Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife – Chapter 74


Chapter 74

Zheng Yuan’s slap stunned Zhou Linna while frightening Ji Cheng and the others.

Before they had a fight with them, they actually fought themselves first.

“Let’s leave. It’s getting late,” Luo Qianqian said as she helped Gu Weiwei up.

“I’d want to see them fight.” Ji Cheng was hesitant to miss a good show.

Zheng Yuan’s slap in the face was far more satisfying than her effort to slap Zhou Linna.

But she deserved it as well. Zheng Yuan was injured and fell on the stage for a long time because of the live broadcast, but Zhou Linna didn’t care.

Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian sent Gu Weiwei to change her clothes and asked from outside the curtain.

“Did you already know you were going to beat Zheng Yuan?”

“No, I’m just confident that I can defeat her.” Gu Weiwei changed her clothes and drew back the curtain. “With Zheng Yuan’s competitive spirit, she will undoubtedly strive to beat me in the final fouettes, resulting in a foot injury. If her foot is sprained, she will be unable to become the head of the dance group.

She can’t even study in the Royal Ballet in the United Kingdom. This was the opportunity she had waited for five years. “

She hurt Mu Weiwei back then, and Mu Weiwei missed her chance to join the Imperial Ballet, but now, of course, she has to double it back.

“Even if they won the votes, they actually lost in this case.” Luo Qianqian said suddenly.

And tonight, she not only lost in terms of strength, but she also lost the vote, which may be considered a total defeat.

“But don’t you have to work for Zhou Linna for a month if she wins?” Ji Cheng stated this.

“I still have chips in my palm to make her submissive,” Gu Weiwei smiled mysteriously.

She holds Zhou Meiqin’s photo, and as long as she sends a text message to Zhou Meiqin, Zhou Linna will obey.

It’s just that she didn’t expect Fu Shiyi to get involved suddenly.

They collected their belongings and left the school. Then they noticed Zheng Yuan being taken away from an ambulance by a distance.

“Let’s take you home. Your feet are swollen,” Ji Cheng and Luo Qianqian murmured worriedly as they helped Gu Weiwei to the side of the road.

“No, I’ll take a taxi, and it’ll be easier to get home.” Gu Weiwei turned down the offer.

Fu Hanzheng called in the afternoon; maybe he had already returned to the apartment.

If she asks them to send her back and they later find her living with Fu Hanzheng, she won’t be able to explain why.

Luo Qianqian stopped the taxi and helped her inside it after noticing her insistence.

“I’ll request a leave of absence for you tomorrow, and you can relax at home for a day.”

Gu Weiwei leaned tiredly on the seat, and when the car got close to the Jinxiu apartment, she ordered the driver to stop at the pharmacy to buy the medicine for boosting blood circulation and swelling. She strolled for a while before returning to the apartment.

As soon as she stepped downstairs, she noticed Fu Hanzheng exiting the apartment, and he asked softly.

“How come you didn’t answer the phone?”

“It’s muted. I didn’t hear it,” Gu Weiwei said, astonished for two seconds.

Fu Hanzheng extended his hand to help her, but she moved two steps to the side before being caught up by the long arm in the next second.

Although her height is not small among girls, she is very petite and weak compared to Fu Hanzheng’s height of 1.9 meters.

She reached out and pressed the floor in his arms after entering the elevator and whispered.

“Are you planning on going out?”

“Pick you up,” Fu Hanzheng said seriously.

 “…Thank you.”

It’s a sin to bother the president with a personal pick-up.

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