The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 48.2

Jiang Shining proceeded up to the second level, where Guoguo watched TV alone and was happy to see them both. Chen Ruozhi loved this younger sister as well, and she squatted down to kiss her as Jiang Shining pulled out the things she got for Guoguo.

“She’s really adorable.” Chen Ruozhi expressed his joy at receiving a kiss from the loving Guoguo.

“You were adorable when you were younger as well. There isn’t a single person in the mansion who doesn’t like you,” Jiang Shining stated.

Chen Ruozhi carefully pinched Guoguo’s little round face, which felt extremely wonderful.

The two tried on Guoguo’s newly purchased skirts and clothing, and she looked cute in whatever she wore. After trying, they took it off, cut off the tag, and planned to wash it the next day.

“Mom, I want to go to kindergarten,” Guoguo said.

“Guoguo, aren’t you terrified of crowded places?” Jiang Shining said.

Guoguo thought about it seriously.

“I was a little worried at first, but now I’m not.” She stated, “Because there are so many brothers and sisters at home, it turns out that having more people around isn’t all that scary. And the teacher mentioned that if I go to kindergarten, I’ll be able to meet a lot more people my age!”

Chen Ruozhi laughed, “Why do you want to meet friends of the same age?”

Guoguo was overjoyed.

“Because I’d like to make friends like my brothers so I can fight every day!”

Jiang Shining: …

  Chen Ruozhi: …

“Guoguo, you can’t just fight with other children,” Jiang Shining said seriously.

“But don’t brothers quarrel on a daily?” Guoguo was perplexed.

“You can’t hit someone unless it’s absolutely necessary. You can only do this unless someone intends to hurt you, you know?” Jiang Shining explained.

 “Is it like the previous situation?”


“Then brothers…” Guoguo was not reconciled.

Jiang Shining rose up, and Chen Ruozhi realized her brother and Jing Yuan were in danger.

Jiang Shining went downstairs with Guoguo in her arms and heard two people downstairs arguing while cooking, and it happened that Chu Jing Xuan pushed the door and walked in with the cool air of the night.

 “Mom, I’m back.”

Jiang Shining nodded and waited until Jing Xuan changed his clothes before continuing, “Jing Xuan, help them both take care of the kitchen and, by the way, call them over.”

Jing Xuan did not know why, but he did what was ordered.

Jing Yuan and Chen Tanliang came over and were perplexed, but in front of Jiang Shining, they appeared to be extremely well-behaved, and they couldn’t see the craziness of fighting in private.

Jiang Shining sat on the sofa with Guoguo in her arms, and Jing Yuan noticed that her attitude was dangerous and familiar.

Uh… Jing Yuan recalled some unpleasant memories.

Then he noticed Jiang Shining was drawing an iron ruler from behind her.

Chen Tanliang and Chu Jing Yuan stood up with cold hairs on the back of their necks. Jing Yuan remembers the painful feeling of being beaten. He can’t help but feel a little guilty.

“…what’s wrong?” Jing Yuan pulled out a smile.

Jiang Shining gave a sad sigh.

 “You ruined your sister.” She said, “Peace is important to brothers. You’re always fighting, and Guoguo wants to find a new friend and fight with them. This is the elder brother’s influence on the younger siblings.”

The more Jing Yuan listened, the more familiar he felt. When Jiang Shining beat him in the past, he would make a lot of big arguments.

 “Have I said that fighting is not allowed?” Jiang Shining asked.

“No.” Jing Yuan said sincerely.

Jiang Shining did not explicitly state that they should not fight. Even though she showed this, she did not express it clearly.

“Now I said it.”


#Never try to reason with your mother#

 Jiang Shining smiled gently, with a terrifying breath in her tenderness.

“Come here. Let me hit your palm ten times.”


Jing Yuan couldn’t help struggling. “Guoguo came from the end of the world. Maybe she is wild and unruly by nature?”

Jiang Shining smiled, “Fifteen times.”

… #must have a long memory and can’t bargain with your mother #

Chen Tanliang looked at Chu Jing Yuan, and Chu Jing Yuan looked at Chen Tanliang, and no one wanted to be first. They don’t dare speak; instead, they use their eyes to desperately criticize the other party: it’s all your fault, all your fault!

“Jing Yuan comes first.” Jiang Shining’s devilish voice sounded. “You are more experienced. This ruler is much lighter than a whip.”

Is it a good thing to be beaten?!

Chen Tanliang stared at Chu Jing Yuan with sympathy as soon as these words were spoken. In ancient times, this was a normal thing. When you were beaten, it was either a stick or a whip. Look at Chen Tanliang, who lives in a semi-modern age.

Sorry, he doesn’t seem to have been beaten.

Jing Yuan extended his hand as if he were dead. He assumed Jiang Shining would be fine with him acting like that, but he didn’t expect her touching his palm, choosing a good location, and then slapping him.

Jing Yuan trembled.

 “… Really beat ah?” Jing Yuan said aggrievedly.

“There’s no way.” Jiang Shining said helplessly, “You don’t want to see Guoguo follow your step.”

They always forget that this adorable young child endured the most difficult of all worlds. Yet, despite her youth, she is intimately acquainted with these things.

Guoguo blinked her huge eyes and appeared innocent, but Jiang Shining knew Guoguo could sense if she was real or not.

Jing Yuan collapsed onto the sofa after being defeated by fifteen hits.

It’s just too humiliating to be beaten at such a big age.

After Chen Tanliang was over, Jiang Shining thought for a while and then said, “I will hit you five times, and Jing Yuan had helped you receive another five. So don’t keep messing with him in the future.”

“—Why?” He pulled his head out and whimpered.

“When you two fight, I estimate that you started two-thirds of the fight.” Jiang Shining raised his eyebrows and said, “Did I say something wrong?”

Chu Jing Yuan:…

 Okay, she is really right.

But! Chen Tanliang is clearly a bad guy. He seems to be very honest when he fights, but he is also really brutal!

“You are partial!” Jing Yuan said. “I want to run away from home.”

Jiang Shining exhaled a sigh.

“Don’t do this. You have to look like the eldest son and set an example.”

 Jing Yuan and Chen Tanliang were silent at the same time.

 Jing Yuan: “Okay, my dear mother.”

 Chen Tanliang: “I can get fifty times.”

The author has something to say: What kind of eldest son do you have, and two moths haven’t come yet →_→

I feel that having too many children is a hell pattern hahaha

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