The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 50.1

Xu Qiu had already shortened the duration for the first round to 5 minutes due to the cubs’ talents, but according to Hua Lan’s gameplay, 5 minutes was enough to lift all the sweet potatoes from these 8 fields.

Of course, this is a good thing, but the ability to defy the sky entirely disrupts the balance and has a negative impact on the game’s enjoyment.

Xu Qiu made a pause gesture to the robot assistant acting as the referee, who quickly blew the whistle and forced the game to a halt.

“I think this is too much. Hua Lan has so many vines, and everyone only has two hands, and he alone can reach many of us.”

“But you can’t blame me for that.”

Hua Lan was wronged. Even though he has many vines, it is quite tough to manipulate the vines to accomplish more detailed things together.

It’s like discovering sweet potato vines and then removing them so he can accomplish the job quickly and use his brain to control it.

The cubs of Hua Lan’s team have now reacted and expressed their support for Hua Lan.

I simply stated before the game that I could not injure others, and I didn’t say that I couldn’t use my own abilities. Besides, this is not Hua Lan’s special ability.”

“Do you believe you’ll lose, so you let Hua Lan retire?

For the first time, Xu Qiu discovered the little bat’s eloquence.

The cubs are considerably more energetic and outgoing now than when she first came to the kindergarten.

They have learned more vocabulary since they took language classes, and they sometimes speak in a certain way, with a little mouth that can speak better than Xu Qiu.

However, the other cubs have their own reasons: “But, with his rate of play, what will we do next in the game? And the game’s three events are all held by the same person, so what’s the problem?”

They had planned to pluck sweet potatoes all morning, but they have now forcibly shortened the period, displeasing the other cubs.

How can one sacrifice another for one’s happiness?

“Then you shouldn’t sacrifice me for other people!”

Xu Qiu didn’t frequently tell general facts, so the cubs had to stand up and say no when confronted with things that made them uncomfortable.

 “Hua Lan is right. A person’s experience and everyone’s happiness are very important. In this kind of thing, we can’t bully the minority.”

Sometimes, sacrificing the interests of a small number of people to benefit the development of the majority of people is a serious big-picture approach.

On the other hand, Xu Qiu values every cub in kindergarten.

Xu Qiu likes fluffy things, but she has always tried to separate her feelings from them and treat all cubs the same.

 “That’s good.”

 “I have two plans on my side.”

Xu Qiu said, “There are rules for the game. For example, the contestants can only use two hands or two vines.”

Hua Lan showed an aggrieved expression.

Xu Qiu continued, saying: “There is a backup plan. Hua Lan and I have withdrawn from this competition, leaving 5 people on each side.

Hua Lan’s withdrawal from the tournament does not preclude him from attending the event.

“Hua Lan, I have a very important and difficult task for you.”

In a serious tone, Xu Qiu stated: “Because you are far too expert. As a result, I believe you should be the referee rather than the contestant in this game. What are your thoughts?”

She asserted: “And this is a very important vacant position, and I don’t believe there is a more appropriate presenter than you. The presenter must avoid suspicion and cannot give himself rewards.”

This is because they are too good, and they can only stand on the podium to present awards.

Hua Lan, who had been praised in this way, twisted his vine. What more could he say if the principal said so?

“I’m going to take the initiative and decide to retire.”

It’s not because of the other kindergarten cubs’ ideas, but because the principal’s speech is so sweet.

He is an amazing vine, a vine of dedication.

However, the plan offered by Xu Qiu sparked outrage among certain cubs, particularly those on the blue team.

The little fox was indignant: “This is not fair. Why can’t the principal participants in the competition?”

The cubs from Xu Qiu’s group were eventually drawn by lot, expressing their displeasure.

The two teams were split into one adult and five cubs, which worked perfectly.

Now that Xu Qiu has left, the adult Jin Xingxing remains on the other side of the team.

Even though Jin Xingxing is the little fox’s mother, there is no mother-daughter relationship in the game.

 “That’s right.”

This time, Bai Sa nodded in agreement.

Xu Qiu’s stance is unwavering: “The position of a referee is also very important. If everyone wants to compete, there must be some people who will do the things that everyone does not want to do.”

This is a big duty. Who wouldn’t want to be a salted fish, lying there every day, knowing that someone else is ready to eat and wear him if he just opens his mouth and waits for others to feed him?

On the other hand, hard work constantly requires the help of others.

The kindergarten cubs were not originally Xu Qiu’s responsibility, and there would be no difficulty if they were properly fed and did not do these so-called superfluous things.

On the other hand, Xu Qiu continued to work unpaid “part-time jobs” and persisted in doing so.

“This is my choice, and I hope everyone will respect it.”

Of course, if the principal says so, the cubs have no other opinion.

Xu Qiu went aside after temporarily changing the competition system and called Bai Sa first: “The captain of the blue team, I will give it to you now. You can do it well, right?”

“I think everyone in our team is really good,” Xu Qiu stated, “and they will not declare that after leaving me, they will become mindless, surrender and concede defeat at the same time, and be cowards who run.”

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