The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 47.2

“Is there a particular man you despise?”

 “Yes, the one from the apocalyptic times. Our guideline is not to go against the rules of the world,” Jiang Shining stated. “The apocalyptic rules are that there are no rules.”

That man is her character’s husband, and he is a particularly devious and repulsive individual. According to the book, he pitted hundreds of individuals who were slaughtered at the end so that when he fled for his life, those innocent people were obliterated. After she adopted Guoguo, he actually had an impulse on the child- Guoguo was still hairy at that time!

As a result, Jiang Shining shot him to death following the laws of the universe.

Her mission is to make the world a better place, and it is unquestionably a better place without one of these people.

Before the robot indicated that the character who was not a disgusting person would be given a second opportunity, this guy most likely had no chance of reincarnation.

It brings her joy to recall that process.

Jiang Shining was in a happy mood after dismissing Zou Yu. Because of the appearance of her son and daughter, she was constantly in a good mood.

There was nothing going on in the afternoon. After some thought, Jiang Shining called Chen Ruozhi.

“Ruozhi, do you want to come out with me and go shopping?”

Jiang Shining was delighted that her eldest daughter had returned. She was unable to take her sons out, but Chen Ruozhi was able to!

Chen Ruozhi was happy, too, and the two agreed to meet on the city’s main commercial street.

Jiang Shining took off her sunglasses and hummed a song as she left the company and drove to the city centre.

They agreed to meet at a cafe. Jiang Shining stopped the car and stepped out of the parking lot as a gust of wind blew over her – she changed her physique on her own, so she came out wearing only a jacket and boots. Not quite as cold.

When she walked into the cafe, she noticed that the atmosphere was very high throughout the establishment, and some teenage people were still whispering.

The cafe has two floors, and several little girls and cats are snapping pictures on the stairs with their phones.

Jiang Shining:…Why did she get a bad premonition all of a sudden?

Jiang Shining’s eyes widened as she noticed people squeezing past the steps and ascending to the second floor.

She had just booked an appointment with Chen Ruozhi, but it was clear that she was being followed.

Two young men sat on the second floor’s glass sets. The one on the left was dressed in black and had chilly, faraway dark eyes. The person on the right is dressed in a dark grey turtleneck sweater, black slacks, and boots. He appears to be pretty ordinary, yet the corners of his eyes are slightly lifted, and when he is expressionless, he appears icy and threatening.

The men were facing each other evenly. There didn’t appear to be many people on the second floor discreetly photographing them.

So handsome, and two different styles, but the same attractive.

Jiang Shining remained silent for a moment before sweeping across the second floor and noticing Chen Ruozhi sitting by the stage, sipping hot drinks as if she didn’t recognise them.

Through the crowd, the mother and daughter exchanged heartfelt glances.

She made silent eye contact.

Go away and leave them alone.

Chen Ruozhi stood up. Despite the distance, Chen Tanliang felt his sister’s movements. He cast a sidelong glance at her and noticed Jiang Shining nearby. Jing Yuan followed him as soon as he turned his head. So the two hot males, who were still cold, suddenly smiled at Jiang Shining.

The female visitors at the stairwell all gasped.

Jiang Shining’s head began to hurt, and it is estimated that both of them will be on the hot search tomorrow. When Chen Ruozhi arrived, Jiang Shining grabbed her and led her downstairs to avoid colliding with people.

Jing Yuan received a call from Jiang Shining just as the two were about to leave.

“You will die if you dare to move.”

Jing Yuan and Chen Tanliang both recognised the threat in the remarks.

The two of them froze.

Oops, they seem to make mother unhappy.

Jiang Shining contacted her secretary again after hanging up the phone.

“Let the department search the Internet, particularly V blog, for terms related to xx commercial street in P city, ww café. If there are two men’s street photography or a blog, they will be suppressed.”

 “Okay, President Jiang.” Despite being perplexed, the secretary said.

Jiang Shining hung up the phone and met Chen Ruozhi’s sympathetic gaze.

“Being a public figure is quite difficult.”

Jiang Shining actually felt a twinge of regret. She could be freer now if she hadn’t appeared in public at the time. But she had to show her face, or these kids wouldn’t be able to find her at all.

“How come the two of them follow you?” Jiang Shining frowned.

 “My brother wanted to send me here, but when Jing Yuan saw it, he came together.” Chen Ruozhi said helplessly, “The relationship between the two of them is incompatible.”

Jiang Shining wrote them a message to let them stay together. After five minutes, she ignored it, put away her phone, and dragged Chen Ruozhi into the mall.

 “Don’t care about them. Let’s go shopping for our own.”

On the other side, the two sons remained silent while holding their cellphones.

The two of them find out later that they were in trouble?

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