Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 66


Chapter 66

Zhou Linna threw a quick glance around the classroom as she heard Ji Cheng mention the song “Demon Fire,” which had almost brought her disgrace.

A hint of hatred came over her eyes when she observed Mu Weiwei pushing her legs.

Zhu Xiaoqin scoffed bitterly as she listened to Ji Cheng’s provocative words, “Linna was in a hurry to go to the radio station that day to do a show, but it’s not that she couldn’t play, what’s there to be proud of?”

“All right, you were in a rush that day, but you are not in a hurry today. It’s over.” Ji Cheng stood immediately in front of Zhou Linna, arms folded, and added provocatively, “Then you can pop it out and show us to prove that you can’t play it.”

She was so frightened that her hands were shaking like convulsions, but she kept a straight face and said she was in a rush because of the show, not because she couldn’t play.

After hearing this, Ye Mei, the music teacher, quickly shifted the subject, saying, “Okay, today Linna is here to look for some MV backing dance. Linna invited her Imperial Ballet cousin to teach you the rehearsal. This is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you.”

Linna has been playing “Demon Fire” at home every day, but such a demanding, super-technical etude cannot be played with her current strength.

The vice-principal told them, “Recently, the classroom of the dancing class could be used for rehearsal and filming. You can rehearse and participate in the MV if you join in. This is a great opportunity.”

“Requisition the classroom?” Looking at a class of students, Teacher Liu said.

“They have the exam next month, and there isn’t much time for practice. Where can they practice if you take over the classroom?”

“Go home and practice if you don’t want to stay for rehearsal.” Standing near Zhou Linna, Zhu Xiaoqin exclaimed proudly.

Linna is now the pride of Yingcheng High School, and everything revolves around her wishes.

“This is the dance class’s classroom, not the music class’s, let alone your Zhou Linna’s house.

Ji Cheng was enraged as she glanced at the principal and teachers, who treated Zhou Linna like the eldest lady.

“If you have the talent, you can also sign with a record label like Linna. What do you do when you lack the ability?”

Of course, being Zhou Linna’s best friend, Zhu Xiaoqin went to great lengths to protect her.

Students in the dance class were furious. They had studied for two or three years for the art exam coming up next month. They had to give her a spot now, and there was no place to practice at such a critical time.

“Zheng Yuan, my cousin, is an Imperial Ballet level.

“This type of chance is rare for everyone,” Zhou Linna said proudly, looking around the dance class.

The new song’s melody is about dreams. She needs the help of a group of young dance students to accompany her while she plays and sings. Modern dance and ballet are the best choices because they are both graceful and energetic.

According to the company, they can select students from the school to focus on young dreams, and it can also be used as a promotional song for Yingcheng High School.

But these people are so oblivious that they refuse to even give them a chance.

A young woman with a clean and sweet appearance came into the classroom soon after she finished talking and saw Zhou Linna gesturing.


“Sister Yuanyuan, you’re here.” Zhou Linna hugged the visitor enthusiastically and proudly introduced her to the people in the classroom.

“This is Zheng Yuan, the soon-to-be-promoted Imperial Ballet dancer. Next month, she will study at the Imperial Ballet. She is specially invited to teach everyone in line dancing. Not everyone has the opportunity to be her student.”

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