I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 50.1

Not only do You Qiuqiu believe this, but so do the other guests.

But the program team’s director was stubborn this time, refusing to listen no matter what.

He told the guests that they used to play this score when the master first taught them to play musical instruments. Anyway, they gave the musical instruments to the guest early, and the master was invited too. If they still don’t study well, it has nothing to do with him.

You Qiuqiu confirmed: Well, the director may have a grudge against those old grandparents.

Anyway, the program group’s director has already made a mess. The guests were confused, and everyone looked at each other as a group of rogues.

Tao Anjie smiled bitterly: “Let’s hurry up and have a good rehearsal towards the end.”

It can only be that.

They can’t bring their musical instruments and smash the venue, ruining a beautiful make-up wedding.

As they were like donkey rushes to the shelves, Cui Jiannan’s presence was a surprise joy. After all, he is the missing person in this show’s season.


Cui Jiannan arrived, bringing delectable foods, such as imported chocolates. He remembered how everyone walked up the mountain and into the lake to obtain food during the previous season. His intention may be described as really kind.

But when he arrived, he found out, “You people seem to be doing well. Are you guys doing alright in this show?”

Tao Anjie and Cui Jiannan are around the same age, and the rest, except Ma Juan are much younger than the two of them, so Tao Anjie was the first to speak.

The show’s crew remains impersonal, but they look good now because You Qiuqiu has won the lottery.

Program director: I’m upset. How can Tao Anjie speak so slanderously about him in front of Cui Jiannan? Does he lack the dignity of a director?

Not really.

Netizens and audiences alike praised the last season of Leisure Time for its relaxing atmosphere. It’s a slow variety show that makes people happy and down-to-earth.

And the guests get along well, as do the members of the show’s crew, which is not only presented through editing.

For the first time, Fang Shubai rushed to Cui Jiannan and eloquently described the stand-up comedy of the Qiu Cub winning the lottery. Cui Jiannan has seen a lot of things and can be calm most of the time, but You Qiuqiu’s experience of changing from ten yuan to five thousand yuan in a lottery still leaves him speechless.

Cui Jiannan quickly merged in, as if he had never been absent for so many days.

He took the initiative to claim the position of wedding emcee because it was too late for him to study a musical instrument from scratch.

Cui Jiannan listened to everyone’s ensemble as well.

After listening to this, Cui Jiannan couldn’t hold back his gentle smile.

He can’t say it’s ugly…it just hurts his ears.

You Qiuqiu’s suona and Fang Shubai’s erhu are too lethal.

For You Qiuqiu, it’s because she blows too well, and for Fang Shubai, it’s because he pulls too severely, but it’s a bit that makes people want to flee.

Time flew by, and the day of the grandfather and grandmother’s make-up wedding finally arrived.

The seven Leisure Time guests arrived at the village’s entrance dressed formally. Cui Jiannan served as the ceremony’s emcee while the remaining five were the lead band, and Fang Shubai was left out.

“Forget it. I can’t teach you anymore,” the master who taught erhu said. The master’s vicissitudes were visible to the naked eye.

When the rest of the people studied properly, only Fang Shubai stopped cutting trees, but things didn’t improve much.

As a result, Fang Shubai’s position will be replaced by the master of the village’s real musical instrument team.

You Qiuqiu: She… thinks too.

The master then said to You Qiuqiu, “Do it well!”

“You are talented in this area. Do you have any plans to further your study?”

Unlike Fang Shubai’s violent winds, rain, and uselessness, the musical instrument master just considers You Qiuqiu as his apprentice and cannot be happier every time.

You Qiuqiu’s suona is excellent, albeit she has no idea why.

Possibility of talent?

However, You Qiuqiu’s dream of being lazy is also shattered.

The sound of firecrackers woke up the entire community early in the morning. The crackling sound of firecrackers transformed the entire town into a lively and energetic place. Many people kept dogs as guards. The dogs barked in response to the sound of the firecrackers.

The sound of firecrackers was followed by a loud suona, high and happy, informing every household in the community through music.

There’s a big joyous event going on!

The jovial villagers were all driven out of their houses. Men, the elderly, and women with babies all joined them.

The slightly older children swarmed in groups, squatting beside the road and looking around.

The grandfather in his eighties is no longer young. He was a strong man with black hair and white teeth sixty years ago. He has grey hair and can’t even straighten his waist, but his mental health remains strong.

He was dressed traditionally, in a big red Chinese padded jacket, and was on his way to see his wife.

Because of the unfinished wedding from more than 60 years ago, they redo it again, making it like going back in time to write a joyful finale to that moment.

The Leisure Time program team was present during the whole filming procedure. The guests carried out their assigned tasks and accompanied the grandfather to achieve his long-cherished goal, while the grandma had been waiting for quite some time.

It goes to reason that after more than 60 years of marriage, the two elderly people would no longer be bashful, yet when they meet, they feel uneasy.

When the grandfather removed the crimson veil from the grandmother, the grandmother’s first reaction was to cover her face.

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