The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 51.2

They must eat roasted sweet potatoes while still warm.

Xu Qiu picked one and showed it to the cubs.

She pulled off the slightly burned skin, revealing the golden sweet potato flesh within.

Initially, the roasted sweet potato gave off a faint scent. The overpowering aroma entered each cub’s nostrils instantly after Xu Qiu tore the skin off.

“It’s so fragrant.”

This sweet potato seems to be made specifically for roasting sweet potatoes, and the fire baked the skin with a slightly sticky honey color, and the aroma was appetizing.

Xu Qiu took a small bite considering the temperature, but she took another big bite when it was alright.

Seeing the cubs’ hungry faces, Xu Qiu devoured the sweet potato in her mouth.

She nodded to the cubs and replied positively, “Delicious.”

Yes, it’s pretty delicious. This sweet potato is far more delicious when roasted with the leaves than when roasted in the oven. Perhaps it’s due to her psychological effect. They have a distinct aroma of nature.

The sweet potato’s sweetness is also relatively high, and the flesh is incredibly delicate, with no dregs at all.

This type of sweetness is not greasy at all, and it makes people want to take a second taste after the first.

Each cub was given a sweet potato, which they peeled off perfectly with their hands and feet before taking a huge bite.

The cubs’ eyes brightened. Everyone likes sweets, but Xu Qiu doesn’t prepare them very frequently.

Desserts were originally akin to ingesting more sugar, and the cubs were prone to tooth decay if they overate.

But because the sweet potato is so large, it’s all sweet. These cubs can’t wait to lick and swallow the skin.

Because there were so many sweet potatoes were roasted, each cub received two.

The smaller Mu Zhi are divided into smaller ones.

But she wasn’t upset because there was already a lot for her, and Xu Qiu explained that the taste of roasted sweet potatoes changed when they were cold, and she couldn’t eat anymore.

 The cubs also asked Xu Qiu, “We don’t have any leaves anymore. How can we eat roasted sweet potatoes in the future?”

Although raw sweet potatoes are pretty sweet, they can’t be compared to roasted sweet potatoes.

“You can’t eat too many roasted sweet potatoes,” Xu Qiu said with a smile. “If you eat too much, you will suffer from excessive internal heat.”

After speaking of this, the mint leaves she planted had sprouted, and she purchased some wild honeysuckle chrysanthemums and would brew a pot of herbal tea for the cubs later.

 In life, you can’t just eat; you have to suffer.

“Besides, there are a lot of sweet potatoes. After everyone finished eating, go help me move these sweet potatoes to the pavilion and help me make sweet potato noodles tomorrow.”

There are so many sweet potatoes, and all the cubs cannot fit inside the kitchen at one time. But they can take them to the pavilion, and she can let the cub help with the work.


Because the next day was also a rest day, and while the cubs were enthralled with the new sweet potato plant, Xu Qiu decided to prepare a sweet potato feast.

In the morning, she cooked sweet potato porridge. First, she mixed the usual white rice, a little chopped sweet potato, and a pinch of rock sugar together.

For lunchtime, she steamed the fresh sweet potatoes in the steamer.

Originally, boiled sweet potatoes were the same, but she steamed them because there was no moisture and the sweetness will be higher.

She peeled the steamed sweet potatoes, mashed and mixed them with glutinous rice flour, covered them with raw egg, wrapped them in bread crumbs, placed them into a frying pan, and fried them into sweet potato balls, making the greedy cubs drool.

A portion of sweet potato was sliced into pieces, fried, and then coated with syrup to prepare shredded sweet potatoes,

Because there were too many sweet things, Xu Qiu served the cubs with a few pickles, including the spicy cabbage pickle and beans.

Xu Qiu also gave the cubs a small serving of soy milk.

She uses a stone mill instead of a soymilk maker.

Xu Qiu bought the blueprints from the system, and the robot brought the stones from the mountain. Then the robot held the long handle of the stone mill, and the result was all the same as the electric stone mill.

The thick soy milk flowed down the stone mill and was picked up and boiled by Xu Qiu.

Xu Qiu did not add sugar to the soy milk because sweet potatoes are already sweet.

The remaining bean dregs were ground very finely, with a bit of salt added, and fried into crispy and fragrant savory pancakes by Xu Qiu.

Xu Qiu also reasoned that the amount of stone grinding was large, so she would prepare some tofu for the cubs to eat.

It’s all delicious, and the cubs focus just on eating, saying nothing else.

The cubs had a perfect weekend, and then the workday was back.

As a result, some cubs were involved in an accident early Monday morning.

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