Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 350

Chapter 350

Let the ambiguous factor spread slowly in a limited space as if he could see small pink bubbles in the air.

That picture, that atmosphere is what he wanted…

Xi Ying had already walked to the next store on her own, while Lu Zijin was slightly bewildered.

She had already changed into different clothing.

It was no longer a plain white cotton dress, but rather a sunflower skirt with suspenders.

The sort that extends above the knee.

This slip dress wonderfully complimented her physique.

The creamy skin is shockingly white, as is the delicate and lovely collarbone, the slim and tender arms, and the just-right front, convex, back, and warped.

Xi Ying’s entire body made onlookers want to hold their breath.

It’s breathtaking.

She returned her gaze to Lu Zijin.

He was initially dressed in the casual clothing she bought the night before, but Xi Ying felt that his clothes did not complement her sunflower suspender dress, so she purchased another one for him.

The top is a cotton T-shirt with a sunflower design, and the bottom is a pair of plain solid-color beach pants.

They both wore outfits in the same style series.

Lu Zijin’s skin was fair compared to Xi Ying’s creamy flesh but not excessive.

But he’s also whiter than most men!

It’s no surprise that several men rolled their eyes at him many times as they passed by, whispering, “little white face.”

They said it on purpose to Lu Zijin, and the volume was just loud enough for him to hear.

Not only are women envious, jealous, and cruel, but some males are equally so.

Lu Zijin was unconcerned in this regard.

He didn’t care about the homeless man’s name, let alone a small white face.

What’s the lethality?

Xi Ying exited the last store two hours later.

She was relaxed and smiling, but Lu Zijin, who was following her, became a coolie.

Lu Zijin’s two hands were full of paper bags containing clothes purchased by Xi Ying.

However, despite its size, it is not particularly heavy.

Lu Zijin has only read and exercised for the past five years.

As a result, carrying the paper bag with the light clothes is a piece of cake for him.

“Yo, did I read it right? Isn’t this our young master Lu? I haven’t seen him for several years, and he’s been a small worker?”

A slightly harsh and coquettish voice spoke in Xi Ying’s ear.

Xi Ying turned around, following the source of the sound.

At the same time, she noticed Lu Zijin stopped and standing still.

She returned her gaze after crossing Lu Zijin.

Two people stood in front of a well-known store.

According to the clothing brands they wear and the prices of the bags they carry, they are two wealthy second generations.

And it’s the second generation of super-rich people.

[Host host! The woman in the blue dress is Liang Kaiyin!]

Xiao Yiyi quickly reminded her.

When Xi Ying heard this name, she had a mischievous grin in her eyes.

Her first meeting with Liang Kaiyin took place under such circumstances.

Furthermore, Liang Kaiyin should not recognize her now.

It was the woman next to Liang Kaiyin who talked, not Liang Kaiyin herself.

She was dressed in a bright red short skirt and platinum high heels.

A large wave of black hair was curled and lifted to the right shoulder.

Her appearance is not spectacular, but she is above ordinary, and she can be considered a small beauty when placed in a crowd.

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