turned on the lamp, had a glance at the clock, sat up straight, and lifted the blanket.

There’s an old saying that people who can wake up early and don’t get to bed on time are particularly frightening existence. Chen Tanliang was such a person, and even in the dead of winter, he showed no affection for his bed.

Because of their late arrival, Jiang Shining’s villa only had two vacant rooms. Chen Tanliang let his sister live in the larger room while he lived in the smaller one.

He stood up to change his clothes because Jiang Shining had forcibly seized them from the Jing brothers the day before. Before leaving the room, he changed into a black sports suit, washed his face, and brushed his teeth.

Everyone in the villa was sleeping, so it was silent.

Chen Tanliang went down to the first level and softly pushed open a bedroom door. It was pitch black inside, with only the sound of feeble breathing to be heard.

Chen Tanliang stepped in cautiously, noticing Jing Yuan sleeping on his stomach, barely half his lovely side face peeking out from beneath the cover. Jing Yuan opened his eyes abruptly when he reached the third step, but his limbs moved faster before he even opened his eyes. Chen Tanliang became aware of something hurling itself at him.

A knife brushed across his shoulder as he darted to the side, then buzzed through the wooden closet door and settled on it.

All of this was a subconscious advance notice. Chen Tanliang had only barely dodged over when Jing Yuan was already on the ground, moving forward like a ghost. Chen Tanliang made the decision quickly.

When Jing Yuan saw Chen Tanliang’s expression, he frowned at him. He let go of his plan to attack, and he took a step back.

“Chen Tanliang, are you sick? Who told you it was okay to play around in my room?”

Chen Tanliang pursed his lips into a line. His eyes did not move in any way, and he turned his head to remove the knife from the cabinet door.

“Are you still keeping weapons at home?”

“It’s to keep those like you who don’t have eyes from getting hurt.” Jing Yuan said coldly.

Except when Jiang Shining and Jing Xuan were nearby, which may have caused him to wake up naturally, but he was unconsciously repelled by other foreign aromas.

Jing Yuan grabbed his dagger from Chen Tanliang’s grasp. He sat back down by the bed and reached for his phone. The phone screen lighted the young man’s irritated face.

“…… It’s only 5:40, Chen Tanliang, are you insane? I have to go to work later,” Jing Yuan reprimanded. “Are you purposefully screwing me?”

“Didn’t we agree to get up and run first thing in the morning?” Chen Tanliang asked oddly.

Jing Yuan:…

He had no idea that Chen Tanliang’s rigorous personality would exceed his expectations.

“Even if we don’t run, we’ll be alright.” Jing Yuan grumbled impatiently, “She was just upset the other day. Besides, she couldn’t bear the thought of the two of us going out on such a cold day.”

With his understanding of Jiang Shining, this situation might be resolved after resting, and if you behave better today, it will be another pleasant day.

Chen Tanliang, on the other hand, remarked seriously, “We promised mother, we have to do it.”

 …… D*mn it.

Chen Tanliang, on the other hand, remarked seriously, “We promised mother, we have to do it.”

Jing Yuan was immersed in the sense of despair all at once. He returned his gaze to the window. It was the middle of winter, dark outside, and it appeared to be the middle of the night.

Jing Yuan leaned back, sat on the bed, and covered his face with the quilt.

“You have five seconds to get out, or I’m going to beat you up.”

Then he shut his eyes……

Jing Yuan enjoys staying up late. He had barely slept for less than two hours before being called, and he would not have spared Chen Tanliang if he had been his character in the past.

If Jiang Shining’s bedroom weren’t upstairs, he’d let Chen Tanliang feel the horrible sensation of the emperor getting up.

 Well, this life smoothed his edges and corners.

It’s too difficult to be a son.

Jing Yuan needed to sleep, but he couldn’t because his senses were too sharp. Chen Tanliang remained standing and motionless, like a light bulb.

He lifted the quilt hastily.

 “Are you a terracotta warrior? Are you going to guard my tomb?”

(TL* Terracotta Warriors are statues that defend the emperor’s tomb.)

Chen Tanliang’s black eyes were fixed on him.

“Since you were an emperor, shouldn’t you understand how important it is to do what you say?”

“You said the exact opposite, sir.” Jing Yuan sneered menacingly. “I can do whatever I want because I am the Emperor. The general’s job is to go out for morning exercises, so you hurry up and go for your early run.”

For a split second, Chen Tanliang was deafeningly quiet.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go?”

“I’m not going.” Jing Yuan incited, “What can you do to me?”

“I’m going to snitch you,” Chen Tanliang said after another two seconds of silence.

Then he turned around and walked away.

Jing Yuan:….

Isn’t it an unspoken rule not to inform the teacher about a fight between classmates?

Where the f*ck did this dog man come from, so oblivious to society’s rules?

When Chen Tanliang arrived at the door, he stopped, turned around, wrapped his hands around his chest, and raised his eyebrows at Jing Yuan.

“Is five minutes enough?”

 ……how arrogant.

Jing Yuan beat Chen Tanliang ten thousand times in his heart as he grudgingly put on his clothes.

They stepped out of the house one by one. They were covered in goosebumps as soon as the cold breeze blew in the morning. They both wore thin clothes. Even though they had a terrific physique, their cold hair stood up.

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