I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 50.4

“Qiuqiu doesn’t mind which hotel we stay in, right?” Cui Jiannan asked softly.

“Of course not,” You Qiuqiu said, shaking her head.

Why should she care? The hotel isn’t her home, so why should she care?

On the other hand, Fang Shubai was excited when he learned that Cui Jiannan and You Qiuqiu were going to stay at a hotel near the airport after taking out his bags.

“I’ll live here as well. I’m reluctant to leave Qiuqiu and Jiannan Ge.”

“Okay, there are so many people, so we can go to supper together at night,” Cui Jiannan said.

But Fang Shubai was stopped by his assistant. “Xiao Fang, did you forget about the interview with your teammates early tomorrow morning? It’s too far here, and there’s no time.”

So Fang Shubai’s plan to stay at a hotel was shattered as soon as he thought of it.

Fang Shubai winked at You Qiuqiu before leaving to draw her attention.

You Qiuqiu, “…” He was overthinking it.

You Qiuqiu thinks Fang Shubai is great at brainstorming; how could Brother Jiannan have any concerns about her?

Then she and Jiang Tao arrived at the hotel and were just about to pack their belongings when someone knocked on the door. You Qiuqiu and Jiang Tao both assumed it was the hotel staff, and Jiang Tao said to go out and have a look.

When Jiang Tao returned, she was holding a food bag, and her expression was a little complex.

The golden arches logo can be seen on the packaging, and the one with the sign is most likely a barbecue.

“Where did it come from?”

The lights above You Qiuqiu’s head fell as she crouched on the other side of the open suitcase. She’s taken off her make-up now, but she still looks great, and she smells like hibiscus.

Even though Jiang Tao and You Qiuqiu have been together for a long time, she is still occasionally attacked by each other’s beauty.

This scenario would be beautiful if the open suitcase in front of You Qiuqiu didn’t contain dried salted fish.

But Jiang Tao still had to admit that with Qiuqiu’s appearance, she would tempt any woman, let alone a man.

Jiang Tao, “… Cui Laoshi’s agent sent it over.”

Cui Jiannan.

 You Qiuqiu: ? ? ?

Why did Jiannan Ge bring food?

You Qiuqiu searched for Cui Jiannan’s WeChat, scratched her head, and spent a long time editing and sending a paragraph.

She first approached Cui Jiannan and thanked him for instructing his agent to bring her meals but subsequently stated that it was too much effort for him. Even if he offered the food to her, she should have sent it as junior to senior.

Cui Jiannan responded swiftly, most likely because he was holding the phone.

[No problem, I went out to eat and brought you some along the way.]

You Qiuqiu took a look at the new golden arches on the table.

Is it really on the way?

There’s also a barbecue. You Qiuqiu had a craving for it for quite some time.

You Qiuqiu still believes that she thinks a little too much. It should be pretty simple to be Jiannan Ge. After all, golden arches and barbecues are usually everywhere.

He can send it directly here.

[Does Qiuqiu happen to be in the room? You forgot to bring Ren Bing’s signed name with you last time. Ren Bing requested that I bring it to you. Would you like to go for a walk?]

You Qiuqiu requested the autograph for Brother Li. The recording of the Heartbeat Challenge was rushed last time, and she didn’t carry a pen, so there was only a group photo.

You Qiuqiu clutched the phone, sensing something was wrong.

Wouldn’t Fang Shubai’s nonsense be more accurate?

Jiang Tao’s nerves were stiff as she stood next to You Qiuqiu. Her tone was firm after hearing You Qiuqiu’s retelling.

“Qiuqiu… Cui Laoshi is asking you out, right?”

You Qiuqiu wanted to pull her hair.

No. What are these things? She didn’t think about it at all.

You Qiuqiu has had several boys express affection for her since she was a child, but You Qiuqiu has always considered Cui Jiannan to be her elder. Now that she looked at the food and the hot news on her phone, she actually felt that something was wrong. In addition, Jiang Tao also agreed with her, but You Qiuqiu still asked Shi Jing.

Her words were vague. She simply mentioned having a friend. The man gave her food that she said she liked and even invited her to walk. Is this because the man has a crush on her friend?

Shi Jing, a 5G girl Internet surfer, will keep her phone in her hand as long as she is not shooting.

“Definitely like it!”

“It’s so obvious. If he doesn’t like it, you can sever my head!”

“Your friend is you. Let’s face it, who is chasing you? How does he look? Handsome or not? Tall or not? But don’t be a bald greasy rich old man… It’s not impossible if he is rich. “

You Qiuqiu, “…” She didn’t want to talk to Shi Jing anymore.

However, You Qiuqiu got more anxious after the confirmation.

Is it true?

You Qiuqiu flattened herself, thinking it would be impolite not to return. Cui Jiannan had sent her a message about half an hour earlier.

So she went the ostrich route, saying it was too late, let’s speak about it tomorrow, and she wouldn’t go for a stroll.

He still has a good temper, and he replied in a good tone.

You Qiuqiu began to suspect once more. She and Jiang Tao were overthinking things. Perhaps Jiannan Ge was expressing concern for the younger generation.

But going on a walk or doing something strange is out of the question.

You Qiuqiu immediately forgot about it since she was hungry and desperately wanted to eat preserved egg and lean pork porridge, so she led Jiang Tao downstairs to the hotel snack street to get it.

It was the preserved egg lean meat porridge that caused her to flee the tangle, and it was the preserved egg lean meat porridge that got her caught. Cui Jiannan was in the hall when You Qiuqiu and Jiang Tao returned with a bowl of porridge.

It was alright before, but it’s embarrassing after sending things and messaging just now.

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