Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 351

Chapter 351

She seemed even more proud when she saw Lu Zijin stop.

She walked towards Lu Zijin with a “pat pat pat,” wearing high heels as high as fifteen cm.

“Young Master Lu, you haven’t seen me in a long time. Do you miss me?” Her tone was frivolous and disgusting.

Seeing the woman’s hand going to touch Lu Zijin’s shoulder, Xi Ying took three and two steps forward and slapped her hand rudely.

“Go away.”

Xi Ying’s eyes flashed with icy light, and her entire body was bursting with energy.

The monstrous aura can be revealed with a single phrase and crushed down on the woman’s body with the force of thunder.

The woman was startled by Xi Ying’s statements and took an unintentional step back.

Her face was a little stiff, and her eyes were wide with fear.

She seemed to see a majestic and powerful queen right now?

She shakes her head.

How is that possible? She must have been watching too many historical dramas lately.

“Ya’er, come back.” Liang Kaiyin, who observed the game from the sidelines, eventually spoke up.

The woman named Ya’er glared at Xi Ying unwillingly and returned to Liang Kaiyin’s side.

“Mr. Lu,” Liang Kaiyin expressed herself politely, “Long time no see. We haven’t spoken in five years because of what happened, and I didn’t expect to see you here.

Who is this person standing next to you? Will you not tell us about her?”

Liang Kaiyin’s eyes were filled with disdain and mockery, no matter how courteous her tone was.

“What do you want to know?” Xi Ying approached her with an evil look on her lips.

It made Liang Kaiyin’s heart full of jealousy, envy, and anger when she saw how Xi Ying looked.

Although Liang Kaiyin appears to be a first-class beauty, the gap between her and Xi Ying is not one or two points.

“I’m curious about your relationship with him. Or – who is he to you now?” Liang Kaiyin’s tone was unexpectedly sour.

Even the sour tone couldn’t mask the profound venom in this sentence.

What she meant was that she thought Lu Zijin was a little white face raised by Xi Ying.

Otherwise, with Lu Zijin’s current financial ability, how could he buy famous brand clothes and become so glamorous?

For the past five years, their family has been watching Lu Zijin, knowing that he has become a wanderer and has spent the day sleeping in a bridge hole.

This month, things became hectic, and she failed to pay attention. How could Lu Zijin reappear in such a short time?

How is it possible for the mud that has been lying on the ground for over five years to re-paste on the wall overnight?

“How come you answered before I finished speaking?” Xi Ying pretended to be astonished on purpose. “You seem to be well-dressed, but you are actually an uneducated person on the inside.”

“You!” When did Liang Kaiyin say that?

She has been praised for the past five years as the daughter of the chairman of Aotian Group, and practically everyone will show respect and happiness when they see her.

She also learned a lot of social etiquette behind others’ backs, so she always appeared down-to-earth in front of others.

Over time, everyone assumed Liang Kaiyin was a natural aristocrat and a natural little princess.

Now, Xi Ying’s attitude and words toward her reminded Liang Kaiyin of herself five years ago.

She was not the chairman’s daughter, but the daughter of a nouveau riche!

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