The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 49.2

Now that she thinks about it, every type of book is here, so she’ll just buy books for everyone in the family.

Um… Buy a picture book of fairy tales for Guoguo. It is also necessary to take Junior English, 300 Tang poems, and scientific popularisation for children. This children’s art book is also appealing.

Guoguo, who cheerfully played in the kindergarten, had no idea that Chen Ruozhi had intended to ‘destroy,’ ahem, fill her youth with various children’s literature.

 It’s a good buy for Jing Xuan. When Chen Tanliang and Jing Yuan were fighting, she and Chu Jing Xuan got to know one another quite well.

Jing Xuan enjoys elegant things, so she brought him calligraphy for the X generation.

What does she have to give Chu Jing Yuan… After giving it some thought, he seems to be good at something related to martial arts. He doesn’t appear to be a reader, but he is an ancient person after all…

Chen Ruozhi took the elevator to the sixth floor while carrying her shopping basket into the bookstore. There were specific unpopular categories on this floor, such as books and photos of various martial arts, swords, guns, and sticks.

Chen Ruozhi had no idea about these things. She carefully examined each of the bookshelves. Some book illustrations were made. She had done some research on painting, so she found that the illustrator was good when she looked at it. At first glance, it seems like an old painter who specialises in these kinds of martial arts illustrations.

She doesn’t understand these things either, but as a martial artist, she enjoys them. But, after giving it some thought, Chu Jing Yuan should be an expert on these matters. She got a modern martial arts book for an ancient person, and she felt like she was playing with an axe, so she put the book down. Because there was a Go bookseller next door, she took this one too.

It was already three o’clock in the afternoon when she arrived home. Chen Ruozhi’s anger had almost subsided. She noticed Chen Tanliang was watching foreign news in the living room as soon as she walked in. She handed Chen Tanliang a book when he raised his head.

“Given to you, it is quite appropriate for your current situation.”

Chen Tanliang took it and read it: “How to Communicate Correctly with Others.”

“If it is, are you trying to kill me if I won’t communicate with others?” Chen Tanliang was helpless.

Chen Ruozhi gave him an “or else” look.

She came in with the bag but noticed Jing Xuan’s bedroom door was open.

“Why are you returning so early today?” Chen Ruozhi shifted her gaze.

Jing Xuan was rolling up his sleeves and doing calligraphy with a brush in his hand. He grinned warmly as he raised his head.

“I had nothing planned for today, so I returned early. Did you go shopping?” he asked.

Chen Ruozhi nodded and took the calligraphy and painting book from her bag, which she handed to Jing Xuan.

“I went to the bookshop and looked around, but it’s quite complete. I brought you a few books as a pastime.”

“Do you notice the author’s name?” Jing Xuan smiled as he opened it and said, “You have a really good eye. As expected of a literate person.”

Chen Ruozhi entered, knowing Jing Xuan was elegant, but this was the first time she saw him write calligraphy.

On the rice paper, Jing Xuan wrote two lines of characters: The woodland is full of yellow leaves and wild goose in the evening, taking advantage of the cold wave to cross the river.

She saw that the calligraphy on the rice paper was bold and vibrant. Although the brushstrokes were vigorous, they were also warm and fluid, with a sense of freedom and ease. It appears that some of the owner’s personality traits can be seen in the words.

“It’s a nice word.” Chen Ruozhi expressed her thoughts.

Jing Xuan’s remarks are no longer unknown in ancient times. On second thought, his core is an ancient person. Of course, it is not bad.

Jing Xuan smiled and added, “I’m just entertaining myself. My brother’s handwriting is better than mine, but the style and brushwork are too overbearing. Let him compose it for you if he has the time.”

Chen Ruozhi gave the nod.

“Mother’s handwriting appeared to be extremely good as well,” she said.

Jiang Shining rarely wrote at that time, but it now appears that her level does not correspond to Jiang Yiru’s personality. Most of the writing is pen and brush, and Chen Ruozhi has only read it once or twice in private. After all, a woman from the grassroots should not be very good at words.

“Of course, the ancients were more interested in studying this. You can write one, too,” Jing Xuan remarked.

“I’m more accustomed to using pens. If there is something to write about, I can display my ugliness,” Chen Ruozhi smiled.

Jing Xuan’s eyes brightened unexpectedly, and he took the object of Chinese painting from his desk.

“Come and give it a shot. Let’s collaborate on one, and I’ll write an inscription for you.”

Chen Ruozhi’s curiosity was piqued, and she reached for the pen.

Jing Xuan gazed at her artwork while he worked.

“Do you and Chen Tanliang have a disagreement?” Jing Xuan asked.

Chen Ruozhi sighed and described what had occurred earlier in the day. She is depressed due to two factors. One is that she is upset because she has to choose between the two sides, and the other is that Chen Tanliang is determined to not listen to her advice.

 “It’s a normal thing to be reasonable.” Jing Xuan grinned and said, “I believe it is quite simple. You can obtain a master’s degree in a matter of years. You have high grades and enough credits to graduate early. It’s not impossible. It’s not a choice between life and death. It’s quite convenient to meet at any moment.”

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