The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 48.1

Jiang Shining and Chen Ruozhi went shopping and bought a lot of stuff.

She discovered that Chen Ruozhi has a pure heart and few desires. Although her passion for reading is admirable, it is also necessary to dress nicely at such a young age.

After buying clothing for themselves, she also bought clothing for the three young masters at home. After all, each of them has a standard figure, so there is no need to try, so they let go and bought whatever style they liked.

Finally, they went shopping for jewelry and other such items.

When they returned to their senses, there were already thirty to forty large and small shopping bags. It can’t be helped; having many children costs too much money.

Although Jiang Shining can handle the total weight of these items on her own, there are far too many scattered bags to carry.

So she dialed Jing Yuan’s number.

Almost six hours had passed since the last call. So who let them go shopping and then forget about the time?


Chen Tanliang and Jing Yuan were so idle and afraid to leave, so the two of them were finally bored enough to go to a health tea house to drink tea and play poker.

When Jing Yuan got the phone call, he and Chen Tanliang played Go in the curl of smoke. This is an excellent form of enjoyment for both of them. People who lead armies to war and are somewhat educated enjoy playing Go because it requires thinking about the layout and strategizing.

Chen Tanliang, on the other hand, could not defeat Jing Yuan. Only at this point did he have an intuitive sense that Jing Yuan was indeed an ancient person on the inside.

For a long period, they only played two sets. Then, finally, it was time to play the third set after six hours. At first, the two were evenly matched, but later on, Jing Yuan’s approach was always unique and surprising, and it was the kind of risky chess play that was frantic not to live and die.

The more they engage, the more they notice how different their personalities are. Chen Tanliang won the second game by a close margin, but he obviously thought there was still a big difference between his level and Jing Yuan’s level.

When Jing Yuan’s cell phone rang in the third set, it appeared that Chen Tanliang would lose. However, Jing Yuan was having a nice time, so his first reaction to the ringing was to be angry, and then he stepped away from the world of Go.

“Mom,” he said honestly as he picked up the phone.

“Please meet us on the third level of Block C.”

“Even though it’s dark, be careful and don’t show your face,” Jiang Shining said.

 “Got it.”

Jing Yuan hung up the phone and gazed at the board, clearly not having fun.

He took out his phone and photographed the board before saying, “Let’s finish playing later.”

When Chen Tanliang looked at Jing Yuan, he was surprised to see such a side to him. This seemingly uncaring, mixed-up demon king had an obsessive hobby.

It was already dark when the two of them stepped out of the teahouse. Jing Yuan was wondering about how to hide his face in the dark. Does he need to wear sunglasses in the dark? He then felt Chen Tanliang touch his arm and hand over a black mask.

They put on the caps they had just bought and then blended into the night.

On this side, Jiang Shining and Chen Ruozhi were seated in the center of the mall road, their feet heaped high with various bags. Chen Ruozhi sipped milk tea, while Jiang Shining, wearing sunglasses, sipped water casually.

Finally, two strong young men appeared from a distance. They were wearing masks and caps and weren’t exactly eye-catching in the end. The city itself is cutting-edge and stylish. When two young people on the commercial street dressed quite stylishly and wore black masks, which appeared to be fashionable recently, they fit in well and didn’t draw any attention when they arrived.

They came over one by one, and Jing Yuan sat on Jiang Shining’s right side, stretching his long legs forward and taking up the other half of the bench. At first glance, he appeared to be purposely infuriating Chen Tanliang.

Jiang Shining could not help but sigh. Why did she think Jing Yuan was growing more childish?

“Not angry?” Jing Yuan came over and asked her.

Jiang Shining is not angry since she doesn’t get easily upset. However, she has the impression that despite her son being so old, she still finds it difficult to handle him, making her feel completely powerless.

 “Take these things, and let’s go home.” Jiang Shining set the water cup down.

As a result, the four people began to gather their shopping bags. Jing Yuan and Chen Tanliang appear to be competing for everything. They seized most of the things, leaving the remaining two or three bags for Jiang Shining and Chen Ruozhi to take.

They continued all the way down to the parking lot, and Jing Yuan and Chen Tanliang put the bags in the trunk. Chen Ruozhi simply wanted to drop their things and stroll over to the co-pilot. Jing Yuan extended his hand and assisted Chen Ruozhi in opening the door as soon as she did.

“Thanks.” Chen Ruozhi said, feeling flattered.

When Chen Ruozhi entered, Jing Yuan looked up to see Chen Tanliang staring at him.

Jing Yuan smiled as he realized this guy’s point was his sister.

They did not take Jiang Shining’s car; instead, Jing Yuan drove another car over to the meeting spot, and they sat apart.

Chen Tanliang wanted to sit with his mother and sister, but Jing Yuan would not let him and dragged him away.

On the drive home, there was an unavoidable fight.

They say the world is illogical. The more you don’t want to see someone, the more you have to meet and stay together every day. They had to cook together when they came home.

With more people in the house, it’s impossible to cook alone. Because the two men were unwilling to let the ladies cook, they persuaded Jiang Shining and Chen Ruozhi to go upstairs and relax. Only then did they start pitter-pattering around and cooking.

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