Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 72


Chapter 72

Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian had enough squabbling with Zhou Linna and rushed to see the live broadcast.

They only watched the number of votes cast for the black swan in the live broadcast room, which surged at a breakneck pace…

“F*ck, who is the great deity who brings heaven justice?”

The rhythm of the barrage also abruptly changed direction.

[Black Swan is awesome!]

[The black swan emits a powerful aura.]

[I bowed my head to support the beauty forces and voted for the black swan!]

[You’re correct, young master; we did cast the black swan!]

[Because the black swan is cooler than the young master, vote for her!]

Zhu Xiaoqin noticed that Gu Weiwei’s votes were rapidly increasing, and she was on her way to catching up with Zheng Yuan’s votes.

Zhou Linna’s exquisite face had become distorted with rage.

“Explain the situation!”

The dancing girls were already screaming with delight since Zhu Xiaoqin and Ye Mei hadn’t figured out the source of the other party’s surge in votes.

“Ah, ah, ah, Shiyi!”

“Shiyi is watching the live broadcast and is rooting for Mu Weiwei!”

“Ow, as expected of my male god!”


 Who is Shiyi?

With 50 million followers on Weibo, he is the most popular teen idol in China and Asia. He is handsome and charming in appearance, has many concert performances, and is a spokesperson for well-known brands.

More importantly, he is the third young master of the Fu Group, China’s first conglomerate, Fu Shiyi.

Luo Qianqian couldn’t believe it, so she went to the Weibo interface, where she finally saw Shiyi’s Weibo account was sharing the live broadcast room and sending a sentence.

[The black swan is even cooler than me. I’m not convinced! ]

Immediately following, two of Fu Shiyi’s circle of friends retweeted the Weibo post.

[Yes, Black Swan is cooler than you!]

[Yes, Black Swan is cooler than you +1]

The live broadcast was first seen by only 200,000 people, but about a million people rushed into it in just a few minutes, and its popularity is still growing.

And Gu Weiwei, who had been down by hundreds of thousands of votes, soared to victory in just three minutes, crushing Zheng Yuan’s vote.

Ji Cheng, Luo Qianqian, and the other girls in the dance class jumped and screamed as they held each other.

Of course, Zhou Linna and Zhu Xiaoqin were unconvinced and scoffed mockingly.

“What does it suggest if the number of votes cast exceeds Zheng Yuan’s? Zheng Yuan is more powerful than Mu Weiwei is.”

“That right, she has already been recognized by the official blogs of the Imperial Ballet and Emperor Ballet. The amateur and professional strength are the most well-known!”

On the stage.

Gu Weiwei and Zheng Yuan competed in five-place turns with music, leg turns, jumping in the air, and other difficult competitions.

Zheng Yuan landed gently after seeing Gu Weiwei jump and quietly clenched her teeth.

“Because it’s impossible to tell the difference, perform the most difficult technique, fouette.”

Gu Weiwei was elegant, with exquisite makeup on her face, and as haughty as a queen.

 “As you wish.”

The song abruptly changed to a variant, and they both stretched their arms together, elevated their right leg, and rotated forcefully.

Zheng Yuan’s previous best was 26 fouettes, and she was convinced that Mu Weiwei would not be able to beat her at this performance.

She expected Mu Weiwei to give up after 10 fouettes, but after 20 fouettes, not only did she not quit, but every movement was textbook-level.

Zheng Yuan became agitated hoping to break the record and beat Mu Weiwei.

However, the turning left foot made a clear sound under the unexpected force, and the entire person lost her balance and fell on the stage.

Gu Weiwei finished 32 fouettes beautifully and calmly. Her right foot gently landed, and she nodded slightly towards the crowd and the live camera.

The pot has been thoroughly fried by the barrage.

[F*ck, the legendary 32 fouettes!]

[Kneeling down and plopping]

[Knees are shattered!]

[Please accept my knees!]

[My mum inquired why I was kneeling and staring at my phone.]

[The black swan is powerful and unmatched!]

The black swan made an elegant curtain call.

When the white swan landed on the stage, it was evident who would win and lose.

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