The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 52

Chapter 52

A custom-made bell sounds over the kindergarten in the morning, and the cubs arrive at the kindergarten on time.

Now that Teacher Jin Xingxing is in charge of various classes, Xu Qiu doesn’t have to get up early every time, and the little robot assistant will handle the breakfast.

On a Monday morning, Jin Xingxing is in charge of the two classes.

Xu Qiu decided to stay in bed this morning because she had a sore back and sore legs from the sweet potato feast the day before.

This morning’s breakfast was simple: steamed corn on the cob and sweet potatoes.

Scrub the little sweet potatoes to remove any dirt on the surface before placing them straight in the steam. The large ones were cut into halves and cooked.

When the cubs were doing their routine reading in the morning, Xu Qiu got up and gave herself a bowl of noodles to eat.

The noodles have been rolled out for a long time, usually in large batches. She would try to eat them within five days because the noodles become lumpy after a lengthy period, and Xu Qiu could eat them immediately after she cooked them.

She closes the pot when the noodles are still a little raw and then soaks them in water for a time, so the noodles have a good balance of roughness and softness.

Xu Qiu mixed the noodles with a bit of chopped green onion and shredded pork. After chopping the shredded pork, she fried it in a frying pan until it formed fragrant minced meat with sauce.

Poached egg, chopped green onion, then a layer of shredded pork in sesame oil sauce, then she gently poked the boiling poached egg with chopsticks, revelling the golden egg yolk within. When she ate it a little bit, she felt comfortable.

Xu Qiu took out a little jar after finishing a bowl of noodles. She bent her head, sniffed hard with her nose, and then smelled the familiar, somewhat sour odour.

Her eyes widened as she used a spoon to scoop a little spoon out of the white solid that resembled tofu, and she succeeded!

Xu Qiu’s old favourite yoghurt!

This old yoghurt tastes more like bean curd, but bean curd usually is sweet. The old yoghurt has a sweet and sour flavour and is thicker.

However, this cultured food is often spoiled, yet she was successful.

Xu Qiu intended to stay in the office first, holding this small jar of old yoghurt, but the system informed her of something.

 [Someone broke the door outside your room!]

Who, who is so evil?

Xu Qiu stormed up with a swarm of robots, only to find another kindergarten teacher pounding on her door.

Of course, Xu Qiu’s door was built of high-quality materials, but even the most robust materials would be quickly broken if knocked in this manner.

“What’s the problem?”

Jin Xingxing continued to cry, “Are you awake, Principal? Something happened!”

She went over to Xu Qiu’s arm as soon as she heard the words and twisted her head, saying frantically, “Absent, Bai Sa, and my Lily are gone!”

At that moment, Xu Qiu’s heart thumped.

“Have you asked the other cubs, did they go to the toilet?”

“I asked, and they said, “They don’t even know?” Lily was still there in the morning!”

Jin Xingxing was anxious and angry. She was angry with herself for not being more cautious. Lily was still there in the morning, and as a result, it was time for morning reading, and the person abruptly vanished.

Such a big cub. How could she suddenly vanish under her nose? Was it an accident or…?

Jin Xingxing didn’t dare think about what came next. Negative emotions invaded her mind, causing her ordinarily rational brain to become jumbled.

As a mother who has been unable to accompany her child for many years, she will undoubtedly be unable to accept the consequences if she loses her child again.

“I’ve already checked the toilet, and there’s no one… wuwuwu…”

An adult who didn’t want a face at all began to cry.

She was so unsteady and incapable of taking care of things that Xu Qiu had no choice but to force herself to remain calm.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it be like a headless fly if everyone was like this?

Xu Qiu responded quickly: “Don’t worry, they’re still wearing collars. They are not going to leave this kindergarten easily. They’re probably still in kindergarten. First, let’s search for them. We can easily locate the kindergarten because it is not too big. If anything unexpectedly runs out, we’ll send a robot out to find it.”

Xu Qiu put down the jar, wiped her hand, and dashed out the door.

008 reminded her: [There is surveillance in the kindergarten]

Of course, Jin Xingxing did not have the authority to see the monitoring, so she quickly turned into an ant on a hot pot.

Xu Qiu went to the classroom first to prevent the two cubs from suddenly disappearing and the other cubs from being lost.

 “Everyone stay in the classroom and don’t go anywhere. Do you hear?”

The other cubs answered neatly: “Yes.”

“Did you happen to see them in the morning?”

Xu Qiu stared at Yuan Jiu. The two missing cubs lived with Yuan Jiu.

“Did the two of them do anything weird last night?”

“No, I slept so early last night,” Yuan Jiu said, shaking his head.

“How about waking up this morning?” Xu Qiu asked.

“It was the same as usual when I got up this morning, and everyone saw them. We only learned about it when Teacher Jin suddenly said that the two of them had gone.”

“Because everyone is super serious in class, and we don’t get distracted,” Yuan Jiu explained.

Xu Qiu listened to this eloquent parrot, who put gold on his face. Of course, the parrot was stating the truth in certain ways.

Yuan Jiu: “They are a fox and a cat. I’m not sure what they’re thinking.”

The question from Xu Qiu was really embarrassing. He wasn’t like those two guys. Even if everyone lived together, Bai Sa was so cold that he couldn’t stand staring at them all the time.

Xu Qiu did not obtain any useful information from the cub.

Xu Qiu examined the monitor again and discovered that the two cubs had vanished.

Xu Qiu followed Jin Xingxing around the kindergarten, activating other mini robot assistants to help her find the cubs.

After figuring out the basic information about the two cubs that went missing, the robot helper quickly made a warning sound.

“I found it. I found it in the attic.” The two cubs were often busy in the kindergarten, and they quietly hid in such a small space while eating.

The two wool balls were crowded together, resembling two large balls of yarn.

They both turned their heads when they spotted Xu Qiu and Jin Xingxing.

 “Why are you here, principal?” The little fox covered her mouth and spoke in a low voice.

“You scared me to death. Why are you hiding? Is there anything that we can’t solve?”

Jin Xingxing came and excitedly hugged his daughter.

Her snot and tears were streaming, and she didn’t have the air of a female celebrity.

Lily, this girl, is going to scare her to death.

Xu Qiu never questioned or criticised the cubs.

“What are you two hiding for? You can tell me when you’re upset. I promise that I’m a very secretive person.”

As a principle, she has always been responsible for the physical and mental wellbeing of the cubs.

The cub’s hand was covering her mouth.

The little fox said, in a milky voice, “That’s it, go out, mom!”


The fox felt a little frustrated.

Xu Qiu was the one who consoled her: “It will be done soon, and I will do everything I can to help. I will call you in at any time when they feel it is safe to do so.”

Although Xu Qiu has never given birth to a child, she has worked so hard for so long to raise a child that she will undoubtedly experience a little bit of having a child, but if they let her do it on her own, she would not be content with this and that.

“What’s going on?” Xu Qiu said after Jin Xingxing had left.

This time, the cubs discarded their disguises.

The cool Bai Sa also calmed Xu Qiu as he opened his mouth slowly.

The problem in their mouths was the culprit that caused them to miss the important morning reading and awarding sessions.

These fluffy-looking cubs have beautiful mouths with razor-sharp fangs.

Xu Qiu’s pupils dilated. The cubs’ mouths were empty, and some beautiful teeth were gone!

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