The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 47.1

Although it appears that Jing Yuan and Chen Tanliang are continually at odds, Jiang Shining feels relieved.

Boys arguing is also considered good. Nevertheless, what she fears most is that they will feel uncomfortable in their hearts, which will make things harder. If they continue to fight, they will soon become familiar with and accustomed to each other.

She was able to walk into the office with confidence.

The new album music video for the 4T group has already been shot, and a sample film has been sent to her office first.

The four children stood nervously in front of her. Zou Yu was also present but much more relaxed, smiling at them.

Jiang Shining viewed the new music video, the main theme of which is a youthful, innocent teenager. Four youngsters dressed in various cuts of white clothing sang in the dark as if producing light. There is also a scene in which the teenagers interact within the silky white yarn and one set under a starry sky.

Because there is a “she” in this song, a pure and beautiful imagination in the hearts of teenagers. Zou Yu’s first love-looking face is extremely integrated with the MV of the four boys, but the director knows that most of their audience is female, so Zou Yu’s role does not have an especially personal action with the four youths. She was like a hazy smoke and executing a solo dance after the intermission brought out all the indifferent and beautiful feelings in her body. Despite the lack of interaction, everyone will recognise her as the lovely emblem in the little boy’s heart.

Jiang Shining was quite happy after watching the entire song video.

“Your singing abilities have improved, and your breathing is much more stable,” Jiang Shining exclaimed, raising her head.” Excellent. I’m pleased to see how far you’ve come.”

Many artists, particularly young artists, grow impatient, pursuing fame and fortune at the expense of their basic talents and professional level. Such a red approach will do more harm than good unless a gold broker bundle exists.

The four children appear to be very stable now.

They all had shy smiles on their faces.

“We don’t simply look at who trained the artist.” The young man in charge of the dance commented cheerfully.

“We’ll get better and better under your and the manager’s supervision.” The captain was the more steady of the two.

Jiang Shining gave a nod. “It’s hard, and I’m going to give you two days off. Go visit your parents. Because you won’t be able to work this Monday till the new year.”

This is very unexpected for them. The fact that they could return home to visit their parents made them happier than any other reward. Artists are always on the go, and even if Jiang Shining isn’t an overbearing boss, the four boys don’t have time to go home. As a result, they frequently live together.

The end of the year is also the busiest period for celebrities, who are involved in a variety of events.

The four puppies cheerfully left, leaving Zou Yu on the sidelines. Jiang Shining’s countenance softened as she glanced at her.

“Are you still adjusting to life in this world?”

“This environment is fairly comparable to my own world, and now I don’t feel so homesick,” Zou Yu said with a smile and a nod. ” Everything appears to be in order, and it’s only expected to begin the mission shortly.”

Jiang Shining chuckled.

“I know you’re worried, but the celebrity show will have to start filming after the year, and this is also to push you so that when the MV airs, you’ll be ready and think about what type of persona you should show.”

Zou Yu took detailed notes on her suggestions.

She considered herself fortunate because not all book fixers would meet seniors and help them. Even if they meet their seniors, some of those who finished the work will be hostile to the newcomers and refuse to assist them.

Zou Yu was moved in the same way as Jiang Shining, her senior had been.

Jiang Shining asked her to return home and rest. When she took the documents out of the drawer to examine them, she overheard Zou Yu mutter softly, “Senior… is it a happy feeling whenever the duty is completed?”

Jiang Shining grinned as she raised her head.

“Yes, that’s why you have to work harder so that you can start afresh.”

The book fixer’s soul will vanish into thin air if the task fails. The Authority is not a charitable organisation, and its requirements are cold and uncompromising.

It may be argued that the book fixer is labouring hard for a new life and trying to live. Only those who are tenacious and unwilling to die will be granted such a chance.”

“Don’t be afraid,” Jiang Shining advised. “If you don’t want to die, you should try your best.”

“Would something happen if I fell in love with a target character, then?”

Jiang Shining pondered it, “Your goal now appears to be more easy-going. Perhaps it’s conceivable to look for a male lead you’ll like. But it’s wise to avoid doing so.”

“And how about you?” Zou Yu asked.

Jiang Shining was taken aback.

Five guys, five worlds.

Those words were always filled with magnificent and wonderful vistas that her real-world lacked.

When certain beautiful times came along, she would forget who she was and just enjoy them, savouring the beauty.

At times, she even believed that this exquisite love was real and belonged to her. She returned to reality and regained her sanity after waking up from the dream.

Jiang Shining is the best book fixer, not because each of her worlds is the most difficult, but because her resilience, composure, and completion rate are always the best.

She will also be distracted for a brief period, but this will be due to a slip in concentration. “There will be enjoyable moments during missions, and it’s enough to live in the moment.”

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