Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 348

Chapter 348

Then his face turns into an unhealthy light powder.

Xi Ying noticed something was wrong with Lu Zijin right away.

“What’s the matter, Lu Zijin? Are you going to pass out? Why didn’t you tell me you were hungry sooner?,” Xi Ying rushed over to him and pinched him.

Xi Ying said this on purpose to give her a reason to help Lu Zijin.

Of all, she couldn’t imagine Lu Zijin suddenly being this way because he was hungry.

Lu Zijin collapsed on the sofa and tightly closed his eyes.

His gorgeous brows were furrowed, and cold sweat trickled from his brows.

Then his entire body quivered uncontrollably.

The constant air conditioner was clearly running in the room, but his body temperature gradually rose.

“Lu Zijin? Lu Zijin!” Xi Ying pressed his acupuncture point, but it was ineffective. His physical condition did not improve, and he appeared to be deteriorating.

Lu Zijin seems to have lost consciousness as well. While his entire body trembled, he looked to be mumbling something in a low voice.

Chinese medicine data is stored in the databases of all mechanical girls. When Xi Ying realized it wasn’t working and Lu Zijin was in a coma, she placed her finger on Lu Zijin’s pulse.

Thankfully, everything is normal, although his heart rate is a little faster!

Xi Ying felt relieved after finding nothing wrong with Lu Zijin’s body.

Lu Zijin’s voice gradually became louder at this point.

And Xi Ying could tell by his tone that he was nervous.


What did he dream about that made him anxious?

Xi Ying was curious but also concerned, and she leaned in to listen.

“No… No, don’t drink that glass of water!”

“Mom, no, no dad, no dad…”


Lu Zijin opened his eyes abruptly after a shrill shriek.

In a moment, a look of hatred and pain flashed across his black eyes.

But the eyes flashed too quickly for Xi Ying to comprehend the deeper meaning.

But she knew one thing.

Lu Zijin’s father passed away.

Lu Zijin’s face was pale, and cold sweat dripped down the arc of his profile like a dagger.

It adds a sensual touch to his attractive face.

“I…what did I say just now?

With some discomfort, he looked at Xi Ying, who was sitting beside him, and asked hesitantly for the first time.

He had a hazy recollection of what had just occurred.

It’s quite embarrassing.

“I didn’t see anything, but you are really handsome now.” Xi Ying made a surrender gesture with her hands, then pretended to be infatuated with Lu Zijin’s face.

“Thank you,” Lu Zijin murmured, taking a long breath and stretching his lovely brows.

“Thank you.” Xi Ying stood up from the sofa and said, as a matter of course: “For my face control, you who have perfect skin, don’t need to thank me.”

Lu Zijin: “…”

It’s like you don’t have it yourself.

“All right, let’s go. This afternoon, we must go shopping without leaving a piece of armour!” Xi Ying rubbed her hands expectantly.

With her back to Lu Zijin, Xi Ying made an exaggerated motion. Lu Zijin, who was no longer sweating outside, gazed at her with a small smile on his lips.

He knew that Bing Ning had seen everything.

However, Bing Ning said nothing.

Bing Ning appears to be a carefree girl who only knows how to look at his face on the surface, but in reality, she is a kind and good girl with a delicate heart and has a good understanding of caring for people.

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