I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 50.2

“I’m already old.” She said it persistently.

The old grandfather grinned. “You are still beautiful!” Very sure.

Cui Jiannan, the ceremony’s emcee, stirred things up by asking, “Is there anything Grandpa wishes to say to his wife?”

The other party was not as bashful as everyone expected at this point. He grasped his wife’s hand and said, “After so many years, it’s been hard work… You didn’t have a good life with me, but thank you Xiuxiu.”

Xiuxiu was the old lady’s nickname.

“In the next life, find someone better and richer. Don’t suffer with me.”

Even Cui Jiannan was taken aback when the grandfather spoke these words, but the camera captured the tears in those eyes, which had become clouded since they were no longer young.

The grandmother appeared to be angry.

She had already opened her mouth without Cui Jiannan urging her to do so.

“It’s not difficult. Do you want me to eat your rice because I can? I’ll rely on you in my next life.”

At the moment, the older man in his 80s has the coquettishness and innocence of a teenager.

The two elderly people should not be classified as talkative. They only talk a lot when they are with each other. The two sat together, away from the crowd, and whispered following the procedure.

Ma Juan motioned for everyone to look over to the other side.

The grandfather held a piece of wedding candy purchased by the show team, peeled it off, and delicately placed it in the grandmother’s mouth.

The grandmother accepted it with a kind and happy grin.

The two withered hands gripped tightly together, occasionally peering out at the distant fields, then back at each other, the glow of love in their eyes unmistakable.

The program team’s director also came over to explain to the guests.

“It was the grandfather who approached us and asked if we could help arrange a wedding. He said that when he was younger, there were no weddings because of the conditions, but now since all the young people in the area were doing it, he wanted to do it as well.”

“He gave me a pack of money, one hundred yuan, ten yuan, one sen, fifty cents… they’re all here.”

“It’s all he’s accumulated over the years. He asks whether we have enough.”

“Can we still collect money?” “

“It’s not good.”

The director has a heroic demeanour and does not leave his name when he does good deeds when it comes to this show.

The program team arrived in this village before the guests. They must check the area, clean up the guests’ areas, and assign chores based on local characteristics.

The grandfather unexpectedly arrived at their door.

So the program team’s director and other directors collaborated to teach You Qiuqiu and the other local musical instruments and hold a wedding for the grandparents.

They disguised it so well that they didn’t expose it until the event was ready to begin.

“It’s nice,” Ma Juan whispered.

Dong Tiantian is already crying. As a young girl who longed for love, her heart was full of pink bubbles.

The camera intends to listen to the thoughts of these three young artists, and then –

“This kind of love is great,” says Dong Tiantian. It’s really warm and doesn’t need to be vigorous.

When it was You Qiuqiu turn, she nodded, “Yes.”

She also felt very moved and could see that the love between the grandparents was engraved in their bones, and their daily life was probably like this.

The delicate nose moved and inhaled. “It smells delicious,” and then said, “When can I have lunch?”

It was the smell of steamed salted fish.

You Qiuqiu was quite hungry. This morning she awoke too early. She skipped breakfast to sleep in a bit longer. Dong Tiantian left her a cake, which she ate on the way, and she is now preoccupied with the century-spanning wedding. It’s already past noon.

However, the villagers and the program team have also planned a meal, which includes a flowing water table with several huge tables, chicken, duck, and fish, among other things.

You Qiuqiu mainly was interested in eating salted fish.

She has gone to marinate salted fish for the past few days and hasn’t eaten a single bite yet.

Fang Shubai was eager to try it. “It should be soon. It’s really appetizing.”

Cameraman: ? ? ?

You Qiuqiu was thinking too quickly. Dong Tiantian’s reaction was still like the little girl in the idol drama. But You Qiuqiu had moved and wanted to eat directly.

And Fang Shubai, as a male idol, why are you so concerned about food? Didn’t you notice that you gained weight while you were recording?

Although You Qiuqiu enjoys eating, she is mindful of the gym warning and eats more restrainedly. After so many days, she hasn’t gained weight, but Fang Shubai has obviously swelled up. If he gets fat again, he may not need to be a male idol. He can directly change to be a comedian.

He started complaining about the cameraman, and after whining, he realized he was hungry.


The Leisure Time Country Musical Team achieved their task and saw the grandparents’ love tale.

This also means that the second season of Leisure Time will end unexpectedly.

You Qiuqiu received a large package of dried salted fish from the hostess, who they helped to dry the salted fish these days.

“These are all hand-dried fish. We don’t have any good things in our house. There is a lot of dried fish. You have worked hard and helped a lot. Bring them back to family and friends to taste,” the hostess added.

You Qiuqiu has no reason to deny for the refuse. She thanked her several times after accepting the dried salted fish. She did, however, advertise the hostess’s dried salted fish to the camera.

“Natural and pollution-free, very tasty and simple to eat.”

With a serious gaze, You Qiuqiu held the dried salted fish.

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