Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 69


Chapter 69

Two hours later, the school auditorium was packed with students who had come to see the fun.

The principal and the company signed by Zhou Linna recruited professionals to shoot the live broadcast in order to achieve an excellent live broadcast impact.

Zhou Linna and Zheng Yuan had already solicited votes on Weibo before the live broadcast, so their fans were the first to enter the live broadcast room.

Ten minutes before the dance fight between Zheng Yuan and Gu Weiwei began, Zhou Linna walked on stage to perform a solo performance, quickly gaining popularity in the live broadcast room.

[This is the champion of the Youth Music Competition!]

[She is a lovely and brilliant goddess]

[Goddess Linna demonstrates her abilities once more!]

Zhou Linna stood up and bowed elegantly and generously after she completed playing.

“Thank you for coming in for today’s live broadcast. As part of the preparations for the new single’s MV shoot, we recruited teacher Zheng Yuan from the Imperial Ballet to choreograph the choreography.

However, some people are not convinced by teacher Zheng Yuan’s dance abilities so that the competition will be held today. After watching, everyone in the live broadcast room can vote.”

It was immediately lively on the barrage.

[Wow, Goddess Linna is going to release a single. I’m excited!]

[Zheng Yuan joined the Imperial Ballet when she was twelve years old, and some people still refuse to accept her]

[Wait for Goddess Zheng to teach her how to be a man.]

[Which b*tch defies our Goddess Zheng?]

Zheng Yuan and Zhou Linna were in complete charge of the live broadcast room. The majority of the fans are occupied, with only a tiny number of passers-by spectators coming from the live broadcast room. Zhou Linna has complete control over the barrage’s rhythm.

The auditorium’s backstage.

Zheng Yuan wore a pure white ballerina gown with a lovely crown, her chest lifted high, and her hands raised nobly and elegantly.

Zhu Xiaoqin was waiting for Zhou Linna in the backstage area when she noticed Ji Cheng was the only one present and ridiculed him.

“The competition is going to begin. Where has Mu Weiwei gone?”

“Weiwei is still preparing and will arrive soon.” Ji Cheng gave a cold snort.

In fact, she was already dying with fear.

The majority of the audience had come to support Zhou Linna, who watched the live broadcast from the live broadcast room. They were all Zhou Linna and Zheng Yuan fans.

Although she has already recruited a group of friends to help her vote for a while, the number of people who support Zheng Yuan is big.

 “I think she’s too afraid to come!” Zhu Xiaoqin hummed proudly.

Her last performance on the piano made her stand out. She also believed that her dancing was superior to other professional dance performances. She considered herself to be an all-around genius.

“I only remember someone being so scared by “Demon Fire” that her hands trembled.” Ji Cheng returned with a vengeance.

Zhu Xiaoqin gazed at Zheng Yuan, who was prepared and unconcerned about losing the competition.

“In any case, whether she comes or not, she will lose. Let her prepare to come over and serve as Linna’s temporary assistant.”

She will suffer when that time comes.

Zhou Linna had finished her performance and returned to backstage, smiling at Zheng Yuan.

“Are you ready, Sister Yuanyuan?”

Zheng Yuan nodded, looked over to Ji Cheng, and laughed softly.

“It seems that someone doesn’t dare to come anymore.”

“Sister Yuanyuan, whether she comes or not, you must continue the performance on stage. Hundreds of thousands of people are now waiting to see you in the live broadcast room.”

 Zheng Yuan tidied up her white skirt and went to the front desk with her head held high and light footfall. She was as noble and lovely as a swan princess from birth.

She has been practising in the dance school for so long that she is now on par with the current chief in terms of strength and stage performance.

What does Mu Weiwei have in common with her?

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