The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 50.2

“I think everyone in our team is really good,” Xu Qiu stated, “and they will not declare that after leaving me, they will become mindless, surrender and concede defeat at the same time, and be cowards who run.”

“We are not afraid!”

“I know you aren’t, but others aren’t aware. Because everyone only concerned with the outcome, the result is sometimes more significant than the process.”

In the game, regardless of how hard you work. You do not win if you do not win. Xu Qiu does not run or make excuses.

Bai Sa, as a cat, does not want to accept responsibility at all, and he dislikes taking responsibility.

But when he saw Xu Qiu’s earnest gaze, his head swung out of control, and he nodded seriously. He will be an excellent commander and will not disappoint Xu Qiu.

When she saw Bai Sa nodding earnestly, Xu Qiu bent down and came close to the white-haired cat’s ear, then whispered to him many of her previous strategies: “This and that and that, you remember…”

“Have you memorised all these words?” Xu Qiu asked Bai Sa when she finished speaking.

Bai Sa nodded, showing that he was aware of it.

“That’s great, that’s great; I have confidence in you. I am confident that you will win.”

Xu Qiu blew the whistle once more: “Game on!”

In the first round, Xu Qiu limited all the cubs’ special abilities and worked hard to guarantee that both sides had half a pound of strength. In the end, the blue team won.

“It’s one, two, three…”

Hua Lan was fatigued after counting the large pail of sweet potatoes. He felt a wave of relief as soon as he completed counting.

The second and third rounds are all individual competitions based primarily on chance.

This kind of activity that seems to depend on luck, in the end, did not fall into the same hands.

The reward for the largest sweet potato size was won by members of the red team, while the prize for the largest number was finally won by Bai Sa of the blue team.

In the second round, it was none other than the unpopular aquatic cub, You Yu, who took home the prize.

The other party didn’t dig out many sweet potatoes, but she pulled out large chunks of sweet potatoes with amazing accuracy, and except for the small ones brought out by the attached vines, the sweet potatoes in You Yu’s hands were all gigantic.

Under the envious eyes of others, the cub bragged about her successful experience: “I used the sound to identify the position and find the biggest sweet potato…”

This competition’s prize was a medal, as well as a notebook and a pen.

After the game in the morning, they will have a normal lunch at noon, and we will begin eating 100 sweet potatoes in the afternoon.

“Everyone, go clear up the fallen leaves, pile them up, and pick out your favourite sweet potatoes. We’re going to roast sweet potatoes today!” Xu Qiu whistled, her voice slightly thrilled.

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