Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 353

Chapter 353

Looking along, she noticed that Lu Zijin had put all the paper bags down and was coldly gripping her arm.

He wouldn’t let her drop this slap.

“Lu Zijin?!” Liang Kaiyin was shocked.

Will this guy make a move?

How dare he make a move like that?

Lu Zijin threw her arm away harshly, as if he hadn’t heard Liang Kaiyin’s words or seen her emotions.

With the other hand, he reached into his jeans for a handkerchief and wiped the fingers that had just touched Liang Kaiyin’s arm.

He then dumped it into the garbage can with a disgusted face.

This sequence of events moved quickly and without interruption.

It was impossible to deny that he was being pretentious.

Ya’er rushed over when she saw this.

“Lu Zijin! You still despise my young lady! You are being raised by a rich woman now, so you dare be arrogant, aren’t you?

If you had this ruthlessness five years ago, your parents wouldn’t have…”

She said this and abruptly stopped.

The expression on Ya’er’s face changed.

She was punched hard the next second after she stared at Lu Zijin.

The punch was so strong that it knocked her to the ground.

Her nose was already bleeding when she looked up at Xi Ying.

The mechanical girl has artificial blood.

“You mean ruthless, is that so?” Xi Ying joked as she turned her right wrist and stared down at Ya’er, who had fallen to the ground.

When Ya’er noticed the red bloodstains, she burst into tears and wiped her nose with the back of her palm.

She didn’t scream because she was bleeding, let alone in pain, but because she couldn’t fight Xi Ying off.

She’s a mechanical girl, so she can’t take the initiative to hit humans.

She must follow the robot’s three rules.

In other words, Ya’er was utterly unaware that Xi Ying was a mechanical girl.

She considered Xi Ying to be a human being.

“Lu Zijin, you are very good!” Liang Kaiyin shouted angrily at Lu Zijin as she walked over to help Ya’er.

“Do you believe you have control over your life? Do you think you could have lived safely in the last five years if it weren’t for my father’s mercy and my father’s refusal to cut the grass and root?”

Liang Kaiyin said ruthlessly: “Do you think you can find a rich woman with three-legged cat skills and sleep well from now on?” Liang Kaiyin asked harshly. Don’t dream about Lu Zijin.”

Having stated that, her gaze rapidly went over Xi Ying’s body.

“And don’t think you can be unscrupulous with a bit of money and a little skill. As long as my father moves his fingers, I can drag your family’s business down.

You don’t have to tell me your name since I can find out the names of every single one of your ancestors, including your eighteenth generation.

Little girl, not only did you make a mistake in messing with me, but you also made a mistake in treating the grass of Lu Zijin as a treasure. ”

Liang Kaiyin felt she could blow up the heavens when she finished these sentences.

How can she say something so beautiful and arrogant?

She needs to be proud of herself.

On the other hand, Xi Ying answered with a mentally retarded look: “First, I’m not a rich woman. I’m still a little fairy under the age of eighteen.

Second, I earned my money on my own, not with the help of others, so there is no family business to put your father in danger.

Third, if you can’t figure out my name or the eighteenth generation of my ancestors, you can bow down and call me dad.

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