Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 354

Chapter 354

Fourth, Lu Zijin is neither grass nor treasure in my heart—”

“He is the male god in my heart, the one and only male god, in this life, in the next life, the male god who will live forever and ever,” Xi Ying said, her eyes suddenly turning to stare at Lu Zijin with affection and admiration.

These are heartfelt words.

Because Xi Ying has a greater than 50% chance of being sure that Lu Zijin is her previous lover.

Lu Zijin’s entire body shakes when he hears Xi Ying’s comments.

Even though he kept telling himself that Bing Ning was fascinated with his appearance, Bing Ning declared she had exceptional face control!

However, his heart is still unstoppably happy.

His chest is filled with joy, making him want to laugh.

The happiest thing in the world is discovering that the person you have a crush on also likes you.

Although Xi Ying has yet to express her feelings towards Lu Zijin, the fact that he is a male god is enough to make him pleased.

Liang Kaiyin was taken aback by Xi Ying and was at a loss for words.

She turned and went with Ya’er after gazing at them fiercely and without a ladylike demeanour.

She had to go back and make a video call with her father to tell him everything he needed to know about this woman!

She wants to see who will kneel and who will call who the dad is.

After Liang Kaiyin left, Xi Ying continued to drag Lu Zijin to the jewellery store as if nothing had happened.

Lu Zijin preserved his usual quiet attitude and trailed behind her.

Lu Zijin was well aware that Liang Kaiyin’s statements were so obvious right now that Bing Ning had already known something.

But she didn’t say anything because she could see it was his own wound.

She’s such a nice and considerate lady.

She’s such a lovely lady.

The two entered the jewellery store.

In fact, Xi Ying was uninterested in these matters. She came over mainly to choose a watch for Lu Zijin.

Even though she hadn’t spoken to Lu Zijin in a long time, Xi Ying noted that Lu Zijin frequently checked the time.

Whether he was going shopping at the mall or reading a book in the room.

He has to check the time now and then.

As a result, Xi Ying wanted him to be more convenient.

There’s no need to look up or at a clock.

Raise your arm and take a glance.

Xi Ying fell in love with a black diamond-studded watch with a unique shape after wandering around the jewellery store.

The serene black mood and low-key, low-key, but not at the expense of the luxurious atmosphere

Very well suited to Lu Zijin’s temperament.

However, when Xi Ying requested that the lady in the cabinet take out this watch and let Lu Zijin try it on, Lu Zijin refused.

He said, “I don’t need a watch. Let’s go back if you don’t have anything you wish to buy. I want to read a book.”

For a half-minute, Xi Ying fixed her gaze on him.

In her eyes, he seemed to be very calm, as though he didn’t want to deceive or hide anything from her.

So she placed his watch down, apologised to the lady behind the counter, and went out of the jewellery store with Lu Zijin.

They didn’t say anything till they exited the square.

They’re not sure if it’s because of the hot weather, but taxis are exceedingly difficult to come by today.

Xi Ying and Lu Zijin continued walking along the sidewalk outside the square for ten minutes before hailing a taxi.

Unfortunately, neither of them owned a cell phone.

They can’t get a sim card even if they buy a phone because they don’t have ID cards.

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