Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 65


Chapter 65

The three-day mock exam at Yingcheng High School is officially over.

Fu Hanzheng’s call rang as soon as Gu Weiwei exited the classroom and turned on her phone.

She looked around and picked it up when she went to a place with a few people. “Mr. Fu, is there anything?”

“Is the exam over?”


“When do you get home?”

“I need to prepare for the art exam, which may be late.” Gu Weiwei replied.

To be honest, she didn’t want to see him all that much, and the last time he returned for a meal, she almost fell into a trance.

“Well, I’ll see you later tonight.” After Fu Hanzheng finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Will you be there tonight?

 Gu Weiwei had the urge to drop her phone. The mud horse doesn’t come here often. However, he’s come here twice in the last three days, making her feel like she’s living with him.


Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian approached her and walked on opposite sides.

“In the dance class, I am familiar with the teacher and my classmates. I’ve already introduced you to them.

“Well, here is the dance attire and shoes for you,” Luo Qianqian said as she handed her a paper bag.

“Thank you very much. You two are lovely little padded jackets.” Her words were earnest as she stared at the two people walking left and right.

The Film Academy’s art exam would be held soon, and the exam subjects would include vocal lines and dance.

She was going to audition for a movie after the art exam. Because it was a martial arts film, there had to be a lot of martial arts scenes.

She needs time to move her muscles and bones to be in the peak condition for exams and auditions.

Because the apartment generally does leg presses and there isn’t enough space to practice big movements, she can only practice with her friends in the dancing class.

Ji Cheng: “I’m still waiting for you to take the God Movie title and become a big star in the future, so let me hug your thigh.”

Ji Cheng was angry when she saw Zhou Linna’s poster hanging on the wall not far away.

“The last time she played the piano, she was no match for you. She even signed with a record company. I heard that she was going to make new music. How blind are those people?”

“It doesn’t matter if others are blind or not. The most important thing is that you prepare for the exam yourself.” Gu Weiwei said and went into the dressing room next to the dance classroom to change into practice dance clothes and shoes.

The dance class was practicing the fundamentals of ballet, which she was skilled at, so they practiced together.

Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian were reading books in the classroom corner to review their homework while waiting for her.

Most of the students in the dance class were familiar with Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian and were friendly to her. They began speaking after they practiced together.

Everyone was focused on practicing the dance in preparation for the art exam. The vice-principal and music teacher, Ye Mei, brought Zhou Linna over.

“Teacher Liu, Linna’s new song MV will be filmed at school. We need a few backup dancers. Can you ask your students to rehearse? After all, it’s a good opportunity.”

 “Principal, the art exam is next month, and everyone doesn’t have enough time to practice. So who has time to take care of whether you shoot the MV or not?”

A girl who didn’t like Zhou Linna refused angrily when asked to dance.

Zhou Linna entered the classroom wearing an elegant pink and purple gown with long hair scarves, saying, “It’s not for you to come for nothing, and after the MV is broadcast, it will be beneficial for you, isn’t it?”

A few fans of Zhu Xiaoqin and Zhou Linnaji noticed that they were offered such an excellent opportunity to participate in the MV, but they didn’t do it and couldn’t help but express their disappointment.

“We let you dance with Linna. This is your moment to show your face. Don’t be so oblivious.”

“When Linna’s new song is released, you guys will become well-known.”

“Haha. The surname is Zhou. Did you forget the fear of being overpowered by “Demon Fire” so soon? Weiwei is also here. Why don’t you continue to finish the unfinished piece from last time?” Ji Cheng closed the book, stood up, and moved in front of Zhou Linna and the others.

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