The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 51.1

Many leaves fell from the trees in the yard during the autumn and winter seasons. Xu Qiu didn’t mind because they were spread in a thick layer on the ground and looked golden.

They can sweep the leaves up, forming a dense hill in no time.

Xu Qiu piled the leaves and instructed the cubs to bury the sweet potatoes in them.

“Come on, Lily, let’s set this on fire.”

Xu Qiu must not waste the cubs’ abilities, so she will not prevent them from using them.

The little fox was thrilled that she could help. She took a step forward and opened her mouth to release a torrent of fire.

Lily dropped the tiny flames on the pile of leaves with a hula, and the dry leaves burned quickly when they came into contact with the fire, but because the pile of leaves was thick enough, it didn’t burn instantly.

Lily frowned after seeing this. She took a breath, and the flames flared up again.

The smoke from the burnt leaves was extremely suffocating.

“The fire shouldn’t be too big. Just let it burn slowly,” Xu Qiu said, as Lily wanted to make the flame bigger.

“Let’s get out of the way and let it burn slowly. Everyone can taste the roasted sweet potatoes after it’s ready.”

The cubs couldn’t help but want to poke their heads around the fire, and the hair on their faces had turned black from smoke and ashes.

Xu Qiu noticed the cubs’ small arms and hands were filthy with mud and dust.

“All right, everyone, follow Teacher Jin to the bathroom and wash your hands first.”

In fact, the cubs’ clothes were soiled during today’s event, but since they would eat roasted sweet potatoes later, maybe they wiped the ashes all over their bodies, but Xu Qiu let the cubs change their clothes after they finished eating.

Xu Qiu stayed after the cubs had gone. To avoid burning the sweet potatoes, she got a thicker branch and peeled off the leaves sticking to the sweet potato.

Because of the moisture from the sweet potato, only the upper part of the leaves burn.

When the cubs cleaned their hands and feet, their lovely faces turned white, and the original pile of leaves turned into a pile of black dust.

 The cubs looked at Xu Qiu curiously: “Is this edible?”

“Of course it is.”

Xu Qiu gently poked a big sweet potato with a branch. Very good, the skin is already soft.

She was very skillful at pulling out these big, grey men.

Because it was very hot, Xu Qiu put it aside for the wind to blow it up.

The cubs will be pretty hungry after exercising for so long. They were peering at the roasted sweet potato on the ground, asking, “When can we eat it?”

 “It’s hot now. Wait for the wind to cool before eating.”

 The weather is cold now, and the sweet potatoes are cooling down quickly, so don’t worry about it for a while.

 Lily’s claws were about to move: “I’m not afraid of scalding. I’ll eat it now.”

In this era, many humans cannot be transformed into another species without the fusing of powerful genes. This is regarded as a defective species.

 The principal is too delicate, with thin skin and tender meat, and she can’t touch the fire, but Lily is not afraid.

“The sweet potatoes that everyone buried together, of course, have to wait for everyone to eat them together,” Xu Qiu mercilessly patted the cub’s paws.

Sweet potatoes have a wonderful smell. It would be unfair if Lily ate it alone, with everyone watching her.

“How about I throw some water on it?” Zhu Niang said as he stood up.

When hot things were buried in cold water, they become cold.

For example, boiled unshelled eggs and freshly warm milk would be cold if buried in the cold water.

“This food won’t taste good if it gets wet,” Xu Qiu said while shaking her head.

“But if you want to help, you can use anything to fan the food. It will get cold quickly,” Xu Qiu replied, seeing that the cubs couldn’t wait any longer.

Yuan Jiu immediately stepped forward arrogantly this time. “Get out of the way. Let me come.”

When Yuan Jiu hovered over the sweet potatoes, his wings completely metalized, and he began flapping his wings and fanning the wind.

Sure enough, the wind picked up immediately, and even the dust on the ground was pushed up by it.

Because the roasted sweet potato was relatively heavy, it didn’t blow away, but it shifted position as it rolled around on the ground.

“Close your eyes.”

Xu Qiu hurriedly covered her mouth and nose with the handkerchief stuffed in her pocket.

But the time was too short, and the wind caught them off guard. Most of the ash was poured all over the cubs’ faces.

The main reason is that the ash is directly upwind, just like rain, and it is difficult to avoid it at high speed.

The small white cat transforms into a small grey cat, while the small red fox transforms into a small grey fox.

There were also violent tempers among the cubs, and Ding Ding and Dong Dong were furious: “What’s the matter with you? You’re suffocating people with ashes!”

“I’m sorry.”

The Dust Tornado Maker was clean. Seeing that he had made a mistake, he sincerely apologized.

“All right, Yuan Jiu didn’t do it on purpose, so let’s pick up the ash and use it as fertilizer for the fields.”

After cleaning the ground, the ashes-covered cubs went with Xu Qiu to temporarily rinse the dust off their bodies, leaving Yuan Jiu alone.

He stayed, slowly fanning the wind using his wings. Perhaps he knew he was wrong; he took the job seriously.

Xu Qiu tentatively touched the skin of the sweet potato with her fingertips after another toss: “The temperature has dropped. It should be ready to eat.”

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