Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 70


Chapter 70

There was a round of applause from the spectators at the front desk of the auditorium as soon as Zheng Yuan appeared on stage.

Zheng Yuan dances calmly to the music. Her years with the Imperial Ballet have given her the chance to view the most exquisite dance moves, and she perfectly reflects the lightness and grace of the white swan through her dance steps.

The barrage in the live broadcast room began to refresh the screen quickly.

[Who else is dissatisfied with this dance ability?]

[For a while, spray the disgruntled little b*tch to death]

[Support the White Swan by voting!]

[Support Goddess Zheng by voting!]

Zheng Yuan’s votes swiftly increase in the live broadcast room, with tens of thousands of votes cast in only a few minutes.

Zhou Linna, Zhu Xiaoqin, and the others in the auditorium’s backstage area smiled smugly as the votes poured in.

“It’s already 50,000 votes, and it’s still rising!”

 “Where’s Mu Weiwei? Don’t dare to come?” Zhou Linna asked with a sneer.

As soon as Zhou Linna spoke the words, Gu Weiwei had already arrived with Luo Qianqian and a group of girls from the dance class.

The entire figure appears menacing and gorgeous while wearing a pure black ballet robe and heavy makeup on the eyes.

“Mu Weiwei, even if you know you can’t win, you don’t have to give up and go on stage like this ghost, do you?” Zhu Xiaoqin smirked as he gazed at her makeup.

Gu Weiwei didn’t say anything to her, instead of walking to Ji Cheng’s side, silently adjusting her breathing, and waiting for her turn on stage.

“Zheng Yuan has about 60,000 votes, and it’s still rising,” Ji Cheng said to Luo Qianqian.

“They’ve been preserving the rhythm, and now the votes are favouring Zheng Yuan,” Luo Qianqian said gravely.

Zhou Linna went to the stage first to speak for Zheng Yuan in order to stir animosity towards Mu Weiwei, and Zheng Yuan performed first and took the lead.

Passers-by and viewers who witness her strength will undoubtedly vote for her.

As a result, even if Mu Weiwei is elected in the near future, she will not get many votes.

What’s more, the pure and beautiful white swan is the most popular, and she also plays the unpleasant black swan.

They muttered after listening to the students in the dance class, “We have let our relatives and friends vote for the black swan.”

“However, this is just a drop in the bucket.” Luo Qianqian stared worriedly at Gu Weiwei.

Ye Mei looked at the scene at the front desk at this point and said.

“Mu Weiwei, Zheng Yuan’s solo dance has ended. Now it’s your chance to play.”

Gu Weiwei moved her neck, smiled at Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian, and walked to the auditorium stage.

On stage, Zheng Yuan has played the pure beauty and elegance of the white swan to the extreme, receiving countless applause.

Gu Weiwei stood tall, gently raised her arms, and moved gracefully to the centre of the stage.

Unlike Zheng Yuan’s white swan, her black swan is enchanting and majestic, with a powerful aura reminiscent of a queen.

Passers-by who dislike Zheng Yuan and Zhou Linna cast decisive votes for the black swan. Although the number of votes did not increase as quickly as Zheng Yuan’s, it did increase.

Ji Cheng looked at the phone, and Gu Weiwei, who could dance as good as Zheng Yuan on stage, opened her mouth in amazement.

“I used to fall in love with the Great God’s hand, but tonight I fell in love with her legs.”

Luo Qianqian stepped to the side, stealthily accessed WeChat, and copied and sent the live broadcast room URL to one of her friends.

A message was sent: Cut off your live broadcast room and ask the voters to support the black swan.

The other side responded, “Boss, I’m live streaming right now.”

Luo Qianqian: Give you a minute, or I will expose your photos of women’s clothes.

Just one minute later, the number of spectators in the live broadcast room began to skyrocket, and Gu Weiwei’s votes also began to soar.

“Hmph, you just find someone to fake the votes,” Ji Cheng said defiantly to Zhou Linna.

Gu Weiwei’s votes, however, had not caught up with Zheng Yuan’s votes.

Zheng Yuan’s votes surged by tens of thousands in a crushing trend, while Gu Weiwei’s votes have nearly stalled.

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