Quick Transmigration: Report to the Host, You Have Been Attacked! – Chapter 356

Chapter 356

Avenge his parents by killing all the mechanical girls!


After selecting the rope she liked from the shop, Xi Ying began weaving lessons with the boss.

Xi Ying’s learning and understanding abilities are quick, and she excels at drawing inferences from a single event.

So the boss trained her in less than ten minutes, and she had already acquired most of the skills.

In the following ten minutes, she wove a unique hand rope.

“Do you want to have a lucky cat? If you like, you can choose one, and I’ll tie it to the rope.” Xi Ying looked up at Lu Zijin and inquired.

“No need.” Lu Zijin shook his head. “As long as this bracelet is fine, it’s too fancy for me.”

“Oh.” Xi Ying dropped her head once more and completed the bracelet.

“Oh, little girl, you’re great at this! I’ve never seen anyone get started so soon!

Alas! I know you’re not short on cash. Otherwise, I’d offer to teach you all of my skills. This is regarded as a successor by you!”

The boss kept expressing his feelings.

Xi Ying remained silent.

She has basically learned the boss’ craft just now, and she can do the rest on her own.

She only needs to buy the rope herself if she wants to weave rope for Lu Zijin in the future.

This kind of rope was sold everywhere.

What does the successor of the craft have to do with her?

Xi Ying has always followed the principle of happiness, but now she has the ability to bring one more person and make her lover happy.

What does it matter about other people’s lives and deaths, whether or not they are happy?

She is not the hero.

And Xi Ying had no desire to save the world.

It is possible to consider destroying the world.

“All right, extend your hand.” Xi Ying said to Lu Zijin, who was clutching a braided hand rope.

Lu Zijin obediently extended his hand.

For some reason, a hand with clear joints and fairness appears to reveal a taste of abstinence.

This is the right hand.

However, there is a hint of abstinence.


In Xi Ying’s head, several unexplainable events pop up.

Could it be that, for at least the past five years, Lu Zijin has not…haven’t…that…been?

Otherwise, how could the right hand, sometimes known as the “five girls” 1, make people feel so strange?

[Host, you only the official is allowed to light the fire 2! Look at your own thoughts. That’s called filth!]

Xi Ying’s eyes narrowed slightly, eliminating those ideas.

She fastens the hand rope around Lu Zijin’s wrist.

Just right.

The black and grey bracelets are simple in style yet complicated in pattern, giving the face a charming appearance.

“Do you like it?” Xi Ying asked, her palms on her chin and her eyes narrowed into a line.

“Yeah.” Lu Zijin never took his gaze away from the hand rope.

He likes it more and more, and no matter how he looks at it, he can’t get enough of it.

“How much is it, boss?”

“Seeing that you and I are so connected, this bracelet doesn’t need money!” The boss said boldly.

“No, I have to give the money.

Lu Zijin smiled when he heard Xi Ying’s comments.

“What are you laughing about?” Xi Ying asked curiously.

“I’m laughing; why did you become so generous when you took advantage of the second half price?” Lu Zijin’s voice had changed from low to bright.

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  1. It was a bit of a joke. In conversing, boys frequently mention five girls. Finding five girls at night is preferable to being a single dog, but he is still a single dog. The five girls refer to the five fingers, and the understanding is that the five fingers are a man’s five girls
  2. only the official is allowed to light the fire mean Gods may do what cattle may not. It indicates the existence of a double standard (justifiable or otherwise), and essentially means “what is permitted to one important person or group, is not permitted to everyone.”

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