The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 46.2

“Warm up before you run.” Jing Yuan said.

Chen Tanliang’s mind was filled with a question mark. Because they were standing on the steps with nowhere to go, he was kicked in the leg by Jing Yuan and fell on the snow pile on the lawn the next second.

“You—” Chen Tanliang emerged from the snowdrift with a cloud of snow on his appeared on top of his head.

“Get your body moving.” Jing Yuan spoke to himself quietly.

It can be described as vengeful.

The two fought on the lawn. After ten minutes, their bodies are no longer cold!

It’s just snow with some dust on it. Chen Tanliang got up and patted his clothes with an impassive face, and he was a little clean.

“Ten laps!”

Finally, the two began to run.

Chu Jing Yuan’s heart was filled with an unnamed flame. He had the impression that his life had become dreary and dull since the previous day.

Jiang Shining’s new son came to celebrate with him, and he was irritable. He’s been dragged up for another run, and it’s still dark!

Alas, he seems to have lost the meaning of life.

Chen Tanliang went along the farthest edge of the villa area, which is rather large. Even if the two were in good shape and ran swiftly, completing a lap would take more than 30 minutes.

At the beginning of ten laps, Jing Yuan didn’t have to eat breakfast to go to work.

Chu Jing Yuan retired after three and a half laps.

“She nonchalantly said ten laps. Running is optional as well. Why are you so stubborn?”

This implies that Chen Tanliang is used to being a soldier in the army and that Chu Jing Yuan is in good health. Ordinary people would not be able to run that far on the first day if this were not the case.

Chen Tanliang panted slightly and willingly let his hair down. A single strand of hair fell on his brow, and there was fine sweat on his brow. When there was no hostility, and his black eyes still looked nice.

He’ll be thirty in a few years, but he’s dressed in black sportswear, and his aura is pure, so he appears exceedingly young, like a college student doing morning exercises.

Jing Yuan just remained there and stared, unable to conceive how this man would lead the army into battle.

After a discussion, Chen Tanliang said, “Go back after this lap.”

Jing Yuan was irritated by his appearance. It would be better if the other party spoke wildly and took the initiative to provoke so that he could start fighting directly, but if the other party is polite, how can he start fighting?

“Okay.” Jing Yuan was irritated by him a little.

The two finished the lap and returned to the house, where they entered one after the other.

When they returned after seven o’clock in the morning, everyone else had awoken.

Jing Xuan was cooking, Jiang Shining assisted Guoguo with her braids, and Chen Ruozhi read a book on the sofa.

There is a happy atmosphere.

The two were taken aback. They had never seen such a pleasant and beautiful appearance of a large family before. There was a brief flash of emotion in their hearts, but when they remembered that there was still one standing beside them, their longing disappeared immediately.

Jiang Shining finished combing Guoguo’s braid, smiled, and asked, “Have you been digging a dirt pit?”

They were both caked in dirt. The snow on their bodies was dry as they fought and rolled, and the snow was not clean, leaving traces.

Jing Yuan pulled off his soiled coat and changed his shoes.

“Mom, it’s all your fault.”

“What happened to me?” Jiang Shining asked strangely.

“You ordered us to do ten laps around the villa area. Do you know how big this area is?”

This was her negligence. Jiang Shining wanted to laugh a little.

 “Why are you so obedient today?”

Jing Yuan stabbed Chen Tanliang in the eye with an eye knife.

“Ask him. I’m going back to bed.”

Jing Yuan went in, and Jing Xuan spotted him and took a piece of bread and stuffed it with sausage for him. “Come here and have something to eat before you go to bed.”

“Don’t eat, don’t eat, I’m already full!” Jing Yuan snorted coldly.

 Unexpectedly, Jiang Shining stopped him and said, “Eat it. Not eating breakfast is bad for the stomach.”

Jing Yuan felt that he had no place in this family.

He angrily put the sausage on the bread and bit it down as if it were someone.

As he approached his bedroom door, he noticed Jiang Shining waving at Chen Tanliang. Jiang Shining stretched out and stroked Chen Tanliang’s face as he walked over and squatted beside her.

“Are you tired? Are you still used to it?”

Why didn’t you ask whether he was tired? This is simply seeing the new moth laughing but not seeing the old moth crying!

Chen Tanliang bowed his head and gently shook it. “It’s alright, don’t worry about me,” he said softly.

What to pretending to be strong.

Chu Jing Yuan then noticed Chen Tanliang sigh gently and lowered his eyelashes. His eye corners are low, and he appears charming.

 “It’s just that I feel like an outsider. There’s a feeling of not being accepted.” His voice was getting lower and lower.

He can truly act vulnerable, and Jing Yuan doesn’t believe that people who have been on the battlefield can’t handle such insignificant things. Besides, it’s not that he unilaterally harassed others; Chen Tanliang himself played hard!

Jing Yuan was constantly complaining about contempt in his heart, and he felt that Jiang Shining was turning her head slowly.

The two locked gazes.

“Did you first bully others?”

 Jing Yuan: …

Damn, Chen Tanliang, a dog, told her.

Who wouldn’t pretend to be pitiful?

Jing Yuan chewed the last bit of bread, leaned against the wall, adjusted his expression, and inadvertently showed a pitiful expression.

“It’s okay. You can ignore my feelings, and I’m used to it anyway.” He said in a low voice, “But… If you slander me casually, I’ll be sad too. I’m not that strong…”

Jiang Shining:…

  Chen Tanliang: …

Jiang Shining’s temple began to ache once more.

——It’s really a sin to keep so many drama moths.

 The author has something to say:

Moths: Mama, am I your favorite cub?

Jiang Shining: I want to be in a quiet place…

The eldest sons fight every day~

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