The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 49.1

Guoguo eventually backed down after understanding that fighting would result in her mother punishing her. She still wants to go to kindergarten since she believes her brothers are the same age and can play together at home, but there are no children her age to make friends.

Jiang Shining is naturally very delighted. This means that Guoguo is willing to embrace this world a little.

The kindergarten they chose is not far away. It was located within the villa complex. The neighbourhood area offers a wide range of community amenities, and the kindergarten is solely available to villa owners. It will be better than the kindergarten outside, whether it is closed or safe.

“My company has completed renovations and is currently training employees.” “The first batch of workers will be given to your two companies first, just so I can rest assured,” Jing Yuan said.

“All right, when the time comes, you can replace my bodyguards with your people.” Jiang Shining is clipping a dish. “I’ll identify some celebrities with whom I have good relationships and ask them to help you advertise. It will be easier to carry out from then on.”

Jing Yuan gave the nod.

Chen Ruozhi sighed quietly as he listened to the two chit-chats.

“Ruozhi, what’s the matter?” Jiang Shining gave her a look.

“Nothing. I woke up a little early today and am feeling a little drowsy,” Chen Ruozhi grinned.

Everyone went to work after eating, except Chen Tanliang and Chen Ruozhi, who remained at home.

Chen Tanliang walked to Chen Ruozhi’s bedroom with a glass of water. The door was ajar. He noticed her strolling around the room with her phone in her hand. He had no idea what she was up to.

“What’s the matter?” Chen Tanliang asked.

Chen Ruozhi laid down her phone and sighed gently as she gazed at Chen Tanliang.

“I had no idea that mom was here before, and I had already talked to that professor on Christmas Day about going to the school where he worked. What can I do now?”

Chen Ruozhi looks young now, yet she carries the soul of an old scholar in her bones. Cherish the feathers 1 and never break your word. Even though she was exceptionally gifted in this area, she went to seek help from others, even though the school had previously gone out of its way to break the regulations for her. She couldn’t pull their faces, and she was too ashamed to call because she felt beholden to the other instructors. How could she refuse to go if she doesn’t know what to say?

After a brief pause, Chen Tanliang stated, “Then leave. Didn’t you always like that school?”

Chen Ruozhi licked her lower lip.

She liked that school, but……

When Chen Tanliang saw how torn she was, he added, “Mother will also support you.”

“No, I think it was difficult for us to reunite. If I want to learn… “It’s the same to stay here,” Chen Ruozhi decided.

Chen Tanliang still felt bad. He was aware that Chen Ruozhi was hesitant to leave, yet she still desired and craved for the wonders of the world. Unlike them, Chen Ruozhi had already accomplished the renown and ideals she should have pursued in her previous life. The calm era of this existence was not conducive to pursuing what they desired most.

Although reading and doing research can be the same everywhere, there is a big difference between doing it alone and doing it in a pleasant environment with other people who have the same pastime. But, as a well-read poet, Chen Ruozhi can still have a passion for the new world and study her preferred subjects of culture and history. This is a positive development.

“If mother finds out about this, she will not allow you to drop out of school. Besides, gaining a master’s degree is short. You will finish it in a few years. We have waited for more than twenty years. It’s not that bad,” Chen Tanliang murmured.

Chen Ruozhi gave him a look.

“If I go to study, you are not permitted to accompany me.”

“Impossible.” Chen Tanliang refused without hesitation.

“The two of us, brother and sister, has to stay. At least one of us, right?” Chen Tanliang remained silent. He lowered his eyelashes, and his eyes were a little dull.

“Since I’m not the only son around, I’d better go keep you company.”

Chen Ruozhi was angry and irritated by his appearance. Sometimes she doesn’t comprehend what men think. There are other sons around their mother, but Chen Tanliang is one of a kind. They also symbolise a period in Jiang Shining’s life. Jiang Shining will be upset if they both leave.

Chen Ruozhi explained the reasons, but Chen Tanliang was as stiff as a board. He didn’t pay attention to anything she said and was only there to accompany her.

“Then I’m not going!” Chen Ruozhi became furious.

It was like a scholar meeting a soldier. She can’t even discuss it with him. How come she could never persuade Chen Tanliang to change his views for once?

Chen Ruozhi grabbed her belongings and departed the villa with a sense of frustration and exasperation. Only Chen Tanliang remained silently standing in the house.

Chen Ruozhi walked out the door and into the local bookshop, which covered an ample space. It has six levels and is as large as the mall. There are various publications and classifications.

She was bored and wondered if it was because she had communication difficulties that she couldn’t make sense with Chen Tanliang. She walked up to the successful people bookcase and grabbed a few titles such as ‘how to interact with people,’ ‘the charm of speech,’ and ‘how to communicate with men.’

After only two pages, she concluded that the authors of these books were exceedingly untrustworthy. There are also logical issues, and the scenes supplied are perplexing. How can you make grammatical and cultural errors?

It appears to be ideal for Chen Tanliang.

Chen Ruozhi picked up a book and continued to walk inside. As she flipped through the pages and glanced around, her mood gradually improved. She put her academic problems to the back of her mind for a short time and concentrated on reading instead.

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  1. Cherish the feathers show being cautious and cherishing one’s reputation.

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