Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 63


Chapter 63

Wang Fen and Zhou Linna exchanged glances, knowing they couldn’t anger her, so they said.

“Understood. Let’s not discuss it.”

“Why are you still defending that girl when she’s already in Wang Dong’s bed? What’s the harm in expressing a few words?” When Old Lady Li saw Zhou Meiqin’s unexplainable rage, she came out of the kitchen and said.

Mu Longsheng initially intended to hand over the company to that stinky girl. His son managed the company, but it was eventually passed down to her.

 Now that God finally has eyes, the old man Mu Longsheng has died, and Mu Yao has also died in a car accident, so only that stinking girl remains, and her attractive face is finally worth using.

“Yes, Mom, why do you continue to protect Mu Weiwei?” Li Xiner was perplexed as well.

Zhou Meiqin, who was angry and resented, clenched her teeth and muttered, “The one from Wang Dong’s family is a powerful character, and we just signed the contract, so there are many things to be discussed with Tiansheng later. Suppose Wang Dong’s wife is aware of it. Who among you will accept responsibility if the company is ruined?

Xiner has also worked in the film industry for a longer period. The paparazzi would have dug it up if this had become a significant problem. And since this is black material, what is the point of being quick to speak?”

When Old Lady Li realized the severity of the situation, she quickly nodded, “Yes, yes, this truly can’t be mentioned, or it will cause a lot of trouble.”

“You guys keep your mouth shut and don’t cause any problems for us.” Zhou Meiqin sternly warned a few people.

That night, she slept on Wang Weidong’s bed, and that stinky girl Mu Weiwei took a picture of them on the bed. How could they go out to talk nonsense even if they were happy?

 If Mu Weiwei released those photos, then she was finished.

So no one can say anything until she finds out and gets those photos.

Otherwise, she, the vice president of Longsheng Group, will become the company’s laughingstock. Even if Li Jiacheng has affection for her, he will be unable to accept such a thing and live with her again.

Furthermore, the old lady has always disliked her two daughters and has no complaints about not giving birth to a son to Li family. Knowing this, she will make a fuss for them to divorce.

 “I know, I know.” Wang Fen was also quickly assured.

 “Xin Er, this phone call will give you the position of the heroine. You must do your best to perform well and win the Golden Phoenix Awards, otherwise…”

Otherwise, you will be living up to the idea that she suffered such humiliation in vain.

“Don’t worry, Mom.” Li Xiner confidently grasped her arm and stated.

“I will bring back the Golden Phoenix Awards, and I will accompany you to the awards ceremony so you can see me win it and become China’s youngest Golden Phoenix Queen.”

It took her two years, and she was unpopular. Transforming a TV actor into a movie actress is not simple.

Now that she has this opportunity, she cannot afford to pass it up. She needs to become famous in order to get a good start in the movie business and keep going.

When Zhou Meiqin heard her daughter’s statement, her anger and depression subsided slightly. “Then be ready. This is your first movie, and you must shine,” she urged.

“Okay, let’s eat your favorite dish. You are a great hero in our family.” Li Xiner helped Zhou Meiqin to sit on the chair.

Zhou Meiqin was not in the mood for a celebration banquet, but her daughter rarely returned to eat with her, so she had to go to the diner as she pleased.

Her phone rang again just as she sat down, and she didn’t have time to move her chopsticks.

Caller ID: Director Wang Weidong.

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