Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 355

Chapter 355

There are too many people in the business hall that sells mobile phones, and Xi Ying can no longer apply for a card using the method she booked the hotel room.

“Wait.” Lu Zijin stopped.

When Xi Ying, who was going in front, heard the noise, she turned around to find Lu Zijin staring at a small shop by the roadside.

It’s called a cat house.

They could see a big lucky cat waving its arms at them from the outside, which was very cute.

It appears to invite them in.

“Come on in and take a look.” Lu Zijin took the initiative and walked in..

The pet store sells porcelain-like things shaped like cats.

They can choose, from large to small.

Small enough to wear as a ring on the finger or large enough to place on the ground as a friendly beckoning cat.

Lu Zijin appeared to be attracted to the braided ropes in the store.

The boss happened to be weaving the rope at the time, so he leaned over to examine it.

“Do you like it?” Xi Ying’s voice rang out loudly in his ear.

Lu Zijin quietly murmured “en” as he looked at Xi Ying’s exquisite beauty.

After getting a positive answer, Xi Ying sat right next to the boss and talked to him.

“Can I learn to weave rope with you, boss? Money isn’t an issue as long as I can handle everything myself.”

The boss never looked away from the braided rope in his hand and responded as usual: “Of course, little girls in our family usually learn to braid with me, and it only makes sense to say that they do it by themselves.

You don’t need to pay anything extra as long as you pay for the materials.”

“All right, I’ll go get the rope first.” Xi Ying stood up and moved to the side window, where several colours and styles of bracelets were displayed, and she chose the ones she liked.

And Lu Zijin set everything down and sat opposite the boss, watching the rope in his hand transformed into a rope of various shapes under the contour of his flexible fingers.

“Actually, it’s all handcrafted. There might not have been a few people who came to learn how to weave with me if I hadn’t opened this cattery following the trend right now.”

The boss let out a deep sigh.

“Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that many things can now be immediately replaced by machines, even people, which can be replaced by robots known as mechanical girls.

Unfortunately, I’m hoping that my rope weaving skills will be passed down to future generations; otherwise, I’ll only see rope weaved by mechanical girls on the market.

Despite the varied styles, the only missing thing is the feeling.”

The boss’s words were quite touching, and Lu Zijin was moved as well.

That is why he refuses to buy watches in jewellery stores.

He would rather buy a simple braided bracelet made by Xi Ying himself than a timepiece made by robots that didn’t have any emotion.

After all, things crafted by hand have a different meaning.

But when the boss said about the mechanical girl—

Lu Zijin’s ink eyes glittered with malice.

Ya’er, the mechanical girl, was the culprit who infiltrated his home and wrecked his family!

He has been a wanderer for five years, but he regularly trains and reads programming books, hoping one day he will be able to create virus codes powerful enough to destroy the mechanical girl.

He couldn’t face the fact that his parents had died, and he couldn’t face himself, who had lived.

In his heart, though, he never considered giving up revenge!

When he can build the virus code, he will muster all of his strength to confront what happened five years ago, the death of his parents, and his cowardly self at the time!

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