Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 352

Chapter 352

“Don’t think you can show off your stinky money in front of my young lady! Open your eyes and behold, my young lady, is the daughter of Aotian Group’s chairman!”

Ya’er arrogantly revealed Liang Kaiyin’s identity.

In her mind, if Xi Ying learned of Liang Kaiyin’s identity, she would immediately bow and lick, as most people do.

After all, the Aotian Group is China’s most powerful financial group.

The head of the Aotian Group is the country’s richest man.

In other words, Liang Kaiyin is the daughter of the country’s richest man.

Xi Ying noticed Lu Zijin’s body trembling slightly as Ya’er pronounced the words “Aotian Group.”

She discovered it since she was a mechanical girl.

Her eyes appear to be human, but they are two lenses with cutting-edge technology.

She can detect even the smallest movement in her line of vision.

Xi Ying guessed, noticing Lu Zijin’s trembling.

Is the death of Lu Zijin’s father connected to the “Aotian Group”?

Is it connected to Liang Kaiyin and the woman named Ya’er?

“Hey! I’m talking to you! Why don’t you answer me? Could it be that this is what you call upbringing?”

Ya’er called Xi Ying’s twice.

“In general, my upbringing is geared toward humans.” Xi Ying responded sharply.

She scolded Ya’er calmly.

“Miss! Look at how she scolds me! You must help me!” Ya’er was stunned to tears by Xi Ying, pulling Liang Kaiyin’s arm and shaking.

This pitiful little look—

It’s incredibly touching!

Xi Ying evilly hooked her lips.

She can judge now that this person named Ya’er, oh no, can’t call her a human being.


Mechanical girl.

[What… host, how does your brain grow? Why can you tell that she is a mechanical girl? I didn’t even see it!]

“What can you see with your pig brain alone? Oh, I forgot, you’ve been looking at indescribable things recently, and those things have probably filled up the little brain capacity you have.”

Xi Ying unceremoniously scolded Xiao Yiyi.

Xiao Yiyi: …

She closed her mouth quietly.

The host does not appear to be in a good mood right now, and there is a strong desire to scorn everyone.

She’d better keep her voice as quiet as a bird.

The reason why Xi Ying sees that Ya’er is the mechanical girl is because Ya’er’s attitude towards Liang Kaiyin is too respectful, and there is an element of deliberately trying to please her.

This is not the point. The point is Liang Kaiyin’s attitude towards Ya’er.

Reassuring, trustworthy, and not impatient.

They will not address each other as “Miss,” no matter how close they are.

No matter how good the relationship between servants is, the master will not dress the servants in the same clothes and carry the same brand-name bags.

As a result, Ya’er and Liang Kaiyin are neither friends nor servants in the normal sense.

After Liang Kaiyin had comforted Ya’er twice, she walked to Xi Ying.

She said nothing and reached out to slap Xi Ying.

There was no response, and Xi Ying’s eyes did not blink.

She waited for Lu Zijin to make a move.

Even if Lu Zijin did not make a move, she would not allow Liang Kaiyin’s slap to land on her face.

When Liang Kaiyin swung her arm into the air, she felt a force restrain her.

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