Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 73


Chapter 73

When Gu Weiwei entered the backstage area, Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian came over excitedly and hugged her.

“Weiwei, we won!”

“We won!”

After watching the incredible 32 fouettes of the live broadcast, the dance class students crowded around to congratulate and cheer in awe.

They assumed they were losing because the votes were being suppressed.

They had no idea that their idol, Shiyi, would appear unexpectedly to watch the live broadcast and openly promote Black Swan on Weibo.

The massive fan base crammed the live broadcast area, and the number of black swan votes skyrocketed many times in just a few minutes.

Gu Weiwei was a little out of breath as they hugged and chatted to her.

 “Let me sit and rest. I’m a little dizzy.”

Despite studying ballet, she is not as skilled at dancing as Zheng Yuan.

She has, however, studied martial arts. She understands how to control and use muscle strength and how to dance, so she can perform the incredible 32 fouettes flawlessly.

She was dizzy now, and her feet ached like hell.

But it was Zheng Yuan who was in the most pain right now. She could hear the cracking of her foot bone.

With this injury, it’s unclear whether she’ll be able to dance again.

“Would you like to go to the hospital?” Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian helped her sit down and brought her water.

Gu Weiwei sipped her water and shook her head, saying, “No, just take a break.”

A girl in the dance class opened Weibo and stared in disbelief at the name on the hot search list.

“Oh my god, Mu Weiwei, you and my male god are on the hot search!”

“What male god?” Gu Weiwei was taken aback.

Ji Cheng also rushed to Weibo to swipe a circle. She had actually seen the 20th hot topic list: [Shiyi Black Swan].

“Ouch, worthy of being my male god. Heaven’s justice saves us!”

 If Shiyi’s fans hadn’t poured into the live broadcast room in large numbers in the last few minutes, they would have lost the vote.

“Even so, why did the Third Young Master suddenly notice the live broadcast?” A girl muttered inquisitively.

Although the live broadcast at Yingcheng High School was highly exciting, and Li Xiner also assisted Zheng Yuan in canvassing the online vote, it was impossible for Shi Yi to notice what happened here.

 “Whatever the male god can save us.” Ji Cheng said as she looked at Gu Weiwei.

Gu Weiwei had previously lived in Fu’s house, so it’s not a surprise that Fu Shiyi came to support her.

They were all very delighted here, and Zhou Linna was so overwhelmed that she sprayed Zheng Yuan while watching the onslaught in the live broadcast room, and others praised Gu Weiwei’s black swan to the heavens.

The phone fell to the ground with a flick of the hand.

“Teacher Ye, now… what should I do now?”

Things had completely spiraled out of control. Originally, she was promoting her new song ahead of time, but her popularity has not increased.

On the contrary, Mu Weiwei has already become popular on Weibo in less than a half-hour.

“Call the company first; maybe they can take advantage of this opportunity to send you to the hot search.” Ye Mei explained calmly.

Shiyi, who has a natural hot search physique, will not worry about losing his popularity if they are tied to his name.

When Ji Cheng and Shiyi’s fans heard it, they became enraged. They were bullying them and even wanting to rub off on the popularity of the male god.

However, before they could fight Zhou Linna and a few others, Zheng Yuan, who had been ignored and hurt on stage, was kindly assisted by the workers of the live broadcast platform to walk backstage.

She slapped Zhou Linna, who was contacting her agent, without saying anything.

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