Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 67


Chapter 67

Gu Weiwei remembered some not-so-good memories as she saw Zheng Yuan walk in.

Mu Weiwei’s cousin, Zheng Yuan, is the daughter of Li Jiacheng’s sister, Li Jiaqian, and she has been competitive since she was a child.

When she was a child, Mu Weiwei was a skilled musician and dancer, and she studied ballet with Zheng Yuan.

Mu Weiwei was highly confident of winning an important dance competition that year, but Zheng Yuan moved her hands and feet on Mu Weiwei’s dancing shoes before the competition, causing Mu Weiwei’s foot to be seriously hurt.

Zheng Yuan won the championship as she wished in that game, and as a result, she was accepted into the Imperial Ballet, where she currently studies.

 Ever since a young age, when Mu Weiwei had something good, she wanted it.

If you don’t give it to her, she’ll cause a commotion.

She doesn’t want Mu Weiwei to have it if she can’t obtain it.

She also snatched Wei Ziqi’s boyfriend, who was also Mu Weiwei’s friend.

Wei Ziqi left in grief and has been in touch with Mu Weiwei for several months.

“Can you teach us? Are you sure you have the ability?” Gu Weiwei asked coldly.

Zheng Yuan heard her words and saw her disdainful smirk. “At the very least, I am qualified to teach you.”

Mu Weiwei was gifted as a child, but she has not studied hard since she hurt her foot.

 She entered the top ballet company in China, and her strength has already crushed her ten streets.

“Mu Weiwei, if you’re not convinced, then it’s better to compete with Sister Yuanyuan. You haven’t studied ballet anyway,” Zhou Linna said.

 However, she knew too well that Mu Weiwei had studied ballet several years ago, and then she switched to learning folk dance and never learned ballet again.

 Zheng Yuan glanced proudly at Gu Weiwei and the students in the dance class.

“It’s like a professional bullying an amateur, and it’s not appropriate to discuss it.”

Ji Cheng clenched her teeth and responded, “Weiwei is a piano student. Why does she have to dance? You can compete with others on the piano if you have the ability to be a champion.”

 She is really embarrassed using her professional strengths to compare others’ weaknesses.

“Didn’t she just say that others don’t have the ability to teach her, and now you didn’t dare to compare?” Zhu Xiaoqin and a few brainless Zhou Linna fans laughed.

Gu Weiwei’s lips curved into a sneer. She had come to accept Mu Weiwei’s hatred back then.

 “Okay, let’s have a match.”

“Weiwei! You didn’t study this major, so it’s too much of a disadvantage to compare with her,” Luo Qianqian said as she approached, grabbed her, and whispered.

Of course, those who enter the Imperial Ballet can instantly proceed to the Emperor Ballet.

“It’s fine, I taught myself.” Gu Weiwei looked reassuringly at her and Ji Cheng.

Zhou Linna was surprised that she dared to agree.

“It’s your choice, Mu Weiwei. Don’t blame Sister Zheng Yuan for bullying you.”

“If you lose, you must leave this classroom.” Gu Weiwei said coldly.

“If you lose, come and be Linna’s temporary assistant for a month,” Zhu Xiaoqin replied.

The piano fight made her stand out the last time, and they couldn’t see it anymore.

Now that she has the opportunity to step on her, she can’t pass it up.

Ye Mei, a music teacher, witnessed the situation and had a more profound goal in her heart. “Since it’s a comparison, let’s vote online and see who has the most votes,” she added as she stood up.

Linna’s new single is about to come out, and this vote was exploited to produce a wave of popularity on the Internet. At the end of the competition, they can announce that the MV was choreographed by Zheng Yuan, the chief of the Imperial Ballet Dance.

In that case, the new MV will undoubtedly be well-received when it is released next month.

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