Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 64


Chapter 64

“First, I’ll go to the study room to take a phone call.”

Zhou Meiqin’s face became cold, and she took up her phone and headed upstairs.

She went upstairs, locked the study door, and then returned Wang Weidong’s call, asking, “Have you found that stinky girl?”

“I haven’t found it yet.” Wang Weidong mockingly smiled and replied, “Or… let’s meet and talk on the phone.”

Although he likes new young women, it is equally thrilling to sleep with someone else’s wife accidentally.

Zhou Meiqin, in particular, has a well-kept body and is more lively than those passive little girls.

“There’s nothing to see!” When she realized what he meant, Zhou Meiqin shivered with rage.

“Mrs. Li, it’s a one-night stand for the next hundred days. Even though we are not real couples, we can be considered a glistening couple for one night…” Wang Weidong appeared to be smiling, yet his statements were frivolous and without remorse.

“Wang Weidong, you’d better catch that stinky girl soon, or it won’t do us any good!” Zhou Meiqin felt sick, but because Mu Weiwei had not been found, she had no choice but to endure and continue negotiating with him.

“What do you have to be afraid of? Even if the Li family finds out, aren’t you better off with me than with Li Jiacheng?” Wang Weidong’s words were nonetheless scathing.

“Wang Dong, do you think you can still hang out in Tiansheng if your wife and father-in-law know about these good things about you?” Zhou Meiqin gritted her teeth and said, “If I have a hard time, don’t think about where it will be.”

Wang Weidong had no choice but to hold back after learning that she had exposed his weakness.

He was able to hold this job in Tiansheng solely because he married the boss’s daughter. If things worsened, his good days would be over.

“It’s strange. I found a couple of people to help me find that little b*tch, but They didn’t say anything if they didn’t. The people who sent it either resigned or vanished.” Wang Weidong paused for a moment before asking, “That little b*tch doesn’t have any backing, does she?”

“What type of backer can she get? Mu Longsheng and Mu Yao are no longer with us. So who could be her backer? The person you found is far too inept. Even a teen girl is impossible to capture.” Zhou Meiqin couldn’t wait to pull Mu Weiwei out after the humiliation she had undergone that night.

Wang Weidong, hearing her skepticism, replied in a respectful tone, “It’s complicated this time. The person I’m seeking will not be able to track down a teenage girl in the imperial capital. Someone must discreetly assist her because those people will not leave the money. And one by one, they left the imperial capital.”

“It’s impossible. What other backup can she have?” Zhou Meiqin pondered it, but she couldn’t think of anyone who could assist Gu Weiwei.

Mu Weiwei, who had conspired against them in the hotel the last time, didn’t appear like the ignorant little girl she had grown up observing.

She still has the photo from that day in her hand, and if she doesn’t find her and get the picture, she will not be at ease for a day.

No matter how much time and effort she has spent to achieve today’s status and achievements, she cannot be destroyed just because of that stinky girl.

“Those who give up and leave without saying anything. It is clear that the opposing party is a powerful person. So don’t let me provoke someone who shouldn’t be provoked because of this stupid thing…” Wang Weidong said coldly warned.

 Although she has a female charm, he is not stupid. It’s difficult not to catch a little girl with the people he sent out.

As a result, there must be some force blocking it.

“She is a teenage girl, and if she could have found any backing, she would have come out like this to vent her rage.” When someone knocked on the door, Zhou Meiqin lowered her voice and said, “Find someone you can rely on. Go ahead and do it. I’ll pay for it if it’s a big deal.”

This stinky girl had humiliated her so much that she couldn’t let her go so easily.

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