Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 349

Chapter 349

Unlike him.

Lu Zijin’s smile faded as he lowered his gaze and stared at his hands.

Unlike him, who witnessed his parents’ deaths but was powerless to intervene;

Unlike him, after the death of his parents, he was so confused that the company was unknowingly hollowed out by others.

Unlike him, who fell into a trap dug by others, lost everything, lacked the strength to confront it again, and became a wanderer for five years.

He spent five years in the ostrich posture.

Bury his head in the sand, cover his ears, and steal the bell, thinking he’ll be relieved if he doesn’t pay attention.

There will be no revenge for his parents, nor will the company be won back.

Be willing to be a wanderer who doesn’t seem to care about the world but suffers psychological torture and torture every night.

People like him deserve it; they’re garbage.

How could someone like him be deserving of such a sweet and lovely Bing Ning?


Although he knows he is unworthy, he secretly adored her, and it’s always acceptable, right?

Lu Zijin’s eyes gradually flashed with light as he reflected on this.

He averted his gaze from the vivacious woman.

[Reporting to the host, Lu Zijin’s favorability for you has reached 50%!]

[Host host, the favorability rating has reached 50%. Do you want to go up and kiss him?] Xiao Yiyi snickered and asked.

“I noticed that you now seem quite enthused about this type of thing. Did you watch something inappropriate for children while I was sleeping?” Xi Ying asked with her eyes slightly dropped.

Every time she returned to the Lord God’s space, she got twenty-four hours of rest.

She never asked about what Xiao Yiyi did when she was sleeping.


So, if Xiao Yiyi saw some bashful adult ***** while she was asleep, she had no idea.

[Cough! What are you talking about, host? I really don’t understand what you mean!

Didn’t you mention that when his favorability reaches 50%, you’ll be able to tell if Lu Zijin was a lover in a previous life? You’ve thrown the pot at me once again! I won’t bother you again, hump!]

Xiao Yiyi said 300 silver taels are not hidden here. 1

However, Xiao Yiyi is a robot, and there is no such thing as mental health for robots. Even if she just reads it, it will not affect her system.

Xi Ying turned around, picked up Lu Zijin, who was still seated on the sofa and walked out, ignoring Xiao Yiyi.


The plaza they visited today was not the same as the one they visited last night, but it was as famous as the plaza last night.

They are all shopping malls in N City, where top luxury brands with stellar reputations and amazing reviews congregate.

The entire time, Lu Zijin’s face remained expressionless, whereas Xi Ying’s expression was always delighted.

The expressions of the two were in stark contrast.

Not a single person who passed by turned around to look at them.

Not a single passerby who passed by them did not turn around to look at them.

Some people assume they are celebrities!

Believe it or not, some people wish to take photos with them!

“Can you not put on a stinky face all the time? This will give me the impression that you are unwilling to accompany me shopping.” Xi Ying mumbled as she caught sight of Lu Zijin’s expressionless face.

Lu Zijin: “…”

He doesn’t want to go out at first.

His expression changed from awkward to shy.

He still likes to be in a quiet room with Bing Ning, sits closer, and discuss C language issues.

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  1. 300 silver taels not hidden here (idiom) = to reveal what one intends to hide.

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