I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 50.3

You Qiuqiu was given dry salted fish and a golden suona.

It was handed to her by the master of the suona.

Master Suona believes You Qiuqiu was highly talented. He was aware that You Qiuqiu was an artist. She doesn’t have to rely on musical instruments to eat like them, but he still encourages her to practise diligently and not waste her talent.

The show’s director couldn’t help but smile. No matter what happened to You Qiuqiu, the painting style was always different.

You Qiuqiu received the suona and thanked the master earnestly, saying she would never relinquish this skill.

This season You Qiuqiu has mastered various life skills, including lighting up the suona and picking up the pickled dry salted fish. After unemployment, she has found many ways out of her small life with infinite possibilities.

Fang Shubai and You Qiuqiu didn’t expect the program team to track down the old man who had given Fang Shubai ten yuan.

That is, You Qiuqiu turned around against the wind for ten yuan and won five thousand yuan, with the ten yuan being the sponsorship of the old man.

You Qiuqiu and Fang Shubai went to thank the old man with the dried salted fish they had obtained through their labour before leaving the village. The old man didn’t expect to see them again and dragged them into talking for more than a half-hour.

He didn’t mind that the ten yuan he had given Fang Shubai had grown to five thousand yuan, and his eyes were friendly.

“That’s your blessing.”

Dong Tiantian was the most upset when You Qiuqiu left. She didn’t relax as she hugged You Qiuqiu, and she burst into tears.

“Qiuqiu, I will miss you!”

Everyone sympathized with the little girl, yet she was crying happily, like a villain in the Q version of the comic, with tears running down her face.

Dong Tiantian used to hate You Qiuqiu all the time, but now she doesn’t want to be away from her.

You Qiuqiu seems to possess an innate magical talent that draws people to her.

Dong Tiantian wants to travel abroad to compete in a piano competition, which is not the case with You Qiuqiu. You Qiuqiu said that they would meet again in the future, making her feel a little better now.

Dong Tiantian asked shyly, “Qiuqiu, can I listen to you sing a song for me?”

Fang Shubai: ? ? ?

The rest of the guests: ? ??

Even You Qiuqiu herself was pretty confused.

Dong Tiantian is truly unimaginable!

Dong Tiantian was unaware of You Qiuqiu’s “death singer” trait. She barely remembered Lan Xuan telling her that You Qiuqiu’s voice was a musical instrument. She thought it was a very pleasant one. Previously, everyone organized a group to go out and perform, but You Qiuqiu had fewer opportunities to display because she didn’t like You Qiuqiu.

She and You Qiuqiu are now close friends and sisters. She wants to hear how good Qiuqiu sings and will no longer be wary and jealous.

You Qiuqiu’s expression remained unchanged, “Okay.”

“Let me sing the Good Days song for you.”

The whole program group’s staff felt they were under an intense sound onslaught on that day. That day, Dong Tiantian, a piano princess who is particularly sensitive to music, became pale after hearing You Qiuqiu’s version of Good Days and almost flew on a crane to the Western Paradise 1.

Even the sadness of parting was washed away because of this song.

The two of them have kept each other in various ways of contact for a long time. There is no endless banquet in the world, and the rest have their itineraries.

Tao Anjie has to participate in a nationwide concert tour. Lan Xuan needs to appear on several variety shows. He left early since he was in a rush. Ma Juan wishes to return to coax her granddaughter. Her only treasure was her granddaughters.

You Qiuqiu went to the airport with Cui Jiannan and Fang Shubai, and they both had the same destination.

You Qiuqiu sat in a row with Fang Shubai, who seemed to have made up his mind and softly whispered, “Qiuqiu, have you noticed that Jiannan Ge is a little strange?”

You Qiuqiu: ? ?

“Jiannan Ge is always concerned about you and frequently focuses his attention on you. I didn’t say Jiannan Ge was bad. I just felt it was strange…”

Finally, Fang Shubai made a daring assertion, “Jiannan Ge won’t like you, right?!”

You Qiuqiu, “Do you know what you’re talking about?” What the hell is this?

If Fang Shubai had said that Shi Jing and Dong Tiantian were against her, You Qiuqiu might have thought it was possible. But Jiannan Ge liked her?

This is complete nonsense.

After he finished speaking, Fang Shubai felt a little stupid, mainly because he was a sensitive person who liked to observe the reactions of those around him.

Even though Cui Jiannan treats everyone nicely, Fang Shubai believes Cui Jiannan treats Qiuqiu differently.

When the three of them arrived at the airport, it was already late at night.

You Qiuqiu had already contacted Sheng Shiyun. He stated today that he was too busy to come and pick them up. According to You Qiuqiu’s idea, it doesn’t necessarily have to be picked up by Mr. Sheng. They can still take taxis, but Jiang Tao is very resistant to taxis, claiming that You Qiuqiu is an artist, which is not good.

You Qiuqiu: Artists can’t take taxis? Where is there such a provision?

Mr. Sheng also told them to stop taking taxis and instead pick a hotel near the airport for one night, and he would pay.

Aside from the artist’s status, there are many dangers around women, not to mention beautiful women. Recently, social news has not been very friendly.

He pays the money.

You, Qiuqiu, don’t mind after hearing this. It’s a good idea to stay near the airport for one night and rest. Mr. Sheng, thank you, I wish you a fortune. I hope you can get rich quickly, become a healthy person and have a safe life.

You Qiuqiu and Jiang Tao can proceed directly to the hotel, which has been reserved in advance and is not far from the airport.

“Is Qiuqiu not leaving?”

Cui Jiannan was walking in front of You Qiuqiu when he noticed that she didn’t move and pushed his luggage to stop.

“We’re staying here tonight,” You Qiuqiu briefly explained to Cui Jiannan.

Jiang Tao was checking the hotel route on her phone.


Cui Jiannan paused for a moment before telling his agent, “Let’s live here tonight. We’re a little tired, plus it’s closer to the event location.”

His agent gave Cui Jiannan a short glance and said, “Okay.”

Following the conversation, Cui Jiannan’s agent went to Jiang Tao with his mobile phone and asked which hotel Jiang Tao had reserved.

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  1. to fly on a crane to the Western Paradise = to pass away (idiom)

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