Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 71


Zhou Linna grinned coldly and put her phone away, knowing that the number of votes they drew might multiply many times as long as Li Xiner made a Weibo post.

Li Xiner’s fans swiftly took over the barrage in the live broadcast room.

They tried to discredit Gu Weiwei’s black swan, knowing that Zheng Yuan was Li Xiner’s relative.

[Black swans are ugly!]

[The dance was awful!]

[The black swan is ugly. Vote for the white swan]

[Comparing amateurs to other professionals, looking for abuse]

Gu Weiwei performed a little spin, kicked, and jumped on stage, all of which were nearly flawless.

On the other hand, the live broadcast room was swarming with beats in support of White Swan Zheng Yuan.

Zheng Yuan stood aside, looking at Gu Weiwei’s face, but her face became more and more ugly.

A novice wouldn’t notice, but she understands that Gu Weiwei’s every move is on par with a professional dancer.

She misjudged her power.

Ji Cheng noticed Gu Weiwei performing on stage, but all the barrages supported Zheng Yuan, and Zheng Yuan’s votes were also skyrocketing.

Although a few rational bystander admirers praised Black Swan for her better dancing, they were all drowned out by the scolding of Li Xiner’s fans.

“How many people can your cousin pull for us, Qianqian?”

Luo Qianqian has a relative who is a game anchor, and he is pretty popular. He just drew all the votes.

“I don’t think there will be much. I’ll go and call my dad and go to his Weibo,” Luo Qianqian said, gritting her teeth.

“Alright, alright, hurry up.” Ji Cheng nodded again and again.

Qianqian’s father is a well-known songwriter, and many singers have performed his songs.

Using his father’s Weibo and inviting people to post on Weibo should attract a large number of people to Weiwei.

Zhou Linna and Zhu Xiaoqin were ecstatic when they saw that Zheng Yuan had received many more votes than Gu Weiwei.

“Give up, give up. How are you going to catch up with this number of votes?”

“If you rely on fake votes but not on strength to compare, you can win.” Ji Cheng said with her teeth clenched.

Weiwei’s dance is comparable to Zheng Yuan’s. Who would have received the most votes if it weren’t for Zheng Yuan’s fame in the ballet school over the years?

They have now found Li Xiner, a well-known actress in the entertainment industry, to collect votes. It will be pretty tough for them to overtake this number of votes.

A man with glasses entered backstage just as she spoke and asked Ji Cheng politely.

“Could you please tell me who Mu Weiwei is?”

“Weiwei is on stage,” Ji Cheng replied, looking up. ” Since you’ve come to find her, cast your vote for her using your cell phone.”

She ended her speech by instructing the man with glasses to vote for Gu Weiwei. Now, one more vote is equal to one vote.

 Zhu Xiaoqin laughed when she saw that she had not let go of a single vote.

“You need all these votes. Do you want me to lend you my mobile phone and vote for her?”

“Third Young Master, that person was still in school, but they seemed to be playing live games with that person, voting or something.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Send me the link to the live broadcast room!” The caller on the other end of the line yelled impatiently.

The man with glasses swiftly hung up the phone and sent the live broadcast room link.

After Luo Qianqian finished the phone call, the man with glasses already went out, and Luo Qianqian returned, “My dad is in a meeting, and it will take half an hour to call me back.”

“However, the votes will close in ten minutes.”

Zhou Linna smiled smugly and said sideways.

“Xiaoqin, think about the work that would be arranged for our temporary assistant tomorrow?”

The dance class students suddenly shouted eagerly while Zhou Linna and Zhu Xiaoqin were preparing to celebrate with pride.

“It’s up!”

“It’s up! The number of votes for black swans has skyrocketed!”

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